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What is Yaioa?

Yaioa is an Acronym which stands for “Your all in one account”.

The name was coined and adopted as it portrays the mission and vision of the Company. We were looking at creating a one stop centre for all your Daily needs while incorporating ease and flexibility at the core of it.

We wanted an Account that truly allows you to do everything that you have always done with diverse accounts through a single Account and That’s exactly where Yaioa – Your All in One Account came in.

As we continue to grow, we will keep incorporating new features and needs as to things that you will love to see on the Yaioa App.

Yaioa – Your All In One Account for Service Providers

Be it a Company, a Service Provider, a Professional, an Artisan or an Employee, Your All in One Account will allow you achieve more each day

  • Yaioa for Professionals

    As a Professional, example: A Lawyer, an Architect, a Dentist or an Optometrist rendering services to targeted Clients who are in need of your Service

    You will have the option to update your Basic Profile after Signing up, then Update your PROVIDER Profile where you will have the option to write extensively about yourself or your Company, list your licenses, Qualifications, Certificate or Permits for more credibility to end users

    Include Photos of yourself, the premises, past jobs or Equipments to Showcase and sell yourself over other Competitors

    List out the Services you Offer with a Photo depicting the Service and the Cost

    Find Jobs and Client on the App at the Comfort of your Home on the Go while at the same time receive Job offer from Clients who search for you and chat you up

    Earn from Completed Jobs and task paid online through the App or in Cash.

    Request for your Earning which will be paid into your Bank Account directly.

    To Pay Yaioa, you can remit App Commissions for Cash Payments you received to Yaioa – Your All In One Account.

    You can also Fund your Wallet with your Debit Card to remit the Commissions you received via Cash back to the Company

  • Yaioa for Employees

    Are you in search of Job or wishes to get a better Job Opportunity from your current Job? You can get the right exposure on the Yaioa App.

    Download the Yaioa Provider App and Signup, Activate your Account by verifying your Email Address

    Login and Setup your Basic Profile which includes your Profile Picture, Name, Phone Number, Gender, Address, Country and lastly set your current Location using Google Map.

    Then proceed to your Employee Profile (PROVIDER Profile) where you will be able to list out your Skills, Qualifications, Salary Range or Expectations, Corporate Photos and a couple of other information to spice up your Profile.

    Employers can Hire you or chat you up for a couple of Interview Questions through the Chat before deciding on hiring you

  • Yaioa for Companies

    Are you a Company rendering Services to Customers (B2C) or a Company rendering Services to Businesses (B2B)

    You can setup a Yaioa – Your All In One Account Profile on the App, updating your Basic Company Profile followed by a detailed Service Providing Profile

    On your Account you will have the options to list all the Services you render plus their Cost which will give you exposure to millions of Business and Customers alike who are in need of your Service

    As a Company, you stand a chance to get more leads as opposed to an Individual Service Provider

  • Yaioa for Artisans

    Are you a craftsman, a Skilled person who mostly fix up or build things, e.g: an Electrician, a carpenter, a Refrigerator / Air conditioning technician or a Computer Technician

    You can Create your Yaioa – Your All In One Account profile on the Yaioa PROVIDER App, setup your Basic Profile followed by your Yaioa PROVIDER Profile

    With your Skills, Certifications and Photos of your past Jobs coupled with a brief details about you

    People in Search for Artisans will chat you up and Pay for your Services too

your all in one account

Your All In One Account Features

What you can do on the Yaioa App

  • Find nearby Staffs, Professionals & Artisans
  • Chat with Providers & Employees before Payment
  • Request for Services or Hire a Provider
  • Pay with Cash or Debit Card & Review Provider
  • Manage Invoices & Pay Unpaid Invoices
  • Review Providers after delivery of Job.
  • Post Job Offers & Vacancies, get Staffs
  • Add Funds to your Wallet & Pay from Wallet
  • Sort Providers by Price, Jobs Done, Featured & Favourite
  • See the distance between you and a Service Provider
  • Open a Support Ticket to lay Complaints to Support
You can Download the Yaioa App on the Play Store to get started yaioa app

Your All In One Account for Clients

From Electrician, Carpenter, Lawyer, Dentists down to Gas Refill, you can get all this and more on the Yaioa App

    As an Employer

  • Find nearby Staffs, Professionals & Artisans
  • Be it a Small, Medium or Large Scale Business, you can search for Qualified Candidates on the Yaioa – your All In One Account App FREELY

    Signup on the Yaioa App, Update your Basic Profile and start Searching through Millions of Employees

    Chat to Interview, check their Skills, Qualification, Reviews from past Jobs and get to hire them

    You can also post a Job Opening and hundreds of Employees will apply for your Job Offer.

    You will get the Opportunity to review their Profiles and Accept the one suitable for your Company or Job.

    You can Hire Cooks, Chefs, Accountants, House Help, Fashion Designers, Maids, Drivers, Customer Care personnel and lots more without paying a dime.

    As a Household

  • Find nearby Electricians, Lawyers & Maids
  • From the Yaioa App, you can achieve your day to day task with ease comparing different Artisans and Service Providers

    From the App you can hire Carpenters to fix up carpentry works in your House, Hire Electricians, AC Repairers, TV Repairers, Cleaners and lots more.

    What about an errands Service or a package delivery? You can reach out to diverse Service Providers offering this Service and hire the ones most qualified.

    Having said, you won’t have to pay any Service Provider upfront until your Task are accomplished and delivered

    You can pay Service Providers as well as Professionals and Artisans in Cash, via your eWallet or through your Debit Card.

    If you run out of Cooking Gas, pick up the App click on NEAR BY to find Cooking Gas Refill Service Providers closest to you.

    The App will drill and show you Cooking Gas Distributors within 0 to 10 Miles away from you, go through their Services list

    Select the Gas Cylinder Type (Propane Tank) and then click Request for this Service (s), once these happens, a conversation will be initiated

    You can chat or call the Service Provider to speed up the Process. Your gas will be delivered at home in no time and you can Pay either in Cash or via the App with your Debit Card.

    As a Church

  • Find nearby Pianist, Guitarist & Instrumentalist
  • Most times Churches relies on the Services of Professional Instrumentalist like keyboardist, Bassist, Drummers and Saxophonist to run a smooth Service

    With a list of thousands of Instrumentalist within and afar, Churches and other religious gatherings seeking such services can get to hire and retain the bests

    Churches do not need to bother themselves on Management of these Instrumentalist as the App takes care of all that, all they ought to do is Pay them on the App

    And the App will handle the rest

    As a School

  • Get Connected with the right Teachers & Instructors
  • Every School needs the services of a Competent Teacher to teach and train their Pupils and as such needs a pool of teachers to choose from

    Surfing through millions of Users and Service Providers on the App, School Owners and Administrators can filter for Teachers

    And all the Teachers will be listed with their Roles, Qualifications, Experiences and areas of Specialities

    What about a Cleaner to clean the School premises, a Security at the School Gate, an Instrumentalist to train the Kids and lots more

    In Summary Yaioa – Your All In One Account tries to deliver more value to you with just an Account, as we grow we envision to expand our Options and deliver more.

    Question and Answer (Q&A)

    What is Yaioa

    Yaioa means Your All In One Account and it is a platform that allows you to achieve and do more with just one Account.

    What is Yaioa App

    The Yaioa App is used by Client who wants to consume Services, Hire Employees, Hire Carpenters, Refill Cooking Gas, Hail Taxi, Book the Services of a Trainer and lots more.

    What is Yaioa PROVIDER App

    The Yaioa Provider App is the App used by Service Provider, Professionals and Artisans to list their Services and provide same to Clients who use the Yaioa App

    What is the Difference between "Yaioa App" and "Yaioa Provider App"

    The "Yaioa App" is used for getting Services from Service providers

    while the "Yaioa Provider App" is used by Service Providers to render Services to Clients who uses the Yaioa App

    What is Pay by Cash on the Yaioa App

    Paying by Cash means that you are paying the Service Provider his wages in Cash and it’s advisable to indicate so after Paying.

    Cash Payment is one of the 3 Payments mediums available on the App for Clients to use in Paying Service Providers

    What is Pay by Wallet on the Yaioa App

    There is an eWallet System on the Yaioa App available both for Clients and Service Providers

    You can Top up Money to your eWallet through your Debit Card and use it to pay for Services on the Yaioa App

    What is Pay Online (Online Payment) on the Yaioa App

    Pay Online is the third Payment method available to you as a Client to use and Pay any Service Provider

    Clicking on this option means that you want to make your Payment through a Debit Card (Master Card, Visa Card or any other type of Supported Debit Cards).

    NOTE: Payment is securely processed by Paystack and PayPal respectively.

    This will load you to a screen where you can pay with your Card or your Bank Directly, that is if you are using Paystack

    How do I update my PROVIDER Profile as a Service Provider

    Once you login to the App, the first thing you would want to do is to update your Basic Profile,

    because your Provider Profile will rely on some details from here, e:g your Profile Photo

    After that you will head down to PROVIDER Profile to update that section with your Service Providing Category, Location, Address, Country, City, Charges and lots more

    How do I Add my Photos on the Yaioa Provider App

    From the Yaioa Provider Profile section, scroll down, you will see the Photo Gallery section with a Blue Pencil sign beside it at the right hand side

    Clicking on that pencil gives you an option to add a new Photo. NOTE: You can only add 1 photo per time

    After adding your first Photo and you intend to add another Photo, all you do is just to click on that Pencil again, that will give you an option to add another

    Swiping on the Photo left or right will reveal all the Photos you have added one after the other

    How do I add my Qualifications on the Yaioa Provider App

    From the Yaioa Provider Profile section, scroll down to Qualifications, click on the Blue Pencil beside it and it will bring up a menu with Title

    (Where you add the Qualification Title, e.g: Bs.C) and Description (Where you add your Qualification Description e.g: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration)

    How do I Add Money to my Wallet

    To add Money to your Wallet, click on the Wallet Menu on the side Menu of the App,

    it will reveal a Screen with your Wallet balance accompanied with your Debit and Credit histories

    With an option to add Money (+Money), click on that and select the Amount you want to Fund or by entering the Value in the input field

    You can Top up Money to your eWallet through your Debit Card and use it to pay for Services on the Yaioa App

    After that click on Add Money, this will take you to another screen with a Pay button, click on it

    After clicking on it, it will load you to a secure Payment screen where you will complete and on Succession, the Value of the Money will be added to your Wallet and your Balance will be updated accordingly

    How do I Pay Service Provider

    After every Job is successfully done, you have to pay the Service Provider either with Cash, with your Debit Card or via your eWallet

    But in acknowledgement of the App or else the Transaction will remain Incomplete even when you have paid the Service Provider

    After a Successful Job, go to the Invoice section where there is Paid and Unpaid Invoices, click on the Unpaid Invoice Tab and you will be presented with the Invoices you haven’t paid yet

    Select the one you intend to Pay, click Pay Now and you will be taken to the Payment Option Screen where you will choose either Cash, Online (Debit Card) or Wallet.

    Choose any of them that suite you and complete the Transaction.

    A Review will pop out for you to Review the Service Provider.

    How do I Review / Rate a Service Provider

    You can only Review or Rate a Service Provider after you have completed a Transaction with the Service Provider and made Payment through one of the 3 Mediums

    After a Successful Payment, a 5 star Rating Option will be presented to you to rate the Performance of the Service Provider

    between 1 to 5 with an Optional Comment section to tell others your Experience

    That will help others who want to hire to make the right decisions.

    How do you contact Support for Complaints or Fraud

    On the App, there is a Support section in the Menu, click on it and click on the Pink Pencil Button to Open a New Support Ticket

    Once you do this, you will have the Option to chat with a Support Team in real time

    For other Q & A that we failed to add here regarding your Yaioa – Your All In One Account, let us know via mail or through the Support section on the App.

You can Download the Yaioa App on the Play Store to get started yaioa app

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