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This Post will talk in detail about Beauty Services, Types of Beauty Services, Beauty Apps, Beauty Courses, Beauty Services Companies, Beauty Schools, & Guide. Everything you need to know about Beauty and its related Services like Botox, Skin Care, Hair Care, Nail Care & More

Beauty salon or beauty service is an establishment where cosmetic treatment is used to beautify men and women.

Beauty service also has a variation of business branches which includes hair salon service, nails salon service, and spa services.

Beauty services major jobs are skin health, foot care, nail manicures, facial aesthetic, aromatherapy, meditation, oxygen therapy, mud baths and many other services that include hair care and Nail care.

The beauty industry is growing so fast generating a revenue of $56.2 billion in the United States since 2015 and skincare with the revenue of $11 billion in 2018.


Table of Contents

Types of Beauty Services


1. Skin Care Services

skin care treatment

Skin Care Services is a Type of beauty Service that deals with one of the largest and visible part of the Huaman Body, the body also reflects the state of ones health and stands as a barrier against Bacterias and Injuries

Everyone at some point in their Life would have an issue with their Skin, be it an infant, a teenager, a youth or an Adult

Once this happens, the Services of a Dermatologist or a Skin care Specialist would be required


Different Areas and Types of Skin Care Treatments


5 Types of Skin Care Treatments


1. Age spot removal

Getting age spots is a normal reaction as you get older because of the sun exposure over time.

Most of the age spots start coming out around 50 years of age and also in younger people age spot may pop out if they expose their body a lot to the sun.


Diagnosis of age spot

1. Visual inspection

This can be done merely by just looking at the age spots on the skin.


2. Skin biopsy

In this case, the doctor takes a small sample of your skin for microscopic analysis.


Treatment of Age spot

1. Home remedies

you can get an age spot cream such as hydroquinone cream (beware of hydroquinone it can cause irritation in some people skin), mild steroids, retinoid, but it must be prescribed by a doctor.

You can also try a cream that contains kojic acid, glycolic acid.


2. Laser and intense light therapy

This treat destroys the cell that causes age spot and after treatment, you will need sunscreen creams to protect your skin daily.


3. Cryotherapy

This treatment involves the use of liquid nitrogen and other freezing element applying it to your age spot with a cotton-tipped swab.


4. Dermabrasion

involves the using of a fast-spinning brush to remove the old layer of the skin so the new layer can grow and microdermabrasion; is less intense it makes the age spotlight, unlike dermabrasion.


5. Chemical peel

Chemical Peel is the process of Applying an acid on your skin to peel the older layer down to your age spot so the new skin layer can take its place.


6. Esktata

This treatment was approved by the FDA after a clinical trial, treatment involves the concentrated application of hydrogen peroxide to the age spot without allowing it to cause damage to the surrounding skin.


2. Skin tags removal

Skin tags are soft growth loose collagen fibers they become thick inside the areas of the skin and are harmless. The skin tags growths are found around the skin fold of your neck, breast, armpit, eyelids and groin area.

Causes of skin tags are still unknown but it might develop through the rubbing of skin against skin. A study found a link that obesity, hormonal changes in pregnancy and type 2 diabetes can contribute to skin tags.


Treatment of Skin Tags


1. Home remedies for skin tags

You don’t necessarily need a doctor or treatment for skin tags and it’s possible to remove skin tags with household items that can be found in your cabinet.


2. Tea tree oil

is safe to use on the skin it has antiviral and antifungal properties, run on the affected area using a cotton swab and gently massage the oil over the skin tags. Do this repeatedly every night until it dries out.


3. Banana peel

Place the banana peel on the affected area of the skin tag and cover it with a bandage.


4. Apple cider vinegar

Use a cotton swab and soaks it in the apple cider vinegar, place it over the skin tag, and leave for 15 to 30mins wrapped in a bandage.


5. Vitamin E

This is an antioxidant, it fights wrinkles and keeps your skin glowing. Apply vitamin E on affected area and massage for a couple of days.


6. Garlic

Garlic helps in the improvement of the appearance of the skin because of its anti-aging substances. Crush garlic and apply on the skin tags every day then wash in the morning till the skin tags shrink and vanishes.


7. Surgical procedures for skin tags

You can perform the following surgery listed below;


8. Cauterization

is the process where is used to remove a growth or close an open injury.


9. Cryosurgery

this is the spraying of nitrogen liquid on skin tag to help freeze the growth.


10. Surgery

This involves using surgical scissors to cut off the skin tag.


11. Removal aftercare tips

After taking off a skin tag apply an antibiotic ointment to the skin tag area this lower the risk of getting an infection. Your doctor may schedule a follow up to check the wound.



3. Laser skin tightening

Laser skin tightening, unlike plastic surgery where the skin is been pulled and tighten, the saggy part of the body, neck, face excess fat is cut off.

Laser skin tightening is when the loose part of the skin is knitted like a sweater and more tightening than before. Skin lightening can be said to be due to the internal strengthening of the skin collagen that’s in the dermal skin layer.



The skin actually has an internal weave of fibers that are called collagen, the fiber is tightly woven when we were young and lift our skin to give us the fullness, strength, tone, pretty and sexy youthful tight skin.

The more you have it the better look your skin gives you.


Tightening up your skin

With the excessive sun, our skin begins to fall apart and also the fiber in our skin begins wrinkling, sagging, looseness, and the weaken skin causes of deterioration.

Laser skin tightening helps our collagen to tighten up again and repackage the weave fibers. The good news is that “skin tightening” is non-surgical and very safe.


How Laser Skin Tightening Works

Micro-needing or Collagen induction therapy are tiny little needles that have proven throughout the years to be effective for skin tightening and also great laser technologies are RF(Radio Frequency) devices and ultrasound devices.

Over 65,000 procedures have been made for the past 20years and many multiple technologies are combined to maximize the skin tightening and regenerate the collagen.


Tightening every part of your skin;

The treatment protocol is design to specifically work for a particular area of the skin.

  • Non-surgical facelift
  • Thighs
  • Tummy tuck
  • Stretch marks
  • Mommy’s tummy
  • Face
  • Stomach
  • Sagging Jowls
  • Turkey neck
  • Elephant knees
  • Arms
  • Under the chin
  • Loose skin after weight loss
  • Etc.


4. Laser Lipo

This is the melting away of fat under the skin and the changing of the appearance, and shape of the body with the help of laser this is called laser lipolysis.

They are different ways you can do lipolysis either by injections or by radio wave treatment but the best is laser lipolysis.


How Laser Lipo compares to other fat removal procedures;

3 Advantages of Laser Lipo

  1. In the affected area, the risk of infection will be low.
  2. The scarring risks are minimal.
  3. After the procedures, the recovering period risks is shorter than the other type of procedures.


In Lipolysis, the laser melts the fats cells reducing the fatty tissue volume, These procedures are also tightening of the skin in the applied area of treatment. The laser is very safe for clinical use for fat removal procedures and doesn’t burn your skin.

Liposuction is another way to lose fat but it takes several weeks of recovery period unlike lipolysis that recovery period is shorter and you can resume your normal activities.


How much does Laser Lipo cost?

The average cost of lipolysis according to the America Society of Plastic Surgeons is close to $1,700 per session. This cost varies depending on the practitioner and where you live.


How to prepare for Lipolysis

  • The doctor will give you vital information in preparation for your procedures.
  • Don’t take anti-inflammatory drugs and blood thinners it can interfere with the body healing process.
  • Avoid getting the area in which is to be treated tanning or shaving so you don’t irritate the area.
  • Let the doctor know about your past health condition and medication so they can advise you on necessary precautions.
  • After the recovery period and you still feel discomfort visit your doctor.



What to expect during the procedure of Lipolysis

In this procedure, you will be awake the whole time and it usually takes less than an hour. The session should be once but in most cases, it is done in multiple areas of your skin.

Make sure you talk to your doctor about what you want. Some people go with a combination of lipolysis and traditional liposuction.


For laser lipolysis, the appointment is like this (Lipolysis Procedures)

1. You will be given a scrub and a gown to wear, the environment will be sterilized mostly in the doctor’s office.

2. An anesthetic injection will be injected to the area where lipolysis would be done.

3. An incision will be made in the area where there is unwanted fat.

4. The doctor will insert the laser through the incision underneath the top layer of the skin. It moves back and forth and during this time it can make you feel heat or cold sensation.

5. The fat is being massaged out or taken out depending on how much fat there is to remove.


Side effects and risks of Lipolysis?

You may experience a very little discomfort for days after procedures have been done and If the scarring has not being cared for there will be a possible risk of infection.

Go to your doctor if you feel pain, discharge or unusual swelling.


What to expect during recovery from Lipolysis?

After the lipolysis procedures have taken place, you will have to take antibiotics to ward off infections and your doctor may talk to you about the results of the procedure either you exercise or change diet.

After the procedure you should be able to see changes right away, your skin will look tighter, firmer, and o may also see some swelling, brushing and irritation in the lipolysis area.

You may be asked by the doctor for a follow-up to make sure the procedures are healing correctly.



How long does the result of Lipolysis last?

Results vary from individuals expectations, 2011 review reveals a lot of patients are dissatisfied with their lipolysis.

A study review shows only 51 percent, not even a dermatologist was able to tell the before-and-after photos differences of lipolysis.

The results of lipolysis should be permanent if you watch your diet and exercise and make sure you don’t gain weight because if you do the result of the lipolysis will all disappear.


5. Spider vein removal

These are thin red lines or webs like blood networks vessels that mostly appear on legs and feet. They are harmless but can cause itching, burning or pain, usually, if you have been standing for a long period of time.


Treatment of spider veins includes:


is very effective in this case the doctor will inject a solution into the vein causing the blood to reroute through a healthier vein. When done correctly in a few weeks the spider vein disappears.

Anesthesia is not required in sclerotherapy as side effect includes itching, swelling, and skin color changes.


Laser surgery

this treatment is for larger veins it involves the sending of strong bursts of light into the vein and the vein tends to disappear slowly no incision needed.

It is less effective unlike sclerotherapy although side effects are kind of similar.

After treatment, a new spider vein may appear in the same area after several months of fading.




2. Hair Care Services


hair care services



7 Types of Hair Care Services

1. Hair cut


This process involves the trimming of hair to create or maintain a specific style. This is often done with a clipper, scissors, and razors.

Haircutting may enhance hair appearance but doesn’t promote faster growth.


2. Perms and chemical straightening

perms and chemical straightening

This involves the using of chemical to alter the internal structure of the hair in order to make curliness or straightness. Hair that has gone through this process becomes weak due to the chemical application.


3. Hair coloring

hair coloring

Hair coloring for men and women is the changing of the pigment of hair by bleaching, coloring depending if the pigment is being added or removed.

Hair tint is a temporary coloring that can be wash later off and permanent coloring requires the opening of the hair cuticle so change can take place.

The process of hair coloring can cause damage to the hair cuticle making it weaker, dry and prone to breakage and other types of coloring include herbs like henna and indigo or ammonia-free solution.


4. Electrolysis

Electrolysis hair removal

This is a permanent removal treatment for unwanted facial hair that you really don’t want and these parts may include smaller areas like; the upper lip or the chin area.

Hair is removed individually where a tiny probe indirectly inserted into the hair follicle to destroy the hair growth.

This type of treatment usually takes about 6 treatment for the hair to be permanently removed, depending on the type of hair in which the Individual have and electrolysis usually works for darker stronger hair.


3 Methods of Electrolysis

There are 3 different methods of Electrolysis or hair Removal

1. Galvanic

This is the use of Lye a sodium hydroxide as a direct current which helps in destroying the hair follicle and work for a period of time after the needle has been removed.

2. Thermolysis

This is the application of high-frequency alternating current causing the needle to rapidly vibrate creating heat to weaken the cells and preventing regrowth.

3. Blend

Here both currents are used at the same time “galvanic and thermolysis”. Using both currents together makes the job efficient and effective. The heat from thermolysis helps lye from galvanic spread faster and further filling the follicle and destroying the cells.


How to make Electrolysis more effective for you (5 Ways)

  • Drink a lot of water
  • Take mineral supplements and vitamins- Glucosamine, zinc, vitamin c and omega 3
  • Before the treatment avoid caffeine
  • Use sunscreen daily, cleanse and tone
  • Before treatment refrain from waxing, tweezing or depilatories for at least a week


Electrolysis Aftercare

  • Use only mineral make-up
  • Don’t touch the area
  • Avoid smoking
  • Don’t swim for 48 hours
  • No sunbathe for 24-48 hours
  • Use natural Aloe Vera or cool purified water to sooth if the area is hot
  • Use lukewarm water
  • Wear a loose cloth


5. Laser Hair Removal

This is the most common hair removal procedures in the United States. Putting highly concentrated lights into the hair follicles and the absorption of the light tends to destroy the hair.


What are the Benefits of laser hair removal

  • For removing unwanted hair from the arm, legs, underarm, the face, bikini line, and other areas
    The benefits include;
  • Precision targets the dark and coarse hair while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged.
  • Speed in a second this laser remove hair in a second at the same time. The legs, back, and arm can be treated in an hour and the upper lip in a second.
  • Predictability in this case you have a permanent hair loss after several sessions.


How to prepare for laser hair removal

There is more to laser hair removal than the removing of unwanted hair. It procedures require medical training to carry out the task and also check the credential of the doctor before procedures.

You will have to limit the waxing, and plucking of hair if you are planning to undergo the laser hair procedure. Avoid direct exposure of sun because it makes hair removal less effective.


What to expect during laser hair removal

Your hair will be trimmed before the procedure like few millimeters from your skin surface and the laser equipment will be adjusted according to your skin tone, thickness, and the location of the hair that needs to be treated.

Depending on the laser light but your skin should be protected with a cold gel or cooling device, The person performing the treatment will have to wear eyes protection.

After a few minutes, the laser light will be a pause so the technician will take a close look at your skin to see if there is any bad reaction.

When the procedure is done you will be given anti-inflammatory creams, packs of ice to ease any discomfort and another session will be rescheduled for like four to six week until the hair stops growing.


Recovery and Risks of laser hair removal

After a day or two, the area will look like a sunburn use moisturizers or cold compresses it would help and wear make-up if the treatment was on your face.

People with a darker complexion may experience blisters and other side effects include redness, scarring, and swelling.


What are the Costs of laser hair removal

Hair removal per session ranges from $235 per session and cost varies depending on the factors which include:

  • The type of doctor or person performing the procedure
  • Treatment area and time required
  • The country in which you are having the procedure
  • Number of treatment required
  • Consult your specialist for a more and better cost.


6. Waxing

This type of treatment removes hair from its root and before the hair regrows it takes about four to six weeks.

Any part of the body can be wax these includes eyebrows, pubic hair or bikini waxing, face, legs, arms, abdomen, feet, knuckles, and back.

There are different types of waxing for unwanted hair removal.


5 Types of waxing


1. Strip waxing (soft wax)

This is the spreading of a cloth or paper strip over the skin then quickly ripping it directly against the hair growth, to avoid causing pain to the skin.

The strip waxing comes in different forms heated wax is easily spread over the skin and cold wax is thick which makes it hard to spread widely and smoothly over the skin.

Stripless wax is a very hard wax with no cloth or paper but gets thick and hard when it’s cool and this type of waxing is good for people with sensitive skin and it’s also less painful.


2. Hard Wax

This type of waxing is applied to areas like the upper lip, underarms, and eyebrows.

When applied on the area it feels warm and it’s left to cool then it hardens. Hard wax doesn’t cause damage to the skin but soft wax can.


3. Fruit Wax

This type of waxing is enriched with fruits which contain antioxidants that aren’t hard for sensitive skin and It’s expensive but has a good result which will make you smile.


4. Sugar Wax

In skincare sugar and lemon have been one of the key ingredients for many skincare hacks. If you got oily skin and a sensitive skin try giving sugar waxing a try.


5. Chocolate wax

This type of waxing helps you to achieve a younger look and healthy skin. Chocolate waxing contains moisturizing properties that help the skin glows not only for removing hair.



7. Braiding and up-dos

Frequently braiding of your hair can cause pulling of hair roots and cause traction Alopecia. Making a tight up-do can also cause the pulling of hair roots which can result in headaches.

Braiding repeated styles may not lead to hair damage if proper braiding techniques and maintenance are in good use.



3. Facial Care Services

facial treatment

Facial Beauty Services basically deals with the Services that relates to the beautification, Caring and Treatmeant of the Face

At times, this has been refered to as facials

4 Types of Facial Care Services


1. Deep facial cleansing

This treatment involves the exfoliating, cleansing, steaming, moisturizing and the use of a mask for all skin type with a face massage.

This treatment is good for eliminating clogged pores, blackheads and dead skin cells to reveal radiant and promote the skin rejuvenating power.


2. Facial peel (Lactic acid)

This treatment involves the using of glycolic and lactic acid for chemical peeling to help remove scars and hyperpigmentation for an instant glow.

A chemical peel can be done on areas like the neck, face, and hand.


7 advantages of Chemical peel

  1. Treatment of wrinkles caused by exposure of sun and aging
  2. Reducing the lines under the eyes and the mouth
  3. Improve the appearance of mild scars
  4. Reduces age spots, dark patches, and freckles
  5. Improvement of the skin looks
  6. Treatment of different acne
  7. After the chemical peel, you are to wear sunscreen every day it should be above SPF 30



Before you get a chemical peel

Ask your doctor before your chemical peel session what drugs you should stop taking.

If you have any history of scarring, cold sores that often comes back or facial X-rays tell your doctor.


Possible complications of Chemical Peeling

Depending on your skin type some people develop a temporary change or permanent color change after a chemical peel.

There are a low risk of facial scars but if that occurs it can be treated with a good result.


3. Dermal pin facial

This treatment stimulates collagen that promotes the skin elasticity with the use of needles or pins.

Dermaroller this is the using of derma rollers with a 0.1 to 0.2mm needle size which helps to create a route for products to penetrate better into the skin.

A derma roller produces a tiny prick around the skin which gives enough space for the wound healing process to respond.


Who is derma rolling best for?

Everyone can use it depending on the needle length. A person who has an acne scarring, larger pores, and a person who just want a skin tightening boost can go for derma rolling.

Before going for a derma rolling you should avoid taking retinol for four to five days before rolling.


Preparation when doing derma rolling

  • The surroundings should be clean since you draw blood.
  • Clean the skin off dirt and oil. For cleaning use a foaming cleanser, and toner to balance PH.
  • The derma roller should be kept down on a clean surface, and a paper towel layout.
  • Ensure to clean your tool with barbcide or cavicide if you reuse your tools.


How do you actually use the derma roller?

  1. Roll the derma roller horizontally over the forehead, chin back and forth, and the cheeks.
  2. Roll vertically on the forehead up and down like three times then finally gradually go diagonally across the face section.
  3. After this process, you can use your anti-aging products, or collagen-stimulating products and brighteners.


4. Botox


What is Botox?

This is a non-surgical treatment most popular cosmetic treatment, it is a neurotoxin derived from Clostridium botulinum, from an organism found in a natural environment where it is largely inactive and non-toxic.

It can be used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Botox Procedures

Dilute the powder in saline and inject it into the neuromuscular tissue. It takes 24-72 hours for botulinum toxin to take effect.


22 Risks and side effects of Botox

  1. Numbness
  2. Headache
  3. Nausea
  4. Local edema
  5. Malaise
  6. Brow ptosis
  7. Lateral rectus
  8. Dysphagia
  9. Neck weakness
  10. Flu-like illness
  11. Brachial plexopathy
  12. Gallbladder dysfunction
  13. Diplopia
  14. Bleeding
  15. Blurred vision
  16. Decreased eyesight
  17. Dry mouth
  18. Fatigue
  19. Hives
  20. Rashes
  21. Wheezing
  22. Swelling


4. Nail Care Services

nail care services


Types of Nail Care Services


1. Manicure


What is Manicure?

This is a type of cosmetic beauty treatment done on fingernails and hands which can be done at home or a nail salon.

The manicure treatment consists of shaping and filing of the edge of nails, using a cuticle in clipping the nails, massage the hands, treat nails with different liquid treatment, and application of nail polish.

Some manicure may include designing the nails and application of acrylics to nails. The manicurist is licensed and must follow regulations because it deals with the trimming of the nails which might spread infections.

Tools are used and share with a lot of people which will need serious sanitation to destroy any spread of infection.


3 Types of manicure

Hot oil manicures

This is another branch of manicure in which the cuticles are clean and are softened with oil. Oil use in this type of manicure is mineral oil, olive oil, and commercial preparation in an electric heater.


Dip powder manicures

Due to the ease form of application dip powder have become popular. Dip powder manicures are the traditional using of acrylic nails and gel polish. In dip nails, multiple layers of powder and cyanoacrylate are used.


French manicures

French manicures are natural look nails with white tips or nails that have a lack of artificial base color. Where the tip is painted white and the best part of the nail is either in a polish pink or nude shade.

To achieve a wonderful French manicure if using artificial nails and you can also use your natural nails.



2. Pedicure

Just like manicure, this is a cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails. This is a popular feet treatment all over the world and especially done among women.

The pedicure is not a treatment only for toenails, it is also used for the removal of dead skin cells at the bottom of the feet using a rough stone.



13 Types of pedicure

NOTE: Many of these pedicure names vary from spa to spa, so don’t be confused if someone uses a name different from the one you know


1. Regular pedicure

This treatment involves the soaking of a foot, scrubbing with foot file or stone, clipping of nail, shaping, foot massage, nail polishing, and moisturizer.


2. Spa pedicure

This includes paraffin dip, masks, mud, and seaweed treatment.


3. Shanghai pedicure

This involves feet soaking in hot water and the using of a scalpel


4. Dry or water-less pedicure

This is a type of pedicure the involves the use of cuticle clean up, callus smoothing, nail shaping, nail polish, massage and no soaking of feet in water all these are performed with an electric file.


5. Paraffin Pedicure

Just like regular pedicure but includes the use of paraffin wax.


6. Stone Pedicure

This is the use of hot stones with oil for the massage of the legs and feet.


7. French pedicure

This pedicure involves the use of white nail polish on the tip of the nail with a sheer of a pink color base.


8. Mini pedicure

It is mainly done on the toes with a quick soak, nail polish and nail shaping, doesn’t include massage.


9. Athletic pedicure

This treatment is for both genders it includes toenail polishing with the use of a more cooling aromatics such as peppermint, cucumber, and eucalyptus.


10. Chocolate Pedicure

This includes a chocolate foot soaking, chocolate foot mask, and a chocolate moisturizer.


11. Ice cream pedicure

Soaking of foot in a scrub usually with chocolate, vanilla, or a strawberry ice cream and a moisturizing lotion.


12. Margarita pedicure

This includes the soaking of water with limes, salt scrub, lime base massage oil and moisturizer.


13. Wine pedicure

Using a grape seed scrub, grape seed oil, grape mask peel, and a moisturizing massage.



15 Manicure and Pedicure tools

  1. A bowl of warm water
  2. Cuticle Nipper
  3. Cuticle pusher
  4. Footbath
  5. Manicure table
  6. Nail art
  7. Nail brush
  8. Nail clipper
  9. Nail buffer
  10. Nail file
  11. Nail polish remover
  12. Flocking powder
  13. Glitter
  14. Small dried flowers
  15. Fimo/Nail art cane slices


Summary: Beauty Services

Under Beauty Service, we have been able to touch some wide and interesting areas of Beauty and we believe that this will help you whatever your endeavors could have been.

You can be reading this as an Aspiring Beautician, a Beauty Student, an Apprentice or a Beauty Instructor, whichever that it may be, you would surely get a thing or two to gain from this content

If you are looking for Beauty Services within your City, or have a Beauty Service to render to People, you can use the Yaioa Provider App to offer Beauty Services to People and Earn


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