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Yaioa - Your All In One Account to Do More

Yaioa helps you to Send Gift, Discover & do more with your All In One Account. Signup as we Explore new Possibilities each day.

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YAIOA Offers A Wide Range Of Solutions All In One Suite

You can now Send Gift, Refill Cooking Gas, Find Jobs, Discover and do More.

One Account Multiple Solutions

Through multiple modules, you can Send Gifts, Refill Cooking Gas, Find Jobs and Do more with ease.

One Account, Multiple Platforms

With varieties of Platforms you are not left behind, from Android, iOS, Web, TV's, GameBox, & Embedded Systems.


One Account, Global Support

Globally accessible, locally crafted to suit your needs from every aspect of your Life, Career & Business.

One Account, More Discoveries

At Yaioa we are Exploring and Discovering new Possibilities each day so you can stay informed and live Smart.


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Yaioa Gift iOS App Yaioa Gift Android App