If you are looking for how to get a visa to Luxembourg from Nigeria then this article will give you all the necessary information you need in getting one. If you are applying for a tourist, visit, or business visa I will be telling you all the all it takes to land that Visa. Visa to


This article will save you the stress and pressure that comes with making mistakes repeatedly in a bid to achieve your goal of getting a Visa to Luxembourg for whatever purpose you decide to embark on a trip for.

About Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small but proud European country, its capital city is Luxembourg City. It is surrounded by  France, Belgium, and Germany. The country is mostly rural with dense Ardennes forest and nature parks in the north, the Mullerthal region rocky gorges in the east, and the southeast Moselle river valley.

Luxembourg’s Economy

Luxembourg enjoys an enviable high degree of economic prosperity and flourishing which is very rare among industrialized democracies.

Based on per capita Luxembourg is the wealthiest country in the European Union, and its citizens enjoy a high living standard. Luxembourg is a known center for major and large private banking, and its finance sector is the largest and biggest contributor to its economy. The country’s major trading partners are France, Germany and Belgium.

FAQs on how to apply for Luxembourg Tourist, Student, or Business Visa in Nigeria

A few prices must be paid when applying to get a visa to Luxembourg as a visitor, tourist, or business person, to apply for Luxembourg as a student, tourist, or business person. You must fill in a visa form

It will take at least 12 working days before your visa application is processed, different factors can affect how soon you will receive a response to your visa application. If your document isn’t complete this could also lengthen the processing time when you submit them.

It is advisable to start your visa application to Luxembourg 3month before you are ready to leave.

However Luxembourg has no consulate or embassy here in Nigeria, but the application for a visa can be made through VFS Global in Abuja or the Belgian Embassy in Abuja

How to apply for a visa to Luxembourg

  • Obtain a letter of invitation
  • Fill out the online visa application form
  • Gather the necessary documents
  • Submit the document
  • Collect your visa

Visa requirements for Nigerian citizens

Make sure you have these requirements before applying for a visa to Luxembourg:

As a Tourist

  • An international passport
  • A passport photograph
  • A filled visa application form
  • Proof of residential country
  • A letter stating the purpose of your trip to Luxembourg
  • Evidence of financial support
  • Family information
  • Invitation letter

As a Business person

  • A filled visa application form
  • Visa fees
  • A recent passport photograph
  • An international passport
  • A copy of the passport data sheet
  • Copies of previous visa (if any)
  • A cover letter stating your purpose for the visit
  • Health insurance
  • Hotel reservation
  • A proof of your civic status
  • Proof of legal stay
  • Proof of sufficient financial stay
  • Proof of trade license
  • Proof of financial support
  • Proof of original report
  • Proof of previous trade exists in both companies
  • Certificate of employment
  • Proof of retirement fund (if any)
  • A certificate from your employer stating your business travel (if employed)
  • Bank statement

As a student

  • A letter from school acknowledging their trip abroad
  • A proof means of financial support guide
  • Passport Guide
  • Proof of financial resource of sponsor
  • Proof of Relationship
  • Purposed of Travel
  • Family Information
  • A letter of permission from a parent or guardians
  • Invitation Letter Guide
  • Travel History Guide

Why Travel To Luxembourg

Luxembourg presents visitors and tourists with a lot of reasons whenever they look for one before embarking on a visit to the country.

Before you get a visa to Luxembourg, if you appreciate the remains of the medieval age and the ancient architectures that gave birth to what we now celebrate in the modern age, then Luxembourg is definitely the place to visit. The country is an excellent option for many people that have no interest in other big European cities and countries.

So, let us give you a few reasons why we think you will find Luxembourg exciting.

  • Luxembourg is blessed with medieval towns

One thing Luxembourg is proud of is the fact that it has been able to preserve and maintain its historical remains and jealously guide them with pride for the benefit of the next generation, not just their people but for the rest of the world to come in and enjoy.

As a tourist visiting Luxembourg here is a list of ancient rich places you can visit before you leave the country.

  1. The City Museum in Luxembourg has an excellent set of relatable and interactive exhibits that take you on a journey through medieval times and back to the modern day.
  2. A tour of the Bock Casements will allow you to explore the interior of the Luxembourg fortification wall and its gun emplacements. It also gives killer views of the city and tours can be self-guided here.
  3. Better still you can get access to a guided walking tour hosted by the city of Luxembourg for a better level of insights and mind-blowing recommendations.
  • Luxembourg has fairy tale castles

Luxembourg has quite a few castles that make the country stand out as a serious contender when it comes to ancient castles. Five of these castles are in good shape and open to the public, however, there are a number of noteworthy ruins.

If you ever visit Luxembourg you can attempt combining your hiking with castles on the Valley of the Seven Castles trail in western Luxembourg. This 37km trail passes by the Shoenfels, Mersch, Hollenfels, Septfontaines, Ansembourg, and Koerich castle ruins.

Also, you can opt to concentrate on Vianden, which was founded in the 11th century and was regularly used through the 17th century. However, it fell after 1820 but has since been faithfully restored. It will give you the Cinderalla feeling and give you a little history lesson on royalty and the history of the country.

  • Getting around Luxembourg is easy

Nothing beats being able to move around as easily as possible. Getting from point A to B in time is a blessing many people take for granted until they are faced with the near impossibility of moving freely and easily within a city.

Luxembourg is only 999 square miles (2,500km) and travel times within the country and anywhere else are very short. Here are a few sample travel times to the popular tourist spots:

  • To Vianden: 45 minutes driving, 1.5 hours on bus/train
  • To Echternach/Mullerthal: 33 minutes driving, 51 minutes on the train
  • To Beaufort Castle: 40 minutes driving, 2 hours bus/train

Although public transportation takes longer, using trains and buses makes movement easier in Luxembourg, also it is a cheaper means of transportation.

  • Luxembourg Food

Here is a very good reason for the millions of foodies around the world. Nothing sounds more encouraging than the fact that you are guaranteed to not die of hunger just because you left your country or area of comfort.

Luxembourgish cuisine is a product of French, German, and Belgian influences, apart from which it has also received something from all 170 nations within the country’s boundaries.

So in Luxembourg, you can come across some German dishes like Kaesespaetzle (kind of an egg pastry with lots of cheese), Rosti (Swiss potato cake) or Italian Carbonara. Also not to forget Apfelstrudel, cheap beer, and French croissants. Geographical conditions and melting pot mostly determine Luxembourg’s cuisine, which makes it so unique among others.

However, Luxembourgish chefs also take pride in their traditional recipes as well, these recipes have ancient stories behind them because they were inherited from their grandparents and slightly modified to suit the modern market.

Tying some traditional Luxembourg dishes such as ‘Judd mat Gaardebounden‘ (neck of pork with broad beans), ‘Träipen‘ (fried blood sausage) with apple sauce and ‘Ecrevisses à la luxembourgeoise‘ (crayfish) will definitely not be a bad idea.

Interesting facts about Luxembourg

  • Luxembourg is the only Grand Duchy the world has.
  • The highest density of Michelin rewarded restaurants in the world are in Luxembourg.
  • The Luxembourg City Old Town is a UNESCO heritage site.
  • Luxembourg is host to 170 different nations that are currently present and living in the city.
  • The country’s motto is ‘mir wëllebleiwewatmirsinn’ which means ‘we want to remain what we are.
  • It is also the least populated country in all of EU, it has a population of 560 000 people.
  • Typically, Luxembourgers are tri-lingual: they study Luxembourgish, German, French, English, Portuguese.
  • More than a third of Luxembourg is covered by forests.
  • The first city to be listed twice as the European Capital of Culture is Luxembourg, it was listed in 1995 and again in 2007.
  • Chiggeri in the city of Luxembourg is the restaurant with the world’s largest wine list, here you can choose from more than 2,200 different wines.


With this guide on How to get a visa to Luxembourg from Nigeria above, am certain you have taken notes of the requirements and will endeavor to do accordingly.

As it has been said, some of these documents will go through thorough investigations to be sure you are actually who you claim to be. So be sure of what you send and be honest throughout your application process for a visa to Luxembourg.

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