best offline shooting games

Shooting games are the most popular games in the world of mobile titles. This is because the matches are thrilling and players just can’t get enough of the exiting gunplay. Most of the shooting games require an internet connection to fully play and enjoy them.


However, there’re some offline shooting games for Android that don’t require the use of an internet connection while playing and in this post, we’ll be looking at some of the best offline shooting games you can play on your Android device.  

Best Offline Shooting Games for Android

1. Cover Fire

best offline shooting games

This is one of the best-looking offline shooting games for Android. Cover Fire is a shooting game where you’ll confront a powerful organization called Tetracorp, which seeks power and total control.  

Cover Fire is an explosive action-packed shooting game where you can choose from a wide range of people to play with as well as a can use a wide range of lethal weapons against your opponents.  

The graphics of the game are of high quality and the game also has stunning animation effects which makes it looks like a console game.

Here, you get to use multiple soldiers in the battle with different sets of strengths and skills that will be useful during the battle.

Your main mission is to lead your army to victory and carry the resistance to the battle against the evil organization.

Cover Fire is free and the installation is pretty small (about 400mb).

Download Cover Fire 

2. N.O.V.A. Legacy

best offline shooting games

N.O.V.A. Legacy is one of the most popular as well as one of the best offline shooting games on the Play Store today.

It was released in 2017 and since then has had over 50 million installations. N.O.V.A. Legacy is actually a smaller re-master of the original iOS game N.O.V.A. as well as a fun sci-fi game.

The game follows the first, original mission of that trailblazing game, with better graphics and improved controls.

The game’s storyline focuses on a battle between humanity, now living in space, against its enemies. As the player, you’ll take the role of Kal Wardin, a member of the N.O.V.A. space defense organization, defending against alien attacks.

The graphics of the game are appealing with simple controls that make gameplay enjoyable from the outset.

In order to keep things interesting once you complete the storyline, you can try time-limited assault and special ops missions and competitive multiplayer mode.

Download N.O.V.A. Legacy

3. Blazing Sniper

Blazing Sniper

Blazing Sniper is a cool and realistic action offline shooting game that you can download and start a global shootout with enemies. You’ll be able to feel like a real sniper in this game and shoot a huge army of enemies.

Thanks to its innovative graphics, you will be able to play action from any mobile device and complete hundreds of tasks.

You can use a wide range of weapons in a shootout such as machine guns, uniforms, and rifles as well as perform different tasks that offer to fight terrorists.

Here, you’ll join professional soldiers from the squad of elite Special Forces and travel to different islands. You’ll also be asked to perform different secret missions, eliminate any threat that comes from enemies, get access to new uniforms, and weapons.

Download Blazing Sniper  

4. Killer Bean Unleashed

best offline shooting games

This is an offline 2D shooting game for Android that was made by KILLER BEAN STUDIOS. Here, you get to play deadly missions to kill your former boss.

The game has over 19 levels with three game modes i.e. story mode, survival mode, and mega level mode as well as more than 12 super unlockable Ammos and bonus items.

Download Killer Bean Unleashed 

5. Gun War

Gun War - Best offline shooting games

Gun War is an offline shooting game in which take the role of a soldier who fights various sets of terrorist camps around the earth to protect your nation.

Here, you’ll take part in 124 dangerous and difficult missions and you’ll also need to choose one or two modes in which you have to show all your abilities and skills.

Download Gun War  

6. Dead Target: Zombie Plague

Dead Target

Dead Target: Zombie Plague is an exciting action game as well as one of the most popular offline zombie shooter games on the Play store today. It has over 50 million downloads and 1 million reviews. The gameplay is fun and interesting and the graphics are appealing.

This game is based in a dystopian future where the world has been ravaged by third World War.

A new zombie virus spread throughout the country and turned most people into the living dead. Your main aim is to kill all the zombies.

Download Dead Target: Zombie Plague  

7. Guns Shooter of Boom

Best Offline Shooting Games

This is one of the few offline PvP action shooter games that’s really comfortable to play on any Android device. The features of this game include:

  • Pro Play Mode
  • Lots of survival heroes
  • Engaging PvP Battles
  • Deathmatch and team battle

This action fun game has a collection of unique weapons which you can choose from.

Download Guns Shooter of Boom

8. LoneWolf – A Sniper’s Story

best offline shooting games

LoneWolf is a two-dimensional shooting game that offers great sniper gameplay and an amazing storyline that keeps unfolding via comic strips between gameplay.

The action takes place in a large metropolis where criminals deals are done. The plot talks about the organization called “Assembly” that performs various tasks to get rid of different people.

The main shootout in this game takes place at enormous distances. For accurate shooting, you’ll have to use sniper rifles with various sights, stabilizers, and additional gadgets.

Download LoneWolf  

9. Respawnables

This offline shooting game has a third-person shooter multiplayer gameplay making it an unforgettable experience.

Respawnables is all about run, laugh, shoot, and respawn. So, get ready for some cool action with your favorite weapon and join the multiplayer battle of shooting.

Download Respawnables  

10. Last Hope Sniper: Zombie War

best offline shooting games

Last Hope Sniper: Zombie War is one of the best Android shooting games in which the player will visit the streets of the city in the company of survivors and kill the zombies.

It is a free Android shooting game that will test your skills like dexterity, shooting accuracy and reaction.

The gameplay has unique locations which consist of many obstacles where the zombies can be. So, choose a comfortable position for shooting and act to help people to survive.

Make use of different weapons to destroy your enemies. As you progress, the monsters will become stronger and in some locations, you will face bosses. The bosses are much stronger and require a special approach for destruction.

This game has good dynamics and many levels that’ll test your characteristics as a fighter. Competent movement via the streets of the city, good communication with the members of the squad will let you achieve excellent results and save the surviving people.

Download Last Hope Sniper: Zombie War  

11. Brothers in Arms 3

best offline shooting games

Brothers in Arms 3 is an exciting third-party action shooter game that will transfer you to the era of the Second World War. Here, you’ll have to participate in the shootings and destroy the enemy with powerful weapons.

In this game, you’ll take the role of Sergeant Wright, and something special will happen in your life.

It all began when the Allied Forces landed in Normandy which makes you lead your army into battle. You use the skills of the soldiers so as to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Brothers in Arms 3 provides various tasks – from siege and sniper to spyware and assault.

Download Brother in Arms 3  

12. Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 was released in 2015 and it is a fun sci-fi assault game that has had more than 5 million installations to date.

The gameplay is customizable which means you can decide to play as different characters with different weapons and abilities.

The story of the game is set on a spaceship called “ESS Meridian” and follows the storyline of the original Dead Effect, with you fighting off invading fighters.

Download Dead Effect 2

13. Elite Killer: SWAT

best offline shooting games

Elite Killer: SWAT is one of the best military shooter games. Here, you’re a versatile soldier with excellent training, who alone is forced to confront the terrorist organization Syndicate all over the world.

Your main mission is to penetrate the rear of the enemy and destroy the terrorist base and to do this, you need to gradually move through the game, looking for clues that’ll help you get to the head of the organization.

This way, you can destroy the terrorist organization with one powerful blow and become a real hero.

Here, you’ll be able to go through more than 100 challenging levels which open gradually as well as master more than 16 maps around the world.

Download Elite Killer: SWAT 

14. Major Mayhem 2

In the first Major Mayhem game, you get to shoot at everything that moves, and in the Major Mayhem 2 game, you’ll have hundreds of bad people to shoot and lots of hostages to save.

In Major Mayhem 2, the player have access to 7 unique guns. The game has colourful graphics and very easy to play.

Download Major Mayhem 2

15. Alien Shooter

This is a very interesting and exciting action game where you’ll have to fight against a large number of monsters.

In the game, you have to go through various levels, where a large number of aliens will wait for you. At each level, you’ll expect a completely new type of weapon which will greatly damage the aliens.

Download Alien Shooter  

16. Major Gun: War on Terror

best offline shooting games

Major Gun: War on Terror is an offline shooter game that brings pleasant gameplay like an arcade with an unending weapon blast.

The main battle shows the attackers combating a swarm to smash their attempts to unleash a worldwide virus attack. The Player VS Player (PVP) mode is one of the features of the game which lets four users play together on a local network.

Here, you’ll have access to use different guns – this makes the game interesting and fun.

Download Major Gun: War on Terror

17. Overkill 3

best offline shooting games

Overkill 3 is a game that you can enjoy both online and offline. Overkill 3 is a continuation of the first two parts of the shooter. The game has good graphics and easy control.

Overkill 3 has 60 battlefields that you can enjoy and has over 30 guns including rifles, shotguns, and machine guns, which you can customize to suit your taste.  

The game also has 4 different game modes that you can choose from. It is compatible with all Android devices.

Download Overkill 3

18. Dead Trigger – Offline Zombie Shooter

If you enjoy shooting zombies down, you’ll surely like this game. Dead Trigger – Offline Zombie Shooter is one of the top-rated offline Zombie shooter games on the Play Store.

The game has a good arsenal of weapons that you can use to kill the blood-thirsty zombies. In the game, you can unlock up to 13 characters.

Download Dead Trigger – Offline Zombie Shooter


There are many offline shooting games available out there but here is our list of the best offline shooting games which you can play on your Android device with Zero internet connection. Choose any according to your preference and download and install on your device and have fun.

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