Become a Vendor

Become a Vendor to grow your Business and reach out to an Unprecedented number of Audience.

Becoming a Vendor

Becoming a Vendor on Yaioa is the First step to take in listing your Quality Products on the Yaioa Platform thereby growing your Business reach through a combination of Marketing and Promotional Campaigns and awareness created just for you.

Signing up as a Vendor is as easy as ABC, after your Vendor Account has been Succesfully created, you can then upload your Products to the Platform and then relax while your Sales role in.

Types of Vendors

There are diverse types of Vendors on the Yaioa Platform and these types aren't constant as they are bound to change from time to time with new addition of Business Modules, new Vendor Roles are Created.

The Current list of Vendors available that are alreasy exposed or will be exposed soon are listed below in no other.

  1. Gift Vendors
  2. Courier Vendors
  3. Rare Vendors
  4. Subscription Vendors
  5. Gas Vendors
  6. Professional Vendor

Have Questions?

If you have any Question to ask about us, our Products, Services or Offerings, Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at Once, we will be so glad you did and will pay a listening ear and revert accordingly, as soon as possible.

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