best job sites in india

Securing your dream job in India will be made easy with these 30 best job sites in India, by learning how to get these jobs online easily and faster without stress.

You just left High School and you are now a Graduate and for sure need a Job to earn your first Income as a graduate, hit a milestone in your Life and Pay some bills.

It is a great thing to happen to anyone but at times the reality of the nightmare of securing a Job catches up with you and you become stuck and frustrated.

In this post, using the best job sites in India, you will learn how to Secure your dream Job is using these steps by Step Guides with a list of 30 Job Search Portals in India.

About Job Sites In India

Securing a Job is beyond going to School and securing a Certification or Degree, it goes beyond that, from Value, Presentation, Skill, Traits, Abilities, Sense, Understanding and Adaptation. All these put together, make it possible or impossible for you to secure your Dream Job.

For you to be able to utilize this list of Job Portals in India, you have to read our Guide on securing Jobs in India It was Ranked #1 by our Editor as the best Job Guide on the Internet For Job Seekers.

In this article, you get to learn the following about the criteria for securing your dream job in one of the top job sites in India.

What are your Values: Knowing and Projecting your Value is crucial to securing that Job, do you know your Value?

What are your Skill-sets?: Did you just go to school to do a Theoretical Study or do you know how to add up? Companies need people who can add up.

What are your Abilities, Traits, Manners, or Sense?: You should know by now that people qualified to be Nannies must have a passion for Kids and have tender hearts too.

How well do you know your Profession?: Did you just go to school as an Accountant hoping that when you are out you will at least get a Counting Money Job

Do you even know where to go Seek Jobs?: Knowing the best Job sites in India and understanding how to use them to stand out against other applicants who will be applying for the same job as you.

30 Best Job Sites in India, Their Features and How to Use Them

1. Monster

monster job india

Using Monster, you can apply for the latest job openings in India like IT, Sales, Banking, Walk-ins Jobs, Freshers, Government jobs and more.

You will need to signup for a Job Seeker Account and Post your CV to apply for jobs that best suit you.

On the site, you can browse for jobs by Function, Location, Industry, Skills, Companies and Job Type.

The Monster India website is responsive and accessible comfortably well on your Mobile Phone, better still For a more Mobile convenient Experience, you can get the monster app on the App Store or Google Play and Mobilize your job search.

With the app, you get notified of new jobs via the App’s Push Notification.

With just a Thumb swipe on the App, you can apply for jobs. You can also upload your resume or just take a photo of it and the system will recognize it and lodge it.

From your Monster India Account, you can respond to recruiter’s messages.

Apart from the Job Search and Application functions, they also offer Career services and an online educational portal with insightful articles that will help boost your career.

2. Indeed

Indeed India
Indeed India

Indeed is a Global Job Search Engine as we all know, they have a special feature of filtering jobs applicable to India alone.

From Indeed’s wealth of Tools and Resources for the HR Industry, you can search for Jobs and also Manage your Preferences.

This job site has tools for Job search, Resumes Upload and Design, Company reviews, and more.

They provide jobs and possible employment for all job seekers in India. Indeed India is one of the best website Indians goes to when searching for jobs online.

This is a great time to take that bold step to make that application by updating your resume.

3. Naukri Jobs India

Naukri Jobs India
Naukri Jobs India

Naukri is dubbed India’s Number #1 Job site and from this job site, you can connect with more than 20000 employers and apply to millions of job opportunities across top companies, industries & locations in India.

This site is said to be India’s No.1 Job site not just by a mere title, but because it always satisfies Employers, as well as Job seekers’ needs.

Naukri Jobs has Mobile Apps on the iTunes App Store as well as on the Google Play store should in case your Job seeking preference will be Mobile.

Top Rated in the Top 10 of our best job sites in India

4. Shine Job India

Shine Jobs India
Shine Jobs India

Shine Jobs is one of India’s Leading Online Job and Recruitment sites where you can search and apply for the Latest Job Vacancies across Top companies and industries in India.

With a Site cranking over 5 Million Unique users each Month, Shine Jobs caters for Millions of Indian Job Seekers and Employers.

Registration for Employee (Job Seekers) is totally Free while Employers (Companies) pays as low as Rs.99, approximately $1.40 USD.

There are over 300,000 Job listings available on the Website, head over to to get started.

5. Quikr Job India

Quickr Jobs
Quickr Jobs

Quikr Jobs one is of the best Job portal in India. You can search for different jobs in your city and locality.

You can also search for jobs by type like Full Time, Part Time, Trainees – Interns, summer, Work from Home or Freelancing.

Searching millions of job offers can be easier by posting your CV and creating alerts all for free.

It was easier for this site to make it into our ranking of the best job sites in India because of its unique user Interface (UI) that promotes user experience.

6. Glassdoor Jobs India

Glassdoor Jobs India
Glassdoor Jobs India

Glassdoor is one of the best job search websites in India. They offer millions of the latest jobs to all job seekers.

They allow job seekers to see which employers are hiring, and how much they could earn. This does not exclude the special feature that enables one to download its app on both iOS and Android platforms.

7. Career Builder Jobs India

Career Builder Jobs India
Career Builder Jobs India

Career Builder has been one of the outstanding job portals out there in India, dating back to 2006.

On the Home of the website, Jobs are segmented by the Top States, Top Cities and Top Categories for easy access.

Job seekers visit this site to get jobs and also to seek career advice.

Get your Resume in place, and head down to Career Builder because Employers go here to get the best candidates in India.

Career Builder made it into one of the top job sites in India because of the outstanding duration in the Business since 2006.

8. Neuvoo Jobs India

Neuvoo Jobs India
Neuvoo Jobs India

With Jobs from diverse Industries and Professions listed on the Hompage, one can easily access the Job listings on Neuvoo.

Simple and clean User Interface with a nice Search Form field to input your Keyword and Location, Neuvoo Jobs makes it easier for you to secure your Dream Job without much stress.

This job search website indexes jobs from companies for free. It is a unique website which applicants can easily access without any obstruction or banners.

Neuvoo is appropriate for students, graduates and job seekers with a section that it gives career advice.

9. Career Jet India

Career Jet India
Career Jet India

Career jet is also one of the best job search websites in India, created by Indians for Indians.

Career Jet was designed to make the process of finding a job online easier for all users.

It maps the huge selection of job offerings on the internet in one database by referencing job listings from other job boards, more like a Job Board Aggregation.

The job hosting is not really carried out and hosted on the Careerjet website as users are redirected to the original job listing.

10. ZipRecruiter

Zip Recruiter India
Zip Recruiter India

Zip Recruiter is a global Job Search App rated #1 Job Search App that allows Job Seekers to Search and apply for Jobs Anywhere, Any time.

Though used Globally, most Jobs on the platform are posted by Employers in India and they are usually IT-related.

This portal has over 7 million active job seekers every month and about 40 million job alert subscribers.

More than 1 million employers have used Zip Recruiter to hire employees.

To get started, just upload your resume and begin your job search.

The Zip Recruiter app is said to be the number one rated App on the app store.

11. Placement India

Placement India Jobs
Placement India Jobs

This job board provides jobs in India like I.T Jobs, Sales Job Openings, Marketing Jobs, Financial Services Jobs, Legal Jobs, Medical Job Openings and many more categories.

This website offer Job posting for free, and free access to all job seekers. Jobs are sorted on the site by Industry, Department, and Cities

Above all, Job Placement on this Job Site is Free for Employers (Companies)

Beyond Job Seeking, this Job Search Engine offers other Job and HR Tools and Utilities that could help you.

12. Career Age Jobs India

Career Age India
Career Age India

Established in the year 2000, Career Age makes it easier for Job seekers to find their Dream jobs on their site.

Being an old site, this site is not responsive on Desktop and might not render well on your Mobile device.

this job site is dubbed India’s Complete Job and Career Companion because of the HR Solution and Career-related Solutions that it has put together for Users in India through the Years.

Career Age is a job site with a difference that helps job seekers and career builders by providing jobs and researched information about different career choices.

13. Careesma Jobs India

careesma India
careesma India

This is a new Job site though counted among the fastest-growing job website in India.

Careesma Job Portal makes sure employers, as well as employees, are well satisfied in their search using an advanced pairing technology to connect the two.

This site also offers Tools like Resume Writing Tips and Resume Templates that you can use out of the box.

They also offer Cover Letters samples and Tips on writing great cover letters.

14. Best Jobs India

Best Jobs India
Best Jobs India

Best jobs India is one of the best job search websites in India with more than 6,000+ Job listings and 3,700 Engineering Offers.

To Get up and running, you have to set up a Job Seeker Account, scout out for Daily Job Postings and Apply.

Subscribe to their Jobs in the Mail Offer too and also make sure your Update your Professional Profile to standard.

Job seekers browse sections like, Employer Search, Set up a Job Alert and Update their Resume.

Employers can also post Jobs, Search resumes etc.

In order to get these services just register and begin your search.

15. Recruit India India India

It is clearly stated there on their site that they help you to look for Jobs which means they are more for Job Seekers.

With over 150,000 Job listing to search through, Job seekers find millions of jobs from thousands of websites in a single job search.

More than one million job search is carried out here on a daily basis. works closely with job sites and companies to increase visibility and exposure for their job listings by sending job seekers directly to the jobs on their website.

16. Recruitson

Recruitson is a free Job site where you list your Job profile to get exposure to Employers who are in need of your skill sets. Recruitson is simple and Free, signup, update your Profile, Update your profile photo and upload your CV

17. The India Jobs is a fast-growing job portal in India with a vision to provide an excellent platform for both job seekers and employers.

Their primary focus is to provide HR solutions for experienced and qualified Junior Level, Middle Level, and Senior Level professionals in different fields like IT, Insurance, Banking, Infrastructure, Engineering, etc. offers quality and fast-paced recruitment solutions across India. They also work as a staffing firm. As a job seeker in India, you can search and apply for the job/jobs of your choice.

18. TimesJobs

TimesJobs is a subsidiary of the Times Group and it is a top job board in India. This job site provides excellent opportunities for job seekers in all fields. It allows you to display your work portfolio and samples so that you can easily communicate with employers.

19. Naukrihub

Naukrihub is a job portal that is well-known in the North Indian states. This site focuses on specific job providers associated with specific requirements. Register, search and apply for jobs that fits you.

20. Hiredd

This list would not be complete without this top job portal. Hiredd acts as a middleman between employers and job hunters. The job site has been curated to serve as a comprehensive platform for both students and young professionals seeking employment opportunities in their preferred locations.

This top job portal lets job seekers search for either internships or job opportunities with just a few clicks. Users can also go through company reviews via Hiredd company review section and create their resume through Hiredd in-built free resume maker.

21. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform that you can use to network with your colleagues and expand your professional network with mutual networks.

LinkedIn also serves as a job portal in which you can search for jobs in India, like remote jobs, work-from-home jobs, internships, freelance, part-time, full-time, etc.

Linkedin also has another platform called Linked Learning. Through LinkedIn Learning, you can learn skills and expand your opportunities to grow in your career.

22. Wisdom Jobs

Wisdom Jobs is one of the best job search portals in India and it is also the first skill assessment-based job site that offers free skill testing to job seekers.

With over 30 million registered job seekers, out of whom 14 million are skill-tested, this job site helps job seekers to make the step up from just being listed to getting shortlisted.

Find all sorts of jobs on this platform like bank jobs, pharma jobs, intern jobs, IT jobs, government jobs, etc.

23. FreshersWorld


This is one of the best job sites for freshers in India. Freshersworld also offers job listings to trained and experienced professionals but it is most useful if you are a fresher searching for job opportunities.

Freshersworld helps job seekers connect with the right employers online and also lets you get a job on demand lines in your preferred industry. If you are just graduating and have no work experience at all, you can get the right job on this platform.

24. JobSarkari

Job Sarkari is one of the fastest-growing job portals and also one of the best government job sites in India. This site provides nationwide listings for jobs ranging from those with the state government to those with public sector utilities like Coal India, Indian Oil, MTNL, etc.

Job Sarkari is also one of the online job sites to provide immediate updates whenever there’s an opening announced by the Indian Railways or by public sector banks.

If you are looking for a government job, consider Job Sarkari.

25. JobRapido

Jobrapido is a popular employment portal that allows job seekers to search for jobs in different locations in India, as well as Europe, North and South America, Africa, and other Asian countries.

You can register on this site and input your skills and location preferences and also sign up to receive job alerts whenever there’s a new opportunity.

26. Hirist

Hirst is an all-encompassing job site that allows job seekers to find jobs in popular as well as evolving areas. Different jobs are available here including sales, marketing, software, product-based, UX-UI designing, Oracle and SAP-based, business analysis, Semiconductor jobs, and much more.

All you need to do is to register with your email ID and get ready to find job opportunities. Visit to find the right job for you.

27. Freshers Live

If you are a fresher that has been rejected by different companies because you lack experience, and is unable to get a job, find the right fit in this job search portal.

Freshers Live lets freshers stand a chance against experienced job seekers, and also helps them gain a foothold in the field of their choice.

This job search website has information about private jobs as well as government jobs, top companies, test results, etc. If you are applying for a government job, you can take a mock test via this site and prepare yourself better for government exams and interviews.

If you are a newbie, Freshers Live will prepare you for the competitive atmosphere of the Indian job market.

28. IIM Jobs

IMM Jobs is a job portal managed by a team of young professionals whose main goal is to help job seekers find the perfect job. From big companies like Amazon to newer startups, this job portal has listings for almost all fields and organizations.

They also have an app that you can download on Google Play Store or Apple Store to get job information easily.

29. AngelList

This job search site is completely dedicated to startups and tech jobs. Job seekers can apply to millions of startups and get jobs that allow them to work freely and productively via AngelList.

Find jobs like sales managers, developers, front/back end executives, and much more on this platform. Browse for jobs in different locations in India as well as explore other possibilities in the US and UK.

30. Hullo Jobs

This is a growing online job site that was established in 2015 and since then, has been helping job seekers get the best job suitable for them. It is an excellent alternative to popular job websites with an expanding base of job seekers who seek job openings as well as tools like resume writing, interview guides, industry news, etc, to improve their job hunt.

As a job seeker, you can upload your resume and start applying to viable jobs with jus a click.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best job site in India?

Deciding on the best Job site in India would be solely dependent on the niche of the Job you are looking for. But in general, the best job sites in India are;
Monster India

The Best Job Apps in India are;
Indeed Job India App
Glassdoor Job App Job App
Shine Job App
Monster Job App India
TimesJob Job App
Linkedin Job App

Naukri is far better than Monster when it comes to the general context of sourcing out for a Job in India, though expensive. Monster is better when looking for jobs in the international market

To get a job in a day in India, you have to pitch or apply with a wealth of your previous Portfolio. Make sure that your value is just too good to be ignored in the opening then go for it, you can be employed the same day

One of the fastest ways there is to get a Job in India is through recommendation that comes from your connection or that of your Family or Friends. So while applying online, ask a Family or Friend for a Job recommendation in his or her place of Work


I believe that at this point you now know the best job sites in India and how to use them to source for and secure your dream job.

It is not a necessity to be present physically at a company to submit your CV, these job sites have made it quite efficient to navigate through different opportunities online.

In recent times, companies do not only make advertisements on their website, but they can also make use of these job sites to make opportunities open to a large number of people out there.

These sites are like Marketplaces for Companies and Job seekers where they connect and hire the best and most appealing candidates.

For Job sites or job hunting in Canada, check out our free job posting sites Canada.

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