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Gacha games are becoming more popular by the day that’s why there are lots of gacha games available for both Android and iOS but what are the best gacha games?

Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best gacha games mobile has to offer. Gacha games have captured the eyes and fingers of gamers worldwide and are very popular in Asia.

The games have millions of gameplays and a very strong fan base. You can get lots of virtual items on gacha games to build your characters with the best/optimal armors or costumes using a vending machine. Getting these items will help you strengthen your gaming character to defeat and complete different virtual missions.

However, you’ll need the in-game currency or use real cash to buy these virtual items. It is like you having your fantasy in a virtual world to spend, play, and win.

Below is the list of 15 best gacha games you should download and play on either your Android or iOS phone.

Best Gacha Games for Mobile  

1. Azur Lane

best gacha games

Azur Lane is a gacha game that was created in 2017. It is a very popular gacha game as well as Naval Warfare game with gacha mechanics.

Azur Lane has a mix of many gaming genres like RPG, 2D shooters, and tactical games. It is very easy to play and the interface is intuitive.

Azur Lane lets you build your own fleet from over 300 types of warships, collected from all over the world. You can also get these ships by earning rewards inside the game.

In addition, you can use these rewards to buy in-game currency and later, pull gacha for new ships. You don’t necessarily need to spend money on in-app purchases because you can play Azur Lane for free on mobile with Gacha mechanics.

Download Azur Lane for Android

Download Azur Lane for iOS 

2. Dragalia Lost

best gacha games

This is a very popular gacha game with an action genre and an RPG created with Nintendo, and Cygames. It was launched in September 2018 and holds lots of great storylines as well as high-quality graphics.

Dragalia Lost was really designed for the smartphone platform and uses Dragon kits and characters in which you can set to upgrade to conquer missions easily, as well as get killer weapons. It has an amazing graphic and it’s very easy to play.

Download Dragalia Lost for Android 

Download Dragalia Lost for iOS

3. Arknights

Arknights is a gacha game that was released in 2019 and since then, has surged in popularity. It is a tower defense mobile game developed by Chinese developers Studio Montagne and Hypergryph that features anime girls set within a dystopian society.

Arknights was built upon the tower defense genre. It is very easy to start but to achieve victory, you’ll need deeper tactical decisions. 

Download Arknights for Android 

Download Arknights for iOS  

4. The Alchemist Code

best gacha games

This game contains everything that you wish to have in a gacha-styled game. It has jRPG (Japanese Mobile Strategy RPGs), lots of tactical elements, superb graphics, anime-styled scenes, and many more.

Here, you have to master the arcane power of Alchemy and change the future, and to do that, the game provides you with more than 50 intricately developed characters which you can collect and evolve into a powerful new avatar with extraordinary abilities.

The best part about Alchemist Code is that it lets you play against your friends in a four-person multiplayer co-op. You can battle against other players and get in-game rewards which you can use to buy new characters.

Download The Alchemist Code for Android 

Downoad The Alchemist Code for iOS   

5. Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

best Gacha Games

You are going to love Opera Omnia if you’ve previously played titles from the Final Fantasy series. Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is one of the highly-rated gacha games based on the RPG theme with gacha mechanics, making it one of the best and most popular.

This game provides you with all the characters from the Final Fantasy series and also comes with a compelling storyline and powerful deities.

If you are a beginner, you don’t need to worry as this game lets you collect a wide range of characters from its in-game reward system. You can also pull a gacha anytime you need a new character or weapon.

Download Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia for Android

Download Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia for iOS

6. Another Eden

This is a relatively new gacha game but has brought a different dimension to how we see gacha games. Not only is it about pulling gacha but it also about the story and achieving the goal.

Here, you’ll have to go on a journey beyond time and space in order to protect the future. Another Eden has an RPG theme, with an exciting storyline created by Masato Kato a writer of Chrono Trigger a popular RPG game.

The game is quite immersive and offers visuals of high quality, even comparable to consoles. The game’s soundtrack and theme are well-orchestrated to provide engaging gameplay.

Download Another Eden for Android 

Download Another Eden for iOS  

7. Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends is a top-rated Android RPG gacha game with more than 10 million installs and 800 thousand reviews. The game has lots of features and a very interesting storyline.

There are over 400 characters you can chose from with Raid and you can finish epic boss battles to collect rewards.

This game also features its own PvP arena where teams can go against each other. Explore the game and enjoy the beautiful visuals as well as the hassle-free gameplay.  

Download Raid: Shadow Legends for Android

Download Raid: Shadow Legends for iOS

8. Honkai Impact 3rd

This is another interesting RPG game featuring Gacha mechanics where you can get outfits and weapons to transform yourself into powerful characters.

Honkai Impact 3rd revolves around 3 unique characters called Valkyries. Each Valkyrie has unique skills and attacking capabilities.

You can also switch between characters and fulfil the team roles with different weapons and equipment.

You can get new weapons via the Gacha system or by crafting. The more you win, the more in-game resources you’ll earn.

Download Honkai Impact 3 rd for Android  

Download Honkai Impact 3rd for iOS

9. Destiny Child

best gacha games

Destiny Child is one of the most addictive gacha games out there. The game is about building your character by using the in-game currency on the Gacha system.

Start your journey to become the most powerful Archfiend of the Internal Realm when you download the game.

The best part about this game is its virtually stunning characters and immersive artwork. The characters have been thoughtfully developed and the game also offers lots of costumes for its characters.

The story is about a Dungeon where you have to build a strong army and go to war against your enemies. The game also features unique voices for each character making the gameplay more enjoyable.

Download Destiny Child for Android 

Download Destiny Child for iOS  

10. Gacha World

Gacha World is a very popular and highly-rated game on the Google Play Store. The game is all about the Gacha system and it is very addictive.

Gacha World is full of anime characters and you can even create your own characters by farming quests, fighting Raid Bosses, etc.

Here, your task is to save the world from corruption, and to do that you have to learn more about the character’s story and earn reward points. And with enough currency, you can enter the Gacha World and choose from over 90 characters. By pulling the Gacha, you customize the character’s outfit from head to toe.

The best part about Gacha World is that it doesn’t consistently notify you to purchase the in-app currency because it has enough tasks to acquire the in-game currency without spending real money.  

Download Gacha World for Android

Download Gacha World for iOS  

11. Tales of Erin

Tales of Erin is a complete Gacha game. The game has everything from RPG action to drama, tactics, and fantasy. It has an amazing storyline from ancient Japan where there’s a cold war between God and the human world.  

The game features more than 80 characters which you can collect via the Gacha system. Here, you’ll have to master the power of Divinity and create a new world order. Also, Tales of Erin has great graphics with 3D animations and intense visuals.

Download Tales of Erin for Android

Download Tales of Erin for iOS

12. Exos Heroes

Exos Heroes is Gacha game with unique features and one of the features is its polished 3D graphics. The game also has a feature where you can switch the gender and appearance of characters.

Some other beautiful features of the game include:

  • Anime-style art-work
  • Online PVP
  • Streamlined fights and combats
  • Exciting and engaging stories

Download Exos Heroes for Android

Download Exos Heroes for iOS

13. Gacha Life

Gacha Life is also a very popular game that has Gacha mechanics and some elements of adventure. Here, you’ll have to create your own anime-styled characters and customize each of their outfits to your preference. After creating the characters, you can then create a scene from its studio to build a perfect story.

Next, you visit Life Mode a place you can meet new friends and explore different areas as well as learn about your friend’s techniques.

You can also chat with the players, play mini-games along the way, and collect gems to Gacha for rare gifts.

Download Gacha Life for Android

Download Gacha Life for iOS  

14. Genshin Impact

This is a visually stunning gacha game that challenges you to explore the world, fight through dungeons, and collect the game’s different characters.

It is referred to as a Breath of the Wild clone. Genshin Impact encourages co-op and it is one of the best gacha and RGP games out there.

Download Genshin Impact for Android

Download Genshin Impact for iOS

15. BLEACH Brave Souls

BLEACH Brave Souls is based on many characters from the Bleach Universe with special moves and unique skills. You can build more characters on your own as well as create an army of warriors based on your preference.

In order to build more characters with special abilities, you need to carve your way to victory which will give you in-game rewards.

This game has an amazing graphics. It has a 3D graphics gameplay with fast-paced action which you’ll definitely love.

Download BLEACH Brave Souls for Android  

Download BLEACH Brave Souls for iOS


There are lots of amazing gacha games out there, including new ones but here’s our pick of the best Gacha games for mobile. All the games included on the list offers Gacha mechanics as well as have an intriguing storyline with a variety of characters.

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