best recruitment companies in ghana

If you need to get a Job in Ghana faster, 100% Guaranteed! Use these best recruitment companies in Ghana to (GET EMPLOYMENT FAST!)

The thing is that some companies send their Job openings to Job Agencies directly and as long as your Profile fits in the Job Description, you get the Job

No much Competition or Applying online and Hopping you get called up for an Interview.

Applying Online isn’t bad at all but the thing is that the Competition there is times 100 of what you will face with a Job Agency serving a small area of the City.

recruitment companies in ghana

A Job Agent could be given 30 Vacancies in a Month from 10 Companies within 10 to 30 miles of a Small Town and Employees who have registered under this Agent could be 70

Out of these 70 Employees which scatters across different disciplines and Professions, you will stand a higher chance of securing that Job than applying for a Crowded online Job from a Job site that has also been applied for by 5,000 other candidates.

Now that you know the advantages of a Recruitment Company over a Job Posting Site, let’s dive into the list and see the one that will be suitable for you.

18 Best Recruitment Companies in Ghana – Comprehensive List

Recruitment Company Rank Recruitment Company Name Description!
1. JobHouse Recruitment agency Job House is known to be one of the most reputable Recruitment Agencies in Ghana, they are based in Accra, Ghana. Offering Job Opportunities from diverse fields and Professions, JobHouse Ghana has been in the HR Outsourcing and Recruitment Business since 2010.
2. Global Manpower Recruitment With more than 15 Years in the Ghana Recruitment Industry, you can be rest assured that Global Man Power Recruitment has the sauce in the Job and HR sector. Phone: +233 24 475 1054
3. HIREghana HIREGhana is an acronym for Hire Intelligence Recruitment Ghana, a very strong Recruitment Company in Ghana that you can always count on for your Job searching bid.
4. Rakes Recruitment Company Rakes Recruitment is more like a middleman in-between Job Seekers and Employers in Ghana, aligning their Vision and modus operandi with Employees so they could solidify their working relationship.
5. DAB Agency Ghana Strictly focused on the Healthcare Recruitment niche, DAB goes through all its candidates, vetting them to be up to the Standards and requirements of their Clients (Employers) before sending them over for the main Interview.
6. Rectrain Recruitment Ghana Rectrain is a Recruitment and Human resource Company in Ghana specializing in the consultation Training of Staffs, recruitment, and HR Office Management.
7. Careers in Ghana Careers in Ghana offers a wide range of Recruitment and Business Consultancy Services to hundreds of Companies in Accra and other Cities and Regions in Ghana.
8. Attache Ghana Are you an Intern looking to land a good job, then Attache Ghana is the Answer to your needs. With a World-Class Recruitment and Internship Supply Service, Attache offers a responsive and Excellent Support Service to both Interns and Companies alike.
9. Successors World Limited Ghana This is another Great Company in Ghana offering Recruitment and Staffing Services for Firms in Ghana.
10. Strategic Business Process Solutions Ghana SBA Solutions, also referred to as Strategic Business Process Solutions is known to be an Upcoming Job Recruitment Agency in Ghana that offers tailored Job Solutions to Job Seekers.
11. Africa Manpower A top-notch recruitment firm located in Accra, Ghana that ensures both employers and employees gets the very best.
12. ERA ITA Services This recruitment company also offers on-the-job training and market research. Job seekers are matched with reputable employers via this company.
13. Ghana HR Solutions This recruitment agency finds, trains, develops and engages job seekers with top-notch HR solutions.
14. ToppJobs Recruitment Ghana This is one of the finest Job recruitment Companies in Ghana due to their one on one interactive session with Job seekers to analyze their relevance, competencies, and Skills.

Due to their thorough scrutiny of Employees, Employers tend to accept their judgment and agree that Employees from ToppJobs are Top-Notch, Best in their Profession, and Up to dates with happenings in their field.

15. Edge Professional Intelligence Edge Professional Intelligence Recruitment Agency is another Cool Recruitment Company in Ghana that you should give a trial.
Phone: +233244635070
16. Vintage HR Services Vintage is a High Profiled and Innovative Human Resource Management Firm that offers multiple Recruitment and Human Resource Services to Companies in Ghana.

Some of their Services include Recruitment, Policy Development, Human Resource Information System, Human Resource Survey, HR Audits and lots more

Vintage HR is located at Mahogany Street, Dansoman, Greater Accra.

17. EAD CONSULT LTD EAD is a Consulting, Outsourcing and HR Firm which has been licensed to provide labor for Organizations in Ghana
18. BYF Recruitment and Consultancy Services With a major focus on Human Resource Consultations, Recruitment, HR Outsourcing, and Training, through strategic ties and approach, BYF handles Skill Search and Management for Companies, taking into considerations, Skills, Personality, and Attitude.

If you have experience working with any one of them, please do not hesitate to share your experience with us in the Comment section below.

Top 13 Recruitment Agencies in Accra, Ghana

1. Job House Recruitment Agency Ghana

JobHouse Recruitment agency Ghana

Once you Subscribe to the JobHouse Agency Ghana for Jobs, you will be notified of suitable jobs within your profession or industry via Email and SMS alert.

2. Global Manpower Recruitment

Global Manpower Recruitment

What sets this Recruitment Firm aside is the way they vet Candidates and merge them to their right Job offerings.

Having Staff in every Profession possible to vert Employees is a big Project that this Recruitment Company does well.

3. HIREGhana

HIREGhana Recruitment Company

With a strong base of Qualified Employees, Companies in Ghana relies on HIREGhana to pick the best candidates to fill up their Job Openings.

As an Employee, after reaching out to HIREGhana, you will give them all the information about your Profession, Qualifications, Skills, and Experiences and with that, you will be paired to a suitable Job.

4. Rakes Recruitment Firm

Rakes Recruitment Company

The operational pattern and scope of Rakes are more on building a good relationship, this has proven to work great as Employees provided by Rakes tend to stay longer with an Employer than others.

Established in 1999, Rakes manages outsourcing Personnel, Offers personalized Training Programs to Employees and Staff, Connects the right Employees to Companies by preparing them through diverse Skill Acquisition Programs.

Rakes also offer Business solutions like Payroll Administration, Placement, and Consultancy.

5. DAB Employment Agency Ghana

DAB Employment Agency

As part of their Vetting process, they question the Candidates on Health related issues to test their awareness of any and all trending health occurrences in the Country

To get started, you have to fill in the Subscription form on the Official DAB’s websites, after this, you will be set to receive Email and SMS Alerts of Job Offers.

6. Rectrain Recruitment Ghana

Retrain Recruitment Ghana

Apart from the supplies of Staff to Companies, Rectrain also offers full Business consultation and Management.

On the Rectrain Website, there is an Advanced Job Search facility where you can Search for Jobs by Location, Industry, and Position.

You can sure give that a Trial too.

7. Careers in Ghana

Careers in Ghana Recruitment Consultancy

With their Talent Search Program, CIG can offer you just the right Candidate for your Openings.

Apart from a reliable and Responsive Recruitment Service, Careers in Ghana also offers Reliable Payroll Outsourcing, Confidential Executive Search, Aptitude Test, and Private Background Checks.

8. Attache Ghana

attache ghana Recruitment Company

From the Attache Intern Page, you will see Internship Offers from different companies that you can apply for.

On their Freelance Page too, there are Job and Project Openings that you could tap into to earn some cool Cash.

Through the Employment page, you can land Sales Rep Jobs, Accounting Jobs, and Office Assistants.

9. Successors World Limited

Successors World Limited

Productivity and Bench Strength is the watchword for this Firm and they position themselves to offer Recruitment and Staffing solutions to the Ghanaian Populace.

Other Services they offer are Outsourcing and Managed Services, Supervisory Skills Developments and lots more

10. BYF Recruitment and Consultancy services

BYF recruitment and consultancy services

BYF has worked for  Clients like Petits Scholars, Destiny’s Creche, Picador, Aplus, Albert Furniture, Zen, Stellar Container Logistics, GCB Clinic, and a host of other great Ghanaian Companies.

11.Africa Manpower

Africa Manpower

Africa Manpower was founded in 2005 and since then, has been helping job seekers in Accra, Ghana get jobs and also helps employers get top talents.

This recruitment firm specializes in white-collar permanent and temporary placements. Their main objective is to get the best candidates for employers.

12. Era ITA Services

Era ITA Services is a recruitment company that also offers on-the-job training and market research. They also offer other HR marketing services including business plan development.

This staffing firm provides employers with the best employees and the best employees with the best companies.

13. Ghana HR Solutions

Ghana HR solutions

Ghana HR Solutions helps companies to find, train, develop, and engage employees with world-class HR Solutions. Job seekers tend to get the best jobs via this employment company.

Top 5 Recruitment Agencies in Kumasi, Ghana

1. Absolute HR Ghana Solutions & Technologies

Absolute HR Ghana Solutions & Technologies

This is one of the top recruitment firms in Kumasi, Ghana. They are a leading HR service provider, non-political in management, staffing, and operations.

If you are a job seeker seeking employment opportunities in Kumasi, or Ghana as a whole, Absolute HR got your back. For employers seeking top talents in Kumasi, Ghana, Absolute HR will help you get the best.

2. Herrlich Royal Services

Herrlich Royale

Herrlich Royal Services was founded in 2016. It is fast-growing international recruitment and employment firm in Kumasi, Ghana that offers high-quality services in order to provide the best outcomes in the recruitment and employment of personnel from various fields.

This recruitment agency provides first-class recruitment services for both the industrial and commercial sectors and regularly matches client companies with the right candidates on a temporary and permanent basis.

3. Proudpals Company Limited

Proudpals Company Limited

Proudpals Company Limited is a leading Manpower Recruitment firm located in Kumasi, Ghana that offers professional and specialist recruitment consultancy services.

It is a highly recognized staffing firm in Kumasi, Ghana that provides its clients with reliable, qualified, and cost-effective solutions.

4. Sector jobs Recruitment and Employment Agency Ltd

Sectorjobs Recruitment and Employment Agency Ltd

SectorJobs is a recruitment agency that offers job placement services, outsourcing & recruitment solutions, HR management, payroll administration, provides staffing solutions, and creates and delivers innovative workforce solutions.

5. Danerst Employment Agency

Danerst Employment Agency

This is a private employment agency whose key task is to recruit and outsource workers. They help employers and employees get the right fit.

Top 3 Recruitment Agencies in Takoradi, Ghana

1. L’Aine Servies Limited

L’Aine Services Ltd is a Human Resource development organization that offers various services such as job placement, outsourcing of staff to companies, training, organizational development, grooming, career counseling,  interview preparation, and much more.

2. Dasare Business Services

Dasare Business Services provides ready-made business solutions including recruitment, staff outsourcing, payroll administration, expatriate management, business consultancy, and many more.

This company provides permanent, temporary, and contract staff to employers. If you are an employer in Takoradi, Ghana looking towards hiring contract staff, Dasaere Business Services will help you get the right candidate.

3. Frantex Industrial Services

Frantex Industrial Services

This private consultant company specializes in Manpower Recruitment, Heavy-duty & Light Equipment Rentals, and Personal Protection Equipment Supplier.

Frantex provides skilled employees to companies in Ghana, and other nations like Singapore, Dubai, and Canada. They also supply various equipment to oil & gas, construction, mining, manufacturing, and quarrying industries.

Top 5 Recruitment Agencies in Tema, Ghana

1. Labour Power & Consultancy Ltd

Labour Power & Consultancy Ltd

Labour Power & Consultancy Ltd is no doubt one of the best recruitment and staffing firms in Tema, Ghana. This company provides the latest job openings to candidates and also offers employers the opportunity to have their own recruitment needs met.

Job seekers via their website can search for part-time jobs, full-time jobs, internships, and freelancing jobs. Candidates are free to search and apply for jobs.

This firm offers staffing solutions like interviewing applicants for companies and providing highly-qualified candidates to employers.

2. Inova Jobs Ltd

Inova Jobs Ltd

Inova jobs specialize in recruitment, outsourcing, and payroll services. They offer HR management support services to both private and public organizations in Ghana.

Inova Jobs Ltd provides top-notch personnel for jobs in any field. They also do background checks to applicants to ensure they are right for the position.

3. Royal Employment Services

This employment agency provides high caliber industrial and domestic workers as well as personnel management services.

They also provide training and re-orientation of workers, career guidance, job outsourcing, job placement, and much more. For more inquiries, you can reach them via 0243-124458.

4. Open Spaces Job Consult

Open Spaces Job Consult is an employment agency in Tema, Ghana that ensures both candidates and employers get the best. For more information, call 233241395221 or send an email to

5. Platinum Jobs

Platinum Jobs is an HR, recruitment agency in Tema, Ghana providing jobs for job seekers and the best top talents for employers in Tema, and Ghana as a whole.

How to Identify Fake Recruitment Agencies in Ghana – 8 Tips

fake recruitment agencies in ghana

1. Do Background research on the Recruitment Agency using Google, check for their websites and Reviews

2. Confirm their Email is corporate from, not

3. When the Job offer and Salary is just too good to be true, then check again and again

4. Check on LinkedIn to see if the Company has a Presence there, this is a must for an HR firm

5. If they ask you for your banking details or ATM Card details

6. Listen to their conversations, if they ain’t professional enough, then you have reasons to re-check

7. When you are required to buy a Skill from them that will Qualify you for the Job

8. When you are Asked to Pay for Agency Fee over the Internet without meeting them in their Office

Summary: Best Recruitment Companies in Ghana

So that’s the best recruitment companies in Ghana that will aid you in securing a Job Faster, should in case you have issues reaching out to any of the Recruitment Companies above, kindly let us know in the Comment section below.

Beyond reaching out to HR and Recruitment Firms, it will also be wise for you to access yourself and make sure you are pretty qualified and ready for the Job.

While in wait for your Interview and Ultimately getting the Job, take out the time to study more about the Company by visiting their Website, their Social Media pages, and read reviews about them too.

If for any reason you feel the need to combine a Recruitment Organization and Job Posting Sites for your Job Search bid, head down to our Job section to check for Job Posting sites in Ghana

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