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This is a complete list of the best job sites in Egypt which will help reduce the stress of job searching.

Talking about job searching in Egypt, it has not been really easy for job seekers to secure a job in Egypt.

Some search in the wrong places while some don’t even know where to start.

Nevertheless, the issue of not knowing the right places to search for jobs has to stop because there are so many websites to search for jobs on the internet, or have you not heard about job websites?

Below is the list of the 30 best job sites in Egypt where you can search for jobs in all cities in Egypt stress-free.

Job Site RankJob Site NameDescription!
1.Craigslist EgyptCraigslist Egypt offers job opportunities to job seekers.
2.WzayefJob seekers browse for jobs, upload a CV, and make inquiries
3.Google for JobsJob search made easy with Google jobs
4.Glassdoor EgyptGlassdoor Egypt has a lot of job listings. Provides jobs for all candidates.
5.Indeed EgyptVisit indeed Egypt for jobs in Egypt.
6.TeachAWAyTeachAWAy has job offers for teachers in Egypt.
7.AkhtabootFind the latest Egypt jobs here
8.JobzellaFind all the latest job vacancies on
9.WuzzufA good portal for jobs in Egypt for students and other working professionals.
10.OLXOLX is a portal where you can find jobs, buy, and sell things.
11.TanqeebBrowse among thousands of job offers here.
12.Bayt.comBayt is one of the biggest job sites in the middle east where you can find jobs and learn online too.
13.NabbeeshA freelance job portal.
14.HireHuntA portal where job seekers show their skills in other to get a job.
15.WaseetA great site for jobs in Egypt.
16.TaseemmemTaseemmem is a job site for graphic designers.
17.Gulf TalentFind jobs that match your profile on Gulf talent.
18.GigajobSearch for jobs in all cities in Egypt.
19.Merge CareerSelect jobs that suit you on Merge Career.
20.NaukriGulfFind jobs in Egypt on this site
21.AmidEastProvides jobs as well as online educational courses.
22. HigheredJobsGet jobs in universities and colleges only on
23.Nestle CareerA good job site for job seekers aspiring to work for the Nestle company.
24.AstrazenecaIt is one of the highest growing job sites in Egypt
25.CargillBrowse for jobs in all sectors only on Cargill.
26.JoobleFind  jobs here
27.Imagination at workThey provide jobs for all job seekers.
28.CantalopFind all jobs in Egypt, UAE, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, and within the middle east region in cantalop.
29.AmchamThis is a recruitment portal that offers career opportunities to all job seekers.
30.GraduatelandA good portal for students searching for internship jobs in Egypt
31.Africa On JobAfrica on jobs is one of the best sites to search for jobs in Egypt.
32.Careers in AfricaSearch for jobs in Eygpt via Africa’s leading job portal.
33.NGO Jobs in AfricaDo you want to work for a Non-Government Organization? This is the best site to search and apply for NGO jobs. 
34.LinkedInLinkedIn is a professional site that lets you search and apply for jobs that match your skills and experiences. 

34 Best Job Sites in Egypt Comprehensive List 

1. Craigslist Egypt

Craigslist Egypt offers job opportunities to job seekers.

Job seekers upload their resumes and search for jobs by location and category. Most of their job offers are in Arabic but some too are in English language.

2. Wzayef

Job seekers browse for jobs, upload a CV, and make inquiries.

They offer jobs to candidates in Egypt and also offer jobs outside Egypt.

Employers search for employees and post job ads free of charge. Browse for jobs by categories and by country.

3. Google for Jobs

Recruiters post job offers on Google and it is seen by millions of employees searching for jobs.

Google for jobs brings all the job postings together in Egypt which enables employees easily search for jobs.

The job posting is also free.

4. Glassdoor


This job website provides millions of job offers to all job seekers, salary reports, interview reviews, questions, and more.

It is one the largest job board in the world and job searching is also free.

They also write articles that will boost your career.

Egyptians who search for jobs here are given the best job offers.

5.  Indeed Egypt

This is one of the best search engines in Africa and the world at large.

This job portal helps Egyptians search for jobs by location, company, and by experience level.

They give career advice and allow job seekers to research companies.

It is absolutely free for all job seekers and has some paid options for employers.

6. TeachAWAy

Teachaway offers teaching jobs to those job seekers seeking jobs in the teaching sector.

The available teaching jobs in Egypt offer a range of salaries prior to your experience and qualifications.

7. Akhtaboot

This job portal connects employers and job seekers thereby creating employment opportunities for talented candidates.

Find the latest jobs here, upload your resume and apply for the right fit. 

The job posting is absolutely free for all employers

8. Jobzella

Find all the latest job vacancies on

It is one of the first professional networks in the Middle East.

Find thousands of companies and job seekers here.

9. Wuzzuf

This portal helps you in your online job search in Egypt and in the Middle East as well.

They also offer internship training for students and graduates in marketing, advertising, IT/ software development, media, creative art, teaching, and more.

10. OLX

A classified site that offers you almost everything you want.

They have over 1000 ads available in Egypt on goods and services like housing, furniture job listings, electronics, and lots more.

You can search for jobs as well as buy and sell anything on this site.

Visit OLX career section to see the available job listings.  

11. Tanqeeb

Explore new career opportunities with Tanqeeb.

Browse among the thousands of jobs available.

Make your search easy by uploading your resume.

This website is the biggest in the middle east and north Africa.

Their purpose is to provide jobs for millions of job seekers.

They gather their job vacancies from top companies and store them in a single search page so that you don’t search from one site to another.


Bayt is one of the biggest job sites in the middle east where you can find jobs and learn online too.

Find and apply for jobs everywhere you go, get new updates, and connect with an employer.

Download your app on the app store or play store and get job notifications daily.

13. Nabbeesh

Is freelancing your style, if yes then check Nabbesh.

It has job offers for writers, photographers, graphic designers, etc.

Search and find freelance jobs on this site.

14. HireHunt

This is an interactive requirement platform where job seekers showcase their talents and answer questions.

Here, employers hire faster and job seekers find the right jobs.

15. Waseet

This site has a newspaper site and has jobs for every job hunter searching endlessly for jobs in Egypt.

They have thousands of jobs available for all Egyptian job seekers.

Browse and get jobs that match your profile.

16. Tasmeemme

This site offers jobs for virtual artists or graphic designers.

It allows job seekers to upload their portfolios so that employers will see their work before hiring them.

17. Gulf Talent

Find jobs that match your profile on Gulf talent.

Gulf talent is another job site that makes sure Egyptian job seekers get jobs when searching for jobs.

18. Gigajob

Find jobs in Cairo, Gizeh, Alexandria, Luxor, etc.

Gigajobs offers the latest jobs to job seekers in Egypt.

Search for jobs that suit your profile.

19. Merge Career

Merge helps you get jobs in Egypt and in the middle east.

Select and choose jobs good for you on

20. NaukriGulf

Find jobs in Egypt on this site.

Look into their job listings, register for free, and apply for jobs.

21. AmidEast

This is a non-profit organization aimed at providing education, training, and development activities in the Middle East and North Africa.

They also have job vacancies available in Egypt.

22. HigheredJobs

Get jobs in universities and colleges only on

Higheredjobs aims at satisfying job seekers seeking jobs in colleges, universities or higher institutions.

Search for jobs by category, location, school, and by type.

23. Nestle Careers

Nestle is one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies that makes sure its consumers are well satisfied.

At Nestle, they have jobs available for Egyptian job seekers seeking employment in their company.

If you want to work in a Nestle company,  then go to this site and get jobs that suit your profile.

24. Astrazeneca

AstraZeneca Egypt provides jobs for all job seekers in Egypt.

It is one of the highest-growing job sites in Egypt.

25. Cargill

Browse for jobs in all sectors only on Cargill.

At Cargill, job hunters can for professional jobs, jobs per hour, and graduate jobs.

Cargill satisfies employees in every aspect of their job searching.

26. Jooble

Jooble is one job search site that has jobs by city and jobs by categories.

It is a popular job searching site that provides jobs for all job seekers.

27. Imagination at work

Get jobs on imagination at work and search for jobs by keywords. It is a job site that alerts you in case of any phoney job postings.

28. Cantalop

Find all jobs in Egypt, UAE, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, and within the middle east region on cantalop.

Job seekers can now search for jobs in just one place.

It is a free job search portal and they offer jobs by function, by company, by industry, and by location.

29. Amcham

This is a recruitment portal that offers career opportunities to all job seekers.

Employers are matched with skilled employees.

This portal offers jobs as well as gives daily reports on news in Egypt.

It offers other services like Business matchmaking, Tender alert service, U.S Business Visa program, Videoconferencing, and Web advertising.

30. Graduateland

Graduateland offers jobs to students and fresh graduates.

As a student of a fresh graduate, this is the best site for you to get internship jobs.

31. Africa On Jobs

This is one of the best online sites to find jobs in Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroon, and other African countries.

Africa On Jobs has thousands of the latest job offers and helps applicants find the most suitable ones. This job portal provides free recruitment and job search tools for the first two months after fresh and successful registration on the website.

Africa On Jobs helps job seekers find the latest offers and provides employers with top talents. 

32. Careers in Africa

Find the latest jobs in Egypt and other African countries on Careers in Africa. One of the leading job portals in Africa with job vacancies for Egypt. 

Search and apply for jobs that best suit your profile. 

33. NGO Jobs In Africa

The largest job site in Africa that focuses only on Non-Government Organization job Opportunities across Africa. This site publishes the latest jobs and career information for Africans who intend to build a career in the NGO Sector.

If you are interested in working in a Non-Government Organization in Egypt, this is the best site to search for a job. 

34. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network site and a good place to search and apply for jobs in Egypt. Create a LinkedIn profile today and start getting job notifications that matched your skills and experiences. 

LinkedIn is a great site to connect with other professionals in your field, network, and make yourself visible to employers. 

Summary: Best job Sites in Egypt

I hope that this list of the best job sites in Egypt above will really make it possible for you to get the job of your dreams.

Egypt is a country with industries, factories, companies, schools, universities, hotels, resorts, etc looking for employees to work for them.

There are many job opportunities out there for you don’t just sit and relax, search among these websites to get jobs good for you.

In case I have opted out of any job sites in Egypt that you know of, kindly indicate it in the comment section of this post and I will definitely update it.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best site to search for jobs in Egypt?

Here are the top 5 job portals in Egypt


Here are some of the best sites to post jobs online in Eqypt

  • Wuzzuf
  • Bayt
  • Cantalop
  • Indeed
  • Africa on jobs
  • Learn4Good
  • Tanqueeb
  • Jobzella
  • Bayt and are Middle east leading job sites.

As of February 2020, the unemployment rate in Eqypt stood at 7.7%.

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