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This post contains the list of some of the best apps like Uber in the world that you can use in your country or when you travel to other countries.


Not everybody likes to drive around with their own cars especially when traveling. Most at times, people have to resort to public transport and some of us had probably had bitter experiences with public transport before.

This has made travelers and road users around the world use alternative transports services to move around more conveniently and hailing a taxi with your mobile phone is cheaper and easy.

We’ve selected the best taxi apps in the world which you can use in your country or other countries, and also install in your phone and get hassle-free transportation anywhere in your city, town, country or around the world.





1. Uber Uber is the most popular taxi app in the world.  Uber is present in more than 107 countries worldwide.
2. Lyft Lyft is the biggest competitor with the Uber app in the United States of America. Lyft app is secure and safe to use because all the drivers possess a valid license and have gone through background checks and DMV checks.
3. Gett Formally known as GetTaxi, and operates in New York and other international cities. Get charges are lesser than other taxi-hailing services.
4. Curb Curb taxi apps allow users to pay their fare with their phones. You can also book in advance with the Curb app.
5. MyTaxi MyTaxi app was formerly known as Hailo and it operates in the UK and other countries as well. You can even book a cab for your guest with this app.
6. Ola Cabs Ola cab app is the India version of the Uber app. It is the most popular ride-hailing app used by millions of people in India.
7. GrabTaxi GrabTaxi app is widely used in Southeast Asia. Available in more than six Southeast Asian countries.
8. EasyTaxi EasyTaxi app is available in more than 60 countries and over 420 cities worldwide. I.t trains and screens its drivers to provide users with the best service
9. Didi Didi is China’s best taxi-hailing app that has over 100 registered users and operates in more than 300 cities in China.
10. LeCab Lecab is Paris best ride-hailing app that provides its users hassle-free transportation.
11. Cabify With the Cabify app, you can book a ride for someone else
12. Bitaksi Bitaksi is a famous taxi-hailing app in Turkey Istanbul and offers the best taxi-hailing service in Istanbul.
13. goCatch The most used taxi-hailing app in Australia that allows its users to track their rides.
14. Ingogo Ingogo is a taxi-hailing app that lets its users book a ride up to 48 hours in advance. Another good taxi-hailing app in Australia.
15. Wingz A ride-sharing app that allows its users to book a cab from the airport for up to 2 months in advance.

15 apps like uber, Best Taxi Apps In The World

1. Uber

uber uber

Uber is the most popular taxi app in the world and it is available in more than 650 cities in around 70 countries worldwide.

Because of its reliability and popularity, it offers multiple payment options like PayPal, Android pay, Credit, and even cash in some cities like India, Indonesia, Philippines, and Kenya.

This app is very easy to use the first step is to open the Uber application and then enter your desired destination.

The app will match you with a driver that is available by sharing your location. Once matched, you will receive the driver’s details with the ETA and live location.

Download Uber for Andriod

Download Uber For iOS

2. Lyft

lyft lyft

Lyft is another taxi-hailing app that is focused on the U.S but can also be used overseas via similar ride-hailing services.

In the USA, Lyft has its presence in more than 65 US cities such as New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and more.

It also has its international presence in cities like Ottawa, Toronto, and can be hailed through Ola in India, Grab Taxi in Southeast Asia, and Didi Kuaidi in China.

Lyft vehicles range from mid-sized Lyft autos to larger Lyft plus cars. Lyft also allows demand-based pricing during peak hours along with a carpooling service known as Lyft line just to make the commuter life easier.

Lyft employs a thorough background check-up for all the Lyft drivers including DMV checks and criminal checks for safety purposes.

This app also offers users to go for a self-driving car as well. It’s easy to use and can be installed on every Smartphone

Download Lyft for Android

Download Lyft for iOS

3. Gett


This is one of the fastest-growing cab-hailing services in the US and was formerly known as GetTaxi.

New York was the first place of operation of Gett in the USA. Gett doesn’t charge customers more even during busy hours.

In the UK, it is known as the black cap app. Gets is available in 120 cities in 4 different countries including Israel, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

Download Gett for Android

Download Gett for iOS

4. Curb

curb curb

Curb is the new name for the Taxi Magic app and allows users to book for a cab and pay with their phone.

With Curb, users can schedule pickups for the next 24 hours in few cities for a fee of $2.Curb was acquired by Verifone Systems, a company that deals in providing technology for electronic payment transactions and value-added services.

This ride-hailing service has over 50,000 fleets of taxis in more than 65 US cities like Boston, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and many more.

Passengers have the comfort of backseat monitor for entertainment running tally of the fare. With this backseat monitor, passengers can even search for a nearby restaurant and reserve their tables.

Download Curb for Android

Download Curb for iOS

5. MyTaxi

mytaxi mytaxi

Mytaxi app was formerly known as Hailo and it is one of the most reliable ride-hailing app in the UK and some other countries across the globe like Ireland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany,  Singapore, Japan and many more.

With this feature mytaxiHub, users can book a cab on behalf of others. They recently introduce electronic pay that allows users to pay the cab fare directly from the app.

Mytaxi for Business allows the premium users to ride business class.

Download MyTaxi on for Android

Download MyTaxi for iOS

6. Ola Cabs

olacabs appOla Cab

This is one of the biggest ride-hailing app and closest competitor of Uber in India.

Ola Cabs has one of the biggest fleet of vehicles and covers over 85 cities in India.

Their fare is low compared to other ride-hailing services in India.

With verified drivers and cleanliness, safety, and comfort audits, their riders are more than happy with the services they get.

Download Ola cab on GooglePlay

Download Ola cab on the Apple Store

Download Ola cab on Microsoft

7. GrabTaxi

grab taxi appGrabTaxi

One of the best apps to book a taxi in Southeast Asia. With more than 75,000 drivers registered on the network, Grabtaxi has one of the biggest fleet ride-hailing vehicles.

It is available in 21 different cities across 6 different countries in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

It was also named the Frost&Sullivan Best Travel App of 2013. GrabTaxi offers one of the best Taxi-hailing experience.

Download GrabTaxi on Google Play

Download GrabTaxi on the Apple Store

8. Easy Taxi

easy taxi appEasyTaxi

Easy Taxi is another great taxi-hailing app that is available in over 30 countries and 420 cities worldwide.

Easy Taxi screens and trains its drivers to provide users with the best service possible.

Matching your Easy Taxi app with the Facebook Applications makes it easy to redeem coupons and vouchers that you have for your rides.

Download the app on Google Play

Download the app on the App Store

9. Didi

didi appdidi

Didi is the China version of Uber and has over 100 million registered users and 1.5 million registered Taxi drivers.

Didi is available in over 300 cities across China and it is the most efficient and reliable taxi-hailing service offered in China.

Download Didi on Google Play

Download Didi on the App Store

10. LeCab

lecab applecab

LeCab is a France-based taxi-hailing app with more than 70,000 active users. Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and LeCab partnering with PrivateFly allows users to rent private jets to tour Paris and fly to their destination.

They make use of vehicles made in France and also the standard Peugeot 508 as their fleet of cabs to transport passengers across the city.

Download LeCab on GooglePlay

Download LeCab on the App Store

11. Cabify

cabify appcabify

Cabify allows users to book a ride through their Andriod or iOS applications. They feature a fixed and transparent rate system which makes sure that users are not price gauged.

Cabify for business and Events has been designed to make it easier for people to book their business and formal trips before time.

It also allows users to book a cab for someone else. Available in 12 countries and more than 130 cities worldwide.

Download Cabify for Andriod

Download Cabify for iOS

12. Bitaksi

bitaksi appbitaksi

This is one of the famous taxi-hailing apps in Istanbul with more than 200,000 registered users and over 34,000 taxi drivers.

Bitaksi brings cashless payment to Istanbul by having an in-app credit card payment system.

It provides real-time information and tracking feature to track the location of your ride.

Its drivers are licensed –checked and driver ratings are provided to the customers to make the service more reliable and accountable.

Download Bitaksi on GooglePlay

Download Bitaksi on the App Store

13. goCatch

gocatch appgocatch

goCatch is an Australian taxi-hailing app that features the largest fleet of registered taxi drivers with metered taxis in Australia.

It allows users to provide pre-ride upfront tip and bookings in advance. It also lets users track their ride and get contact information of the driver assigned for their ride.

goCatch has a feature for Business users and provides them with business accounts providing centralized accounts and business credit card system.

With more than 30,000 taxis and more than 300,000 registered users, goCatch offers the best taxi-hailing service in Australia.

Download goCatch on GooglePlay

Download goCatch on the AppStore

14. Ingogo

ingogo app

Ingogo is another popular taxi-hailing app in Australia that allows users to pre-book a ride up to 48 hours in advance, and users can also live-track their ride using mobile applications.

Ingogo has a fixed rate system and cashless payment methods. Also, a $10 credit is guaranteed if the driver doesn’t show up no matter the reason.

Ingogo for business allows corporate to manage their transportation needs efficiently and save costs.

Download Ingogo on GooglePlay

Download Ingogo on the AppStore

15. Wingz

wingz appwingz

Wingz is a fast-growing ride-hailing app in San Francisco, Seatle, San Antonio, etc that allows users to schedule airport rides up to two months in advance and a flat rate means you don’t have to worry about hidden fees and sub-charges.

Riders can also pick and choose their favorite drivers.

Download Wingz on GooglePlay

Download Wingz on the AppStore

Summary: Apps like uber

With this post, apps like uber, which also includes the best taxi apps in the world you can easily install any app of your choice and get ready to enjoy your ride.

These apps are easy to use and you can book a taxi anywhere, anytime with just a tap on your mobile phone.

With these apps, you can order for a ride, book in advance, and can equally track your trip.


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