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Online advertising is an effective way of creating brand awareness, generating leads, and increasing sales. Getting to know the best online advertising platforms is important because you will be able to test and choose the ones that work best for your business.


Getting your advertisements in front of many people can be a challenge for the internet but with the help of these online ad platforms, it becomes easier.

It’s essential you use the right networks to promote your products or services if you want to succeed in online advertising.

That’s why we’ve brought this list of best online advertising platforms that you can use to advertise your business and attract, convert your target audience, and give your business the ROI it wants.

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1. Google Ads

Google ads- best online advertising platforms

Google Ads formerly called Google AdWords is arguably one of the best places to advertise your business online. Google Ads can help you reach your marketing goals via both search and display networks.

Google search network is where you can bid on keywords for advertisement in Google search results.  

These Keywords and long-tail keywords have certain values depending on the search volume and competition among advertisers. Most of the keywords are competitive, but you can find the perfect terms for your business and budget.

When someone types a keyword on Google search engine and scrolls through the results, he/she will see ads that come with the organic results. These ads appear at the top and bottom of the search result page.

The Google display network expands your reach to Google-owned sites like Gmail, Google maps, and partner websites. The bidding process for the display network provides you space on these other websites rather than search results.

With Google Ads, you can get better conversion rates and more traffic. To get started with Google Ads, visit the page to create an account.

2. YAIOA (Your All in One Account)

YAIOA -(Your all in one account)

On the YAIOA platform, you can buy ad space from a vendor (website owner) by subscribing to the vendor’s subscription plan. This platform helps you come across multiple bloggers or website owners selling ad space.

You can buy ad space from a vendor in your niche or budget range when you subscribe to his plan. Once you subscribe, you can then place your banner on the website you subscribed to and it will run for the time it was subscribed for.

To subscribe to a plan to buy ad space, go to the YAIOA homepage, click on register and sign up as a client. Once signed up, visit your client dashboard where you can add funds to your account through Paypal, PayStack, or direct bank deposit.

Once funds are in your account, you can search for vendors selling ad space in your location and budget, then select one and subscribe to his plan. It’s very simple and straightforward

Subscribing to a plan on this platform is very easy, safe and reliable. The money you pay for the subscription is escrowed and won’t be given to the vendor until after the service is completed.

Subscribing to a subscription plan to buy ad space is very cost-effective. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars before you can reach potential customers on other websites.

The YAIOA platform not only lets you buy ad space but also exposes your business to thousands of visitors on their site searching for businesses with relevant products or services.

3. Bing

Bing- best online advertising platforms

Microsoft’s Bing operates just like Google Ads but their user base is smaller. Though Bing is smaller, it is more affordable than Google Ads. Users on Bing spend 36% more when shopping online from their computers than normal web searchers – this means that advertising on Bing can bring higher conversion.

With fewer advertisers and businesses competing for keywords, Bing is a great place to advertise online. You can as well create custom bids for relevant keywords so that your ads can be at the top, bottom, and side of organic searches.

4. Facebook

Facebook - best online advertising platforms

Facebook is the largest social media network and also a great place to promote your business. Facebook has millions of active daily users making it a viable online advertising platform for small, medium, and established businesses.

Though this social network may not have the overall reach as Google Ads or Bing, it is still an excellent place when it comes to targeted advertising.

If you are targeting a specific audience you can create Facebook ads with extreme precision. Facebook provides different locations for your ads.

Your ads can be placed on the right side of the homepage in the news feed on the user’s computer or on the user’s smartphone through short videos shown during Facebook Live sessions or within Facebook Watch programs, in the Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Stories, and within the Facebook Messenger app.

Facebook also makes use of a bidding framework, but here your ad is on the bidding block. Just like Google Ads, your bids are based on the daily budget you’ve provided to Facebook. The only difference is that Google values relevance while Facebook favors the advertiser that spends more.

You can also set your auction to automatic or manual. The Automatic auction will optimize your campaign (s) for the goals you’ve set (impressions, conversions, etc).

Manual auction lets you control extra settings like whether your personal bids max out a fixed price per ad, or if you are willing to settle for an average price per bid.

Though Facebook might not be as large as Google when it comes to advertising, it is still widely used across specific groups and throughout many countries.

If you already know who your target audience is, then Facebook is the ideal platform.

5. Instagram

instagram - best online advertising platforms

Instagram is a great place for brand-supported or brand posts but they also have official ads. You can either reach out to influencers or celebrities to partner with your business. The price you pay to influencers depends solely on the influencer.

Celebrity influencers charge more to promote a brand while minor influencers can be given a free product or collect an amount far lesser than what celebrity influencers charges.

Instagram is versatile that’s why it’s among the best online advertising platforms.

Since Facebook is the owner of Instagram, Instagram ads are mostly consistent with Facebook’s methods. But your Instagram ads should be made with images or videos so that it can easily lure and entice customers.

6. Pinterest

pinterest - best online advertising platforms

Users on Pinterest are always looking out for new ideas that’s why they can easily click on links. On Pinterest, your ads appear as promoted pins and blend into other images and text combinations.

Advertising on Pinterest brings your awareness, traffic, and engagement. This platform has a pay per click framework and adequate analytics to guide your ad campaign.

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn - best online advertising platforms

This social network focusses on business professionals and you can advertise your business via sponsored or dynamic ads. LinkedIn ad system caters to business-to-business (B2B) companies and business-to-customer (B2C) businesses.

It is an ideal place to advertise online if you have a B2B or B2C business. Your LinkedIn ads can appear in the right column and the newsfeed or can display as sponsored InMail messages or posts.

You can even target your ads based on location or industry and also make them specialized to business position, size, age, etc.

You even can use this platform to launch a recruiting ad campaign which is useful when you are looking to attract experienced candidates in your industry.

8. YouTube

Youtube - best online advertising platforms

YouTube users watch about 1 billion hours of videos daily so it’s not a bad idea if you start investing in video ads. Video ads perform differently than text or image ads.

YouTube Advertising is managed via Google Ads and lets you display your video ads to a large audience of potential customers based on different possible targeting options.

You can target based on keyword search, content format, channel type, industry, and other websites where Google’s Display Network can display ads.

There are three main types of YouTube Ads i.e. TrueView Ads, Bumpers, and Preroll Ads. The ads are combined with robust placement restriction options to make sure your ads only appear with content that you deem appropriate.

9. Twitter

Twitter - best online advertising platforms

Twitter has millions of daily users which makes it fit to be an online ad platform. Aside from younger individuals this platform also has professionals, this can be an advantage to B2B companies.

This is a text-based social media network, but at times you can use pictures and videos too. You can use tweets, hashtags, and trends as ads or can promote a trend.

This platform is also one of the best places to advertise online due to its vast targeting options.

Twitter ads are best for building an audience of interested followers and picking up retweets at cost-effective rates. Get the most out of your business on Twitter by utilizing promoted posts for tweets that offer interesting content.

These promoted posts should include a link that redirects to your site. Also, use the promoted account option to get followers and build your Twitter base.

Another option available on Twitter is a recurring Promote Mode that pushes your most popular tweets monthly for a set of fees and boosts for app installs and downloadables that you feature in your feed.

This online ad platform is a valuable engagement tool for advertising that can boost your ROI.

10. Reddit

reddit - best online advetising platform

Reddit is among the most popular websites in the USA. Its ad platform is very famous and popular. Targeting option is by choosing relevant subreddits in which to display your content, and it advisable you invest time in creating organic content to build up credibility (karma) in the system before running ads.

With the right combination of valuable content and relevant ads targeting the right audience, you can reach a vast number at an affordable rate.


Taking advantage of these best online advertising platforms can help boost your marketing efforts.

Where you decide to advertise online solely depends on your marketing goals and budget. So take time to analyze and see what works and what doesn’t.

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