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Are you looking for the best Blogger templates to download for free? This post got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of the best free Blogger templates you can download and use to create a beautiful blog or website.

Although WordPress may be one of the powerful content management platforms, Blogger is also very popular especially among beginners because it provides the easiest way to create your own blog and manage it with ease.

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So, if you are planning to start a new blog on Blogger or just want to give it a new look, take a look at this list of beautiful Blogger templates that can be easily downloaded.

Best Blogger Templates to Download

1.  Angel

best blogger templates

Angel is a stylish, elegant, and very powerful multipurpose Blogger template with a minimalistic layout that focuses on simplicity and readability.

Angel Blogger Template is suited for any creative website and blog and helps you to make your website more professional and creative.

Angel is specially designed for personal blogs such as travel blogs, fashion blogs, fashion magazine blogs, food recipe blogs, adventure blogs, lifestyle blogs, tech blogs, and lots more.

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You can easily customize the Angel Blogger template according to your needs as well as make your desired changes.

Download Angel Blogger Template

2.  Beautly

This is an elegant and clean Blogger template with great functionality including amazing and easy-to-read typography that lets you create a professional-looking blog for any type of niche.

Beautly Blogger template is a fully responsive theme featuring a flexible layout that automatically adjusts its dimensions, widget layout, and font sizes according to the screen size of your device.

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It is made with a simple approach thus best for creating a beauty blog, fashion blog, travel blog, makeup blogs, photography blogs, and many more.

Download Beautly Blogger Template

3.  Baking Blog

Baking Blog is a free Blogger template with a clean design and a simple look. It comes with two columns, a right sidebar. It is best suited for blogs about crafts, family, food, home, writing a diary, and home & decoration or love.

Download Baking Blog Blogger Template

4.  Carolina

Carolina is a simple and minimalistic Blogger template that is 100% responsive and fits any screen or device be it a desktop, laptop, or mobile.

The Carolina Blogger template has been built to help publish your content in the most stylish and mesmerizing way.

It is best suitable for a photography blog, movie, food, personal, girly, recipe, cooking, review, critics, apparel, and many more.

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It has a very clean and flawless design that makes it easy to navigate and read. Carolina is a template with a very light and simple color combination of white and pink.

Download Carolina Blogger Template

5. Best Clean

A simple, fast-loading, lightweight Blogger template best suitable for lifestyle blogs but can also be used for a personal blog, photography blog, niche blog, OOTD blog, fashion blog, authority blog, or a creative blog or simple magazine.

It is designed as a minimal and clean theme to make sure your blog is displayed beautifully on all mobile devices or any screen size.

By using the Best Clean Blogger template, you can easily create your own blog in a more professional way.

Download Best Clean Blogger Template 

6.  Camera

This is a Blogger template with great abilities and functions. The Camera Blogger template allows you to build the most professional and amazing blog for publishing photos, images, travel diaries, social media influencers, food, recipes, news articles, and many more.

It is a custom-built template with a dark appearance but includes a design that has a rich contrast color combination.

The camera is highly SEO optimized with a fast-loading layout as well as a fully responsive design which will help you to reach a large mobile audience.

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This is a feature-ready template that’ll bring an immersive experience to your blog readers and with its masonry layout, your high-resolution images will look amazing.

Download Camera Blogger Template

7.  FreePic

FreePic comes with amazing features and high-quality functions. It is an enriched modern theme that’ll help you develop a professional blog for sharing images, artwork, vectors, themes, apps, plugins, png, PSD, Jpg, eps, and
many more.

It is an attractive template suitable for freelancers, and small businesses, and a one-page portfolio website. The Freepic Blogger template has lots of widget options that are based on the latest generation framework.

It is a highly responsive and flexible theme thus suitable for any device. It is also SEO-friendly.  Consider this theme if you want to make a one-page portfolio blog.

Download FreePic Blogger Template

8.  Style Blog

This is a very flexible and robust blogging Blogger template that looks phenomenal and organized with its balanced design elements. It is made with the latest-generation technologies.

It is a highly responsive theme with a fast-loading design as well as a fully SEO-optimized code structure that helps you to rank higher on various search engines.

Style Blog Blogger template is a semi-blog-magazine template with multiple content-based featured widgets that allow you to create different types of layouts on the homepage of your blog.

With its flexible design, you can create a professional-looking blog in no time. It is most suitable for creating blogs
about niches like movies, magazines, news, DIY, sports, educational, and many more.

Download Style Blog Blogger Template

9.  Eliah

best blogger templates

Eliah is a beautiful template perfect for a fashion, beauty, and magazine blog. It is a fully responsive theme with a unique and appealing design.

Eliah has different customization options available for you to use to make your blog look professional. It is also suitable for creating a makeup blog, food blog, and travel blog. It will provide you with everything you need to create your own appealing fashion blog.

 Download ElaihBlogger Template

10.  UltraMag

UltraMag is a new magazine blogging Blogger template loaded with different premium features, It also comes with a high-quality widget configuration and provides you an opportunity to create a professional blog in no time.

It also comes with a flexible coding structure that allows you to customize your blog according to your taste. It lets you set the widgets based on your preference – meaning that you can create various types of layouts just by playing with the widget placement.

UltraMag is a highly responsive theme with an ultra-fast loading speed and a highly SEO-optimized design. This theme also includes the latest schema markups for both the homepage and post pages.

It is best suitable for creating blogs for niches like news, sports, tech, business, photography, fashion, food, music, etc.

Download UltraMag Blogger Template

11. Camille

best blogger templates

Camille is a clean and simple Blogger template with a high-quality design. It is a multifunctional template with a fully responsive elegant and minimal layout thus will look beautiful on any device.

Camille is a fast-loading theme loaded with lightweight codes. It is ideal for creating personal blogs for niches like beauty, makeup, fashion, travel, OOTD, etc.

As a simple template, it lets you customize your site in your own way.

Download Camille Blogger Template

12. SoraShop

This is a highly responsive eCommerce Blogger template. It is one of the most exciting eCommerce Blogger templates available today, and it’s perfect for any type of eCommerce website.

SoraShop gives an amazing viewing experience because it is a fully responsive blogger template that provides you with a flexible layout that can automatically adjust its width and size according to the user’s device.

This template can be used for all types of products including sports equipment, fashion accessories, electronics, furniture, and lots more.

Download SoraShop Blogger Template

13. Melina

Melina is a feature-loaded fashion magazine template with a minimal and attractive look. It has lots of futuristic features that’ll help you to build beautiful blogs easily.

This theme has a fully responsive design thus allows you to create premium-looking blogs on the Blogger platform that can automatically adjust their width and length according to the user’s device or screen size.

It is ideal for creating fashion blogs and also suitable for creating elegant-looking blogs that have a minimal approach. You can also create a blog about topics like food, beauty, fashion, makeup, photography, and many more.

Download Melina Blogger Template

14. Rapid

best blogger templates

Rapid Blogger template serves you with advance, amazing, and premium features. This template contains a fast loading design, a fully responsive layout, and it’s also highly SEO optimized.

You can use this theme to create a unique and appealing blog for news, technology, quotes, politics, jobs, etc. It has a variety of customization options available for you to create your professional blog.

Download Rapid Blogger Template

15. Cheerup

This is a beautiful lifestyle photography Blogger template with a clean, elegant, and minimal modern design suitable for a personal blog, fashion blog, traveling blog, and photography website.

Cheerup Blogger template provides a stunning minimal clean layout that’ll beautify your content on any device.

This template has ultimate customization options that help you to create blogs of your preference. It has an awesome and clear look that’ll make your website eye-catchy.

Cheerup uses HTML and CSS3 techniques which makes it a perfect fast-loading theme. It is also very SEO-friendly.

Download Cheerup Blogger Template

Frequently Asked Questions



There are so many Blogger templates out there but here is our list of the top 15 best Blogger templates which you can download for free and use to create professional blogs/websites.

The Blogger templates listed above come with so many features including a minimalist design, fully responsive layout, mobile-friendly design, highly SEO optimized, elegant and simple design, custom widgets, and many more.

What is the best template for Blogger?

Best Free Blogger Templates for Blogs & Magazines

  • FutureMag
  • Kaplan
  • Plasm
  • Ember
  • Newcon
  • Simplify
  • Shutter
  • Pixel

In a nutshell, Blogger is a simple blogging platform for beginners or starters who want to create a small blog. WordPress on the other hand, is best suited for blog owners looking for maximum flexibility, scalability, and ownership.

There are a lot of Free Blogger Templates out there but Google the term “Best free Blogger template” will also yield great lists to look through

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