best free online movie streaming sites

Are you looking for the best free online movie streaming sites to stream movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more? This post got you covered.  

There used to be a time when people always visit the cinema to watch movies or visit a movie store to buy them but today, due to the advancement in technology, everything has become easy and you can sit comfortably at home and watch any movie of your choice.

There are lots of movie streaming sites where you can watch movies, TV shows, animations, documentaries, etc, but some of these sites will require you to pay a certain amount before you can stream content.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the best free online movie streaming sites where you can watch movies, TV series, etc without even downloading.

If you are looking for websites to watch full-length movies online without signing up we have prepared a list of free movie streaming sites without registration, so there’s no need to worry about anything while using them.

However, some of these free movie streaming sites might ask you to create an account before using them. It is just for them to keep their network safe from scammers. So, if you come across sites like these, just input the information asked and you are good to go.

Is it safe to use movie streaming sites without registration?

To be sincere, almost all free movie streaming websites with or without registration is considered illegal in most regions and if watching movies through any illegitimate means might be illegal in your region it is advisable you check with any authorized person or organization to ensure that you’re not breaking any cyber law by visiting any free movie streaming websites.  

Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites

This list is in no particular order.

1. 123Movies

best free online movie streaming sites

123Movies is one of the biggest movie websites where you can find movies and TV series available in different formats like 4K, 1080p, 720p, etc, with little to no ads or pop-ups.

The homepage of this website is very simple with only a search bar and category options listed. You can search for movies by keywords, browse by genre, year of release, featured titles, and latest released episodes.

2. Yes! Movies  

best free movie streaming sites

Yes! Movies have a collection of all the latest movies and TV shows. It is one of the most popular free online movie streaming websites where you can use the simple search tool to search for any movie or simply click the Movies/TV shows category at the top of the page for easy browsing.

Another great feature of this website is the News Tab that has lots of movies, TV shows, and current events to keep you up to date.

One downside of this site is that watching a movie here may be a little tricky as you’ll need to click the play button and “Stay Here” button multiple times before it responds.

Another downside of Yes! Movies is that you will encounter many annoying ads while using the site which is normal in exchange for a free service online.

3. AZMovies

AZMovies is a great website to watch the latest movies and TV series. The website shows the thumbnails of the latest movies right on its homepage.

Here, you can watch movies by searching them by their year of release or genre or get a list of all the titles to pick your favourite movie to watch.

4. SolarMovie  

best free online movie streaming sites

SolarMovie is one of the new movie and TV show websites and also very popular because it has lots of high-quality links and even lets you sign in to receive updates and more.

Here, you can easily filter movie by category including genre and country for a personalized streaming experience.

5. Tubi  

This is one of the best websites to stream movies and TV shows online without signing up. Tubi provides thousands of free movies and TV series and like many other free movie streaming sites, Tubi supports ads.

Tubi also have an app which you can get on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Amazon App Store, and Roku Channel list.

6. GoStream

This free online movie streaming site has tons of movie content for you. This site provides links in 720p definition and plays automatically upon selection.

GoStream is ad-free and easy to use. The only downside of this website is that there are no TV shows available for viewing.

7. Crackle

best free online movie streaming sites

Crackle is also a great place to watch free movies online because it is owned by Sony Pictures. Crackle has hundreds of movies you can watch any time any day.

This website offer high-quality movies for you to watch. However, you will have to sit through commercials once in a while. The commercials are short and there’re only a few commercial breaks during a full-length movie.

8. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a website to visit for free movies and TV shows. The website has more than 1500 movies including comedy, horror, drama, action, family, documentary, romance, and more.

You don’t need to sign up before streaming your favourite content you just need to hit play after chosen a movie and enjoy.

9. NOXX  

This website is dedicated to streaming TV shows in HD quality. You can select any of the featured TV shows from the homepage or use the site’s menu to scroll through the timeline page and view TV shows in order of their release dates. You can also select the menu and browse option and then filter TV shows by their genre.  

10. LookMovie  

best free online movie streaming sites

LookMovie is another great website to go to when looking for free movies in HD or low quality to stream. Here, you can filter movies by genre, year, rating, release date, or by IMDb rating.

The website displays ads as a method for generating revenue as well as gives the option to make donations.

11. FMovies  

best free online movie streaming site

FMovies is a streaming site with a clean interface. The website has several options to narrow down your search in order to locate the exact content.

This website has almost all popular old and new movies and TV shows of all genres. FMovies has an embedded video player that allows you to turn on or off the subtitles and switch between window and full-screen models whenever you want.

Here, you can watch movies online in 1080p full high definition and even 4k resolution just by signing up for a free account.

12. CMovies  

best free online movie streaming sites

CMovies has tons of movies to watch online. Its database is built up of almost all the recent movies in different resolutions as per their availability. For example, some videos are in CAMRip, while others are in 720p.

So, if you are not too finicky about the picture quality, this site could be one of the best movies streaming sites for you.

13. Vudu  

Vudu is a great website with a huge collection of free and pay-to-watch movies, TV series, and Shows. Its database has lots of movies in different categories.

You can as well use the search feature to search for any movie but in order to start streaming, you need to register on the site.

14. IMDb TV  

This is another fantastic website on our list that is owned and operated by Amazon and offers movies, documentaries, TV shows, and IMDb original shows.

IMDb TV requires its users to register before gaining access to it. This website is also ad-supported.

15. Putlocker

This website allows you to search for movies by typing their name in the search box that’s present at the center of the homepage. You can as well narrow down the search criteria by selecting the genre of your choice. The website also supports users to select movies based on the IMDB rating.

A downside is that the random clicks on the webpage redirect users to many distracting ads that automatically open in a new tab of the current web browser.

16. YouTube


YouTube is no doubt the largest online platform to stream videos. Billions of people go there daily to watch videos of different categories.

However YouTube is not just a place to go to watch prank videos or videos of skateboarding dogs but also a place where you can watch movies for free.

You can easily search for a movie on the search bar and browse through different genres and watch movies at no cost.


There you have it, our picks of the top 16 best free online movie streaming sites where you can visit and watch movies without paying a dime.

To be able to have access the content on most of the sites mentioned above, you’ll need a VPN as most of the sites might be banned in your region as they may violate copyright infringement.

A good VPN protects you as well as give you the anonymity needed to stream your favourite movie without anyone knowing about it.    

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