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If you are looking for business advertisement examples to get inspiration for your next campaign, you are in the right place.

Today, I will be sharing with you, various examples of business advertisements that you can include in your marketing strategy.

Let’s start by gaining a proper understanding of the word, “Advertisement”.

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What is an Advertisement?

Simply put, advertisement is the way a company promotes their product or service in order to encourage people to make a purchase. They are written or visual messages used to promote a specific product, service or campaign.

Companies pay the owner of the advertising channel or platform whose audience demographic is similar to his business. 

The end product of advertising is making SALES. So as a business seeking to advertise, you should ensure that you are able to measure the value of the advertisement and also ensure that it resonates with the right people in order to make sales.

There are several types of advertisements; all of which run on different mediums, different channels, and have different business goals.

Advertisements can be done anywhere and seeing how time evolves, the trending type of ad for today might not be the best type tomorrow.

For example, if we were living in the ’50s, you are likely to be reading this article in a newspaper or magazine.

In the early times of advertising, the main method of advertising was to mention elites like doctors and professors that can prove the authenticity of the products by vouching for them.

Nowadays, with the help of technology, there are so many types of advertisements that advertisers sometimes become overwhelmed when trying to select the one to go for.

I will share 4 basic business advertisement examples from past times; form the earliest to the latest.

1. Print Advertising

print advertising

According to Infolinks, the first print ad ran in England in 1472. Since then, print advertising has become available in newspapers, magazines, brochures, billboards, flyers, and so on.

In this type of advertisement, the advertiser pays the publisher to place their ad in the publication.

2. Radio Advertising

radio advertising

Radio advertising dates far back as 1920, that was when the United States launched the first commercial radio stations.

Till now, radio is still a relevant advertising platform for expanding the reach of a product, service, or event.

In radio advertising, the advertiser pays the radio station to play their ad during selected breaks, between music or a radio program.

3. Television Advertising

television ad

Television ads kicked off in the ’40s with the promotion of political campaigns and practical items.

These days, advertisers now use television to promote food, business services, events, and so much more – to both local television channels and to national broadcasting networks.

In television advertising, the advertiser pays the local or national TV network to show their ads either during selected breaks or in the network’s regular programming.

4. Internet Advertising

internet marketing

Internet advertising, also known as online or digital advertising, originated in the 1990s with the launch of banner ads for various telecommunications companies.

These types of ads are placed in selected spots on a webpage. In this advertisement method, the advertiser pays the website owner to place their banners in exposed spaces on the website.

Internet advertising has grown to include video, search engine marketing, sponsored social media posts, and more.

In this article, we will focus on internet advertising because it has proven to be very effective especially because the internet is a global marketing platform.

Without further ado, let us take a look at some examples of internet business advertisements.

Display Ads

Display ads are the original form of internet advertising. These are visual ads that appear on third-party websites that are relevant to your content, service, or product.

Display ads are no longer just banner ads, they have since evolved. These days, display ads come in various forms, such as:

  • Static images – these are the basic square ads that appear around the content.
  • Text – these are text ads that are created by algorithms to make the text ads relevant to the content on the webpage
  • Floating banners – these are banners that move across the screen or float across the regular website’s content.
  • Wallpaper – This type of ad appears and changes the background of the website, filling the whole page.
  • Popup ads – popup ads are new windows that appear right in front of the website content. Newly opened windows display the full ad so visitors can see.
  • Video – These are small video ads that can either play automatically or wait for it to be played by the visitor.

Display ads are very affordable. The ad rates vary from site to site. But if you decide to go through a marketing site, they will charge you a base rate.

YAIOA Subscription

YAIOA subscription is a tool that can be used to find third party sites that you can advertise on at affordable rates.

 All you have to do is register for free as a CLIENT on the platform, add funds to your YAIOA wallet, and search for ‘sell ad space’ subscription plans.

After that, you select the subscription plan that fits your budget and click on subscribe.

You will then be contacted by the vendor (website owner) so you can give the display ad that will run on the site for the duration of time subscribed.

Social Media Ads

social media

The social media commerce is a marketing arena that is both efficient and effective. In 2015, it totaled $30 billion in revenue in the US.

It is very similar to display ads and can be anything from a simple banner, an image, or an auto-play video. This is a great form of advertising because you can perfectly target your audience.

The two main types of social media advertisements are:

  • Organic
  • Paid

The best social media platforms to target are:

  • LinkedIn for business to business (B2B) sales
  • Facebook for display and funnel marketing (targeting options include age, region, interests, educational background and more)
  • StumbleUpon for amazing and attractive content

Other platforms you can also try out are:

  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


Search engine marketing is the most common and the most dependable form of marketing. SEM works on the basis of keywords, such that you and other businesses in your niche bid on keywords through search engines.

This is so that your website can rank higher on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). SEM ads that appear in Google and other search engines are text ads.

SEM can be used in paid and unpaid forms. In the paid ads, it can either be PPC (meaning pay per click. This is when you are only charged when people click on the ad).

Or CPM (meaning cost per thousand which is where you are billed a flat rate for 1000 impressions).

When used in the unpaid form, you have to optimize your website for keywords (also known as SEO). You will be able to get more hits for free if you improve on your sites Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Video ads


Although YouTube ads are the most popular of all video ads, there are actually a lot of different formats, types and content options.

You may choose to make it educational/informative or maybe post a how-to video. You just need to create a visual story that can pull on the emotional strings of the viewers.

It is especially very ideal for products or services that are best demonstrated visually.

Video ads are gaining popularity because of how attractive they are to your viewers.

Once your video is ready, you can post to:

  • YouTube/Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Vimeo
  • Brightroll
  • YuMe
  • Hulu
  • Live Rail
  • Specific Media
  • Tube Mogul
  • Tremor Video
  • AOL
  • Auditude

In the business advertisement examples shared, you may have come to the understanding that advertising types have evolved so much that what were once one-dimensional messages now carry so many undertones that make the ads memorable even after so many years.

You just need to figure out how to portray your message in such a way that makes it interesting and appealing and also fetch a net-positive result for your brand.

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