businesses in Arizona

Are you a resident of Arizona and you’re keenly interested in the businesses situated in your locale, here’s your chance to know the top businesses in Arizona based on the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing companies standards, their contacts, and a little description of what they do.  

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1. Freestar[#1 on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies]

Address: #2944 North 44th Street Suite #100, Phoenix, Arizona, 85018

businesses in Arizona

They are an enthusiastic group of 40+ that are obsessed with ad tech and helping their associates succeed. They only win when you win, That is the reason they put the publisher first in all that they do.

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Their objective is simple – to give a straightforward platform sponsored by data science and engineering that expands your income with the best client support you have ever found in this industry. No deliberate misdirection, no unfilled guarantees – simply genuine outcomes from genuine individuals who care.

In all that they do, they go the additional mile. From engineering to yield management to client support, they just do things one way – world-class.

Since the start, they have consistently been at the front line of new industry patterns and in front of the technology curve. Also, you can have confidence that you will stay on the cutting edge of AdTech and monetization as they go well beyond each and every day for their partners’ benefit.

Contact details

  • Phone: (480) 739-1653
  • Email:
  • Website: 


2. Loanatik [#85 on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies]

Address: 4550 E Cactus Rd Suite 250, Phoenix, AZ 85032, United States

businesses in Arizona

At Loanatik, their main goal is to make the procedure of home proprietorship as straightforward and bother-free possible for every one of the individuals who are qualified.

That is the main reason they’re focused on building and enabling groups of people with the opportunity and reach what it takes to have a beneficial outcome on the world.

Loanatik ensures to make a steady culture of development where colleagues discover importance through their work. They keep up a virtuous interest and learn constantly.

This company pose inquiries, face challenges, and expand on each others’ thoughts in light of the fact that even at their best, they’re still better together.

Vulnerability, dangers, and errors don’t back them off because they realize that failure is an important advance on the way to development.

They are enthusiastic about helping their borrowers accomplish more. That implies they set aside the effort to really tune in and gain from them.

Their answers don’t simply address borrowers’ issues — they surprise and please them. They go past what’s expected to be delivered to their clients with the highest conceivable worth.

Contact details

  • Tel: 844-562-6284
  • Fax: (480) 696-6495
  • Email: 
  • Website: 


3. Parsons Xtreme Golf [#123 on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies]

Address: 15690 N 83rd Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, United States

businesses in Arizona

The business was established in September of 2014 by a notable businessperson, philanthropist, and golf nut Bob Parsons.

PXG was conceived out of Parsons’ longing to make the world’s best golf equipment mutual energy for the best game at any point played.

An equitable obsession with club innovation drove Parsons to bond together with two profoundly respected golf club designers to build up the best gear on earth.

PXG is a group of golf fans, insanely devoted to changing the way golf fans consider their clubs. They are golf players, planners, and visionaries who will take the necessary steps to deliver game-evolution.

Parsons requested of his designers what most golf players long for: an attractive arrangement of golf irons that looks like blades, launch higher, go more distance, feel gentler, and have a sweet spot the size of Texas.

“PXG clubs need to feel like butter and the distinction must be perceptible.” With no expense or time limitations, the team started the long procedure of investigating different alloys, investigating new advances, and recognizing the special properties that would make PXG clubs unlike anything else.

Contact Details

  • Phone: 1.844.752.9794
  • Email:
  • Website:


4. Centauri Health Solutions [#132 on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies]

Address: 16260 N 71st St #350, Scottsdale, AZ 85254, United States

businesses in Arizona

This is a healthcare technology and services company that is powered by analytics. Their tailored solutions will help hospitals and health plans (Medicaid, Medicare, and Exchange) to manage variable revenue via a custom-built workflow platform, which seamlessly integrates cross-functional service and support.

Centauri solutions include:

  • Risk Adjustment 
  • HEDIS®
  • Quality Program Management
  • Eligibility and Enrollment
  • Hospital Coding
  • Out-of-Sate Medicaid Account Management
  • Revenue Cycle Analytics 
  • Social Determinants of Health 

This company offers comprehensive software and services in Risk Adjustment and certified NCQA HEDIS® / Quality program support. 

Centauri is the leading health insurance Eligibility and Enrollment for Medicaid Managed Care Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans in the United States. 

For over 35 years, this company has been providing government program eligibility and enrollment solutions with proven expertise in Qualified Health Plans (QHP), Medicaid, charity care, and federal disability income programs. 

Centauri hospital coding services reduce provider influence while tracking code-assignment variance thus providing improved quality assurance, compliance, and efficiency. 

Centauri has over 20 years of experience in Out-of-State Medicaid billing and can manage about $1.5 billion in claims yearly. 

Centauri revenue cycle analytics solutions help hospitals and providers to optimize revenue cycle performance. 

Contact details

  • Phone: 888-447-8908
  • Website:


5. CampusLogic [#175 on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies]

Address: 1340 S Spectrum Blvd #200, Chandler, AZ 85286, United States

businesses in Arizona

Campus Logic is the leading student financial success technology company that was established in 2011, and today has developed from an office of 20 representatives to more than 100.

CampusLogic creates personal paths to student financial success.

The CampusLogic platform is used by  500 advanced education establishments across the country. It has helped over 3 million undergraduates get advanced education, be more informed borrowers, and complete their studies. 

Contact details

  • Phone: 602.643.1300
  • Email:
  • Website:

6. Transcend Security Solutions [#248 on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies]

Address: 4020 N 20th St #200, Phoenix, AZ 85016, United States

businesses in Arizona

Transcend Security Solutions is one of the leading providers of contract security services delivered by highly trained security professionals.

The mission of this company is to, give a degree of service that rises above great work, and find the enormous experience of accomplishing incredible work.

The meaning of Transcend – “to go past the common”, reflects their vision regarding how a security provider (or any service provider for that matter) ought to work.

This company delivers a wide range of security protection services including mobile security patrols, uniformed guarding services, alarm & incident response services, temporary security services, parking enforcement services, special event services, and security technologies. 

Contact details

  • Phone: (480) 656-6500
  • Fax: (888) 890-3912
  • Email:
  • Website:


7. Girikon [#335 on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies]

Address: 15433 N Tatum Blvd #105, Phoenix, AZ 85032, United States

businesses in Arizona

Girikon provides its clients with several IT professional services in the area of Cloud Solutions, Salesforce Consulting; Custom App Development; Web/Mobile App Development, and IT Software Maintenance.

Gerikon delivers high-quality products/services and cost-effective solutions to its clients with a blend of very capable onshore and offshore engineers.

Girikon is excellent at Information Technology Consulting and Develop world-class software. It is a global company with offices in Phoenix, Arizona (USA), Noida (India), and Melbourne (Australia).

Contact details

  • Phone: +1 480-382-1320
  • Email:,
  • Website:


8. Design Pickle [#345 on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies]

Address: 16414 N 91st St #103, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, United States

businesses in Arizona

Design Pickle is the world’s #1 graphics design platform that gives boundless, top-notch design work for a wide range of companies at an affordable rate.

It was Established in 2015 by Russ Perry and was conceived from the possibility that everyone needs access to consistent, dependable, and proficient graphics design on a consistent basis.

Contact details

  • Phone: (480)696-8558
  • Email:
  • Website:


9. WearMe Pro [#377 on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies]

Address: 2125 East 5th Street Unit #108, Tempe, Arizona, 85281, United States

businesses in Arizona

The company started in 2011 as a little family-owned business in Chicago and today has developed into a global eyewear supplier with customers ranging from its US, its neighbors to abroad regulars.

WearMe Pro provides trendy eyewear at cost-effective prices Their aim is to provide fashionable, affordable eyewear for smart & stylish customers.

Contact details

  • Phone: 1 (480) 687-4907
  • Email:
  • Website:


10. Spartan Armor Systems [#522 on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies]

Address: 1830 W Copper St, Tucson, AZ 85745, United States

businesses in Arizona

Spartan Armor Systems is a ballistic body protective layer producer and tactical gear provider that works with a wide range of clients in the United States.

They also work with law enforcement, military staff, and regular people to give quality danger security at a reasonable cost.

They gladly manufacture the entirety of their Spartan™ Omega™ AR500 Body Armor, AR550, and Armaply™ AR650 steel center body defensive layer in the United States.

Contact details

  • Phone: 1-520-396-3335
  • Email:
  • Website:


11. Alphacore [#578 on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies]

Address: 304 S Rockford Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281, United States

businesses in Arizona

Alphacore opened its doors in 2012 and is situated in the innovative Silicon Desert of Arizona’s technology center. Their engineering and initiative group combine long histories of conveying analog and mixed-signal products, innovative data converter, RF, and complete imaging systems for critical systems, through business accomplishment at organizations from multi-nationals to new companies.

Alphacore design team include prepared “Radiation Hardened By Design” (RHBD) specialists, who have practical experience in designing elite converter microelectronics, and reliability or verification instruments for special needs of demanding segments like scientific research, aviation, defense, clinical imaging, and country security.

Contact details

  • Phone: 1-480-494-5618
  • E-mail:
  • Website:

Other Businesses in Arizona

Other business in Arizona, their rankings on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies and location

12. cloudIT (#595) Phoenix

13. Emerald Pools and Spas (#684) Phoenix

14. Mi-One Brands (#721) Phoenix

15. My Home Group Real Estate (#735) Scottsdale

16. OH Partners (# 881) Phoenix

17. FlexPrint Managed Print Solutions (#924) Mesa

18. Grand Canyon Gas Logs (#938) Phoenix

19. Amazing Lash Studio (#1042) Scottsdale

20. RevolutionParts (#1043) Phoenix

21. A1 Garage Door Service and Repair (#1045) Tempe

22. Phoenix Logistics (# 1056) Mesa

23. Sante Realty Investments (#1072) Chandler

24. Avanti Industries (#1092) Glendale

25. Zivelo (#1119) Scottsdale

26. Trinity Air Medical (#1120) Tempe

27. 1-Call Staffing (#1256) Kingman

28. Crimson Agility (#1258) Mesa

29. Elevation Solar (#1269) Gilbert

30. Cetechs (#1295) Mesa

31. MagMod (#1319) Tucson

32. Vantage Payments (#1413) Scottsdale

33. Venture REI (#1518) Scottsdale

34. Mfrg-Icon Construction (#1629) Scottsdale

35. Windy City Equipment (WCE) (#1751) Gilbert

36. Assisted Living Locators (#1817) Scottsdale

37. HJR Global (#1839) Mesa

38. Lumber One Services (#1890) Scottsdale

39. Stewardship (#1918) Gilbert

40. Bubbies Homemade Ice Cream and Desserts (#1956) Chandler

41. Teleradiology Specialists (#1995) Scottsdale

42. Huss Brewing (#2070) Tempe

43. Level 3 Audio Visual (# 2125) Mesa

44. MST Solutions (#2211) Chandler

45. eSquared Communication Consulting (#2290) Tempe

46. Adopt Technologies (#2295) Phoenix

47. Tallwave (# 2365) Scottsdale

48. P.R.O.S. Corporate Housing (#2376) Phoenix

49. WebPT (#2506) Phoenix

50. BuybackBoss (#2588) Tempe

51. Caliber -The Wealth Development Company (# 2598) Scottsdale

52. Bayless Integrated Healthcare (#2620) Phoenix

53. O.P.E.N. America (#2664) Phoenix

54.  Synapse Studios (#2684) Tempe

55. APS Payments (#2738) Mesa

56. Staylisted (#2781) Phoenix

57. Boxwell Southwest (#2802) Phoenix

58. Tiempo Development (#2915) Tempe

59. Keyser (#2941 ) Scottsdale

60. Erus Energy (#2944 ) Phoenix

61. SiteLock (#3014) Scottsdale

62. Stream Logistics (#3022) Scottsdale

63. BRINK (3053) Tucson

64. AvAir (#3076) Chandler

65. Open Source Integrators (#3080) Gilbert

66. Dogtopia Enterprises (#3093) Phoenix

67. Premier Orthodontic & Dental Specialists (#3210) Chandler

68. Johnson Consulting Group (#3238) Scottsdale

69. Bodycentral Physical Therapy (#3269) Tucson

70. Culver Equipment (# 3287) Phoenix

71. Perfect Water Technologies (#3365) Scottsdale

72. Growth Academy (#3431) Scottsdale

73. HomeSmart International (#3433) Scottsdale

74. BizIQ (#3437) Phoenix

75. Rugo Machine Shop Services (#3523) Phoenix

76. Ice Now (#3530) Phoenix

77.  Skysis LLC (#3580) Scottsdale

78. Mosaic451 (#3664) Phoenix

79. ITS (Infinity Trading & Solutions (#3717) Chandler

80. BEYOND20 (#3728) Tempe

81. DP Electric (#3817) Tempe

82. Trapp Technology (#3842) Phoenix

83. vCORE Technology Partners (#3856) Scottsdale

84. Isos Technology (#4078) Tempe

85. Total Care Connections (#4194) Mesa

86. B2Gnow (#4199) Phoenix

87. MiCamp Solutions (#4234) Scottsdale

88. V Digital Services (#4320) Phoenix

89. N&L Investment Corp (#4355) Phoenix

90. Top Class Actions (#4363) Phoenix

91. Trelevate (# 4432) Phoenix

92. Staff Matters (#4479) Tucson

93. AZPRO (#4490) Avondale

94. Flowing Wells Landscape (#4548) Scottsdale

95. Factory Expo Home Centers (#4585) Chandler

96. Brewer & Stratton Property Management (#4588) Mesa

97. The Brewer Companies (#4617) Phoenix

98. Pyramid Technologies (#4625) Mesa

99. Secure Medical (#4645) Tempe

100. Sedona Soul Adventures (#4767) Sedona

101. JKaiser Workspaces (#4775) Tucson

102. Air Control Air Conditioning (#4848) Lake Havasu City

103. Muscular Moving Men & Storage (#4871) Phoenix

104. Page Per Page (#4911) Chandler



There you have it, the top 100+ fastest-growing businesses in Arizona according to Inc Magazine. If there’s any other fastest-growing company in Arizona you know it’s not on this list, kindly drop it in the comment section. 

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