This guide will be taking you through everything you need to know about the 360 Membership for Students. This includes what it is about, the cost of the membership, and what you stand to learn and gain as a member.

What is 360 Membership for Students?

360 Membership for Students

360 Membership for Students is an exclusive Members only access to Intense Online Training and Tools for Students.

As a Member, you are shown how you can harness the power of the Internet to stay relevant in your Course of Study while preparing for the Job Market once you are done with School. Access to Project Topics, Materials, Assignments, and more.

This will help your Studies and give your support academically. You will be given access to Courses, Tutorials, and Academic Resources that will help you build relevant skills that are needed in the Job Market today.

360 Membership for Students Cost

The 360 Membership cost for Students is N4,000 per year, this will give you access to Exclusive Insights, Support, Materials, Courses, and other Perks to help you soar academically.

Courses, Temporary Job offers, Project Topics, Assignments, and other academical resources will be made available to Members from time to time to ensure their success in and out of School

What you will Learn and Gain as a Member

With the 360 Membership for Students, you’ll gain the following:

  1. More about your Course of Study and what to expect in the job market
  2. How to Start a Blog in the area of your Studies and earn from it
  3. Access to Project Topics, Term papers, and Past Questions and Answers.
  4. You will be guided on Tedious Assignments you can’t get your hands around (Assignments Done for you)
  5. Training on how to Earn Money as a Student
  6. And lots more


With this guide on 360 Membership for Students, you’ll now know what it is all about and everything you stand to learn and gain by joining this 360 Membership.

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