Bedtime Fairy Tales Apps & games


There are numerous Bedtime Fairy Tales Apps & games and that is what we will be writing about today. 

Hurray! Have you ever thought of having Fairy Tales and Games on the same app? check out some interesting stories and also play some games.

“Fairy Tales” is an app that helps children read with interesting little games with fun stories of fairy tales. This app off-course makes the reading interesting and fun.

The collection of stories in the books of the fairy tales are amazing and phenomenal plus the addition of some fantastic games. these are just the best apps ever!

Little Stories. Bedtime books


alternatives to Little Stories. Bedtime books

This collection, the “Little Stories” is a group of fairy tales for your children. Your kids play the protagonist. You only need to fill in your child’s name and gender and you’re good to go.


Happy Petite Stories” (HaPeSt) comprises mainly Classical music. It is a platform where kids learn and get entertained with classical music.  It’s an amazing collection of splendid stories for children. you need to explore this. 


Wow, reading made fun! With this app, you can turn a boring reading session into an entertaining one. It has provided Augmented Reality (AR), 3D elements, and has also created great experiences. For a good time, choose bookful. It is a Bedtime fairy tales app & games that you must download.



Are you hoping to get unique bedtime fairy tale stories for your Kids, This audiobook app is sure the best. It comes in different languages like English, Bulgarian, and Spanish. It is very important because it has lessons that children can learn from. For kids in preschool, kindergarten, etc. 


 storytime!  Popular English Short Stories comes with fantastic stories to share with your kids and loved ones. It has more than 2500 collections of Fairy tale stories that will mesmerize your kids.


A lot of Parents are literally in love with this app. Of course, it is lovable because of its amazing features that will keep reading fun and educative.



 This app was created for the purpose of telling stories. It is best used for kids between 2 to 7 years of age.  It tells fascinating stories to make kids feel good. it has no unprofessional ads and content. It is highly recommended. 


Bedtime stories is an app with organized stories written by professional writers to kids. It helps in creating a good family time, It teaches great lessons of life and lots more. 


Snot and fluff is a game app with venturesome games and fabulous stories. Don’t give boredom a chance in your home. Download this app and have fun.


Weird wood Manor is magical and somewhat horrifying. It is a game app that tells enchanting stories. It is unique and incredible. you should try this one.  

Three Little Pigs StoryChimes (FREE)

Three little pigs is an app that entertains kids and lots more. Its features are highly recommended. 

Little Critter Library

 Let your kids learn about their favorite characters. It will spice up their day. 

The Little Mermaid’s Surprise

 Let’s talk about the Little Mermaid’s Surprise app. It features a magical game underwater. where your kid”s figure out how to play and win. Apart from this, it has fascinating stories that will keep your kids inspired. 

My Little Pony: Twilight Sparkle, Teacher for a Day

What do you think about Friendship, It’s magical right? MY LITTLE PONY is accessible for your to use. This App highlights an interesting book that tells interactive stories which you can explore and read with your kids. It has learning, playing, and watching activities.

RyeBooks: The Little Snail -by Rye Studio

RyeBooks are available in different languages like English, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese so you can choose anyone you are convenient with. It has stories for toddlers with pictures and other components that will help spark up your home.

My Little Pony Comics

Every funny story and game you might be interested in is all enveloped in My Little Pony Comics. It has a collaboration of funny stories that will crack you up every time.

The 3 little pigs – Cards Match Game

This 3 little pig is an entirely fabulous ancient folk story with diverse languages. It is demonstrated by Angelica Chavarría, with letters and stories that will make your kids come back for more. It has a lite version where we have the first pages. If you’re interested in it, you can then download the app.

Little Library kids reading

alternatives to Little Library kids reading

Apple Books

Apple books present a variety of genres for your kids to genres they can choose from. It is quite wonderful because it gets them closer to their game and story of interest.


reading apps for kids

Hoopla is amazing, trust me. You can borrow any book of your choice from Hoopla with your library card.


reading apps for kids

With skybrary, you can actually get kids wanting to read more. It captivates kids with its amazing features like animations, colors, pictures, and a lot more.


 Epic Kids’ Books

reading apps for kids

Get your kids engaged with amazing videos, books, and games with great lessons.



reading apps for kids

This app is a fantastic one. It helps your kids to read through positive building up, playing activities, and other exciting features. Kids can learn to spell big words, learn patterns, and alliteration. You sure need to download this app to develop your kid’s vocabulary. 


reading apps for kids

Rivet gives kids a friendly platform to read and build up themselves. They give free books just to excite the kids in reading more.

Endless Reader 

reading apps for kids

This app is highly recommended for both teachers and parents.

Fairytale Maze 123




Get this Maze game for fun bedtime. you complete the game and get some bonuses.

Abby In Wonderland

Abby In Wonderland - Windows Phone

This is an educational bedtime fairy tales apps & games.


Karl’s Castle HD


let your kids have some fun with Karl”s Castle App. It is one of the best Bedtime Fairy Apps & Games.

Grimm’s Puss in Boots


The concept of this app is amazing. it has features that keep kids stuck on this app. you should download this for you and your kid. It is an android version.

StoryToys Puss in Boots


StoryToys engages in ventures/games that feature verbal commands, simple performances, standard demonstrations, sounds, and great narration.

Scarlet Flower fairy tale

The beautiful artwork used in this app makes it entertaining. It is just the right choice when it comes to bedtime fairy tales app & games.

Puzzle by Chocolapps



Here, all you have to solve the puzzles in order to complete it. Creating your own puzzles is not an issue at all.

The Grimm’s Collection 
The Grimm’s Collection ~ Vol.1 - Android version

This app has puzzles and 3D sticker boots.



That is all we’ve got on Bedtime Fairy Tales Apps & games. We hope this article was helpful. Do well to read through and download the app that interests you. 

They are surely educative, entertaining, interactive, and amazing. These apps are created for kids and parents in order to make bedtime fun and perfect.


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