California Counties

Today’s article is on California Counties. There are 58 counties in California. First, there were 27 in numbers, then 16 was added. Later on, another 14 was added making it a total of 58.

We will list out all of them together with their county seats, year formed, population and area. They will be properly arranged in alphabetical order.

A list of California Counties, Year formed, Population, County Seats, and Area

Alameda County

Amusement, Carousel, Amusement Park

Formed: 1853

Population: 1,682

County Seat: Oakland

Area: 353 738 sq mi

Alpine County

Potato Field, Aroostook County



County Seat: Markleeville

Area: 606 sq mi

Amador County  

House, Roof, Blue, Country, County, Home

Formed: 1854


County Seat: Jackson

Area: 606 sq mi

Butte County

Mount St Helens, Volcanic Eruption

Formed: 1850

Population: 211,632

County Seat: Jackson

Area:1 640 sq mi

Calaveras County

Agriculture, Green, Rice, Asia, Bali

Formed: 1850

Population: 45,292

County Seat: San Andreas

Area: 1,020 sq mi

Colusa County

Village, Agriculture, Valley, Vietnam

Formed: 1850

Population: 21,839

County Seat: Colusa

Area: 1,151 sq mi

Contra Costa County

Sunset, Dawn, Nature, Dusk, Sun, Sky

Formed: 1850

Population: 1,165,927

County Seat:Martinez

Area:  720 sq mi

Del Norte County

Mansion, England, Estate, Country House

Formed: 1857

Population: 27,743

County Seat: Crescent City

Area: 1,008 sq mi

El Dorado County

Carnival Rides, Night, Ferris Wheel

Formed:  1850

Population: 191,185

County Seat: Placerville

Area: 1,712 sq mi

Fresno County

Farm Yard, Farm, Nature, Farmhouse, Fall

Formed: 1856

Population: 1,008,654

County Seat: Fresno 

Area: 5,963 sq mi

Glenn County

Agriculture, Asia, Go Back, Black

Formed: 1891

Population: 28,917 1 

County Seat: Willows 

Area: 315 sq mi

Humboldt County

Agriculture, Asia, Go Back, Black

Formed: 1853

Population: 136,463 

County Seat:Eureka

Area: 3,573 sq mi

Imperial County

Carnival, Summer, Ferris Wheel, Holiday

Formed: 1907

Population: 179,702 

County Seat:El Centro

Area: 4,175 sq mi

Inyo County

Agriculture, Asia, Bali, Cambodia, China

Formed: 1866

Population: 19,016

County Seat: Independence

Area: 10,192 sq mi

Kern County

Barn, Rustic, Barns, Ohio, Digital Art

Formed: 1866

Population: 909,235

County Seat: Bakersfield

Area: 8,142 sq mi

Kings County

Ireland, Forest, Nature, Green, Irish

Formed: 1893

Population: 152,486 

County Seat: Hanford 

Area:1, 390 sq mi

Lake County

Sunset, Dawn, Nature, Dusk, Sun, Heaven

Formed: 1861

Population: 68,163 

County Seat: Lakeport 

Area: 1,258 sq mi

Lassen County

Landscape, Ireland, Killarney

Formed: 1864

Population: 32,730 

County Seat: Susanville 

Area: 4,558 sq mi

Los Angeles County

Landscape, Ireland, Killarney

Formed: 1850

Population: 10,014,009

County Seat: Los Angeles 

Area: 4,060 sq mi

Madera County

Barn, Rustic, Barns, Ohio, Digital Art


Population: 156,255 

County Seat:Madera 

Area: 2,138 sq mi

Marin County

Path, Wooden Track, Wooden Plank Path

Formed: 1850

Population: 156,255

County Seat: San Rafael 

Area: 2,138 sq mi

Mariposa County

Usa, America, North America, Moose

Formed: 1850

Population: 91,601 

County Seat: Ukiah

Area: 3,509 sq mi


Merced County

Gas Station, Workshop, Garage, Old

Formed: 1855

Population: 281,202 

County Seat: Merced 

Area: 1,929 sq mi

Modoc County

Yorkshire Rose, County, England


Population: 8,700

County Seat: Alturas 

Area: 3,944 sq mi

Mono County

Mount St Helens, Volcanic Eruption

formed: 1861

Population: 13,195

County Seat: Bridgeport 

Area: 3,044 sq mi

Monterey County

Montana, Barn, Landscape, Scenic, Hdr

formed: 1850 

Population: 439,035

County Seat: Salinas 

Area: 3,322 sq mi

Napa County

Park, Parklandschaft, English Garden

formed: 1850 

Population: 138,019 

County Seat: Napa 

Area: 754 sq mi

Nevada County

Texas, Usa, United States, America

formed: 1851

Population: 102,241 

County Seat: Nevada City 

Area: 958 sq mi

Orange County

Donut, Doughnut, Randy'S Donuts, Shop

Formed: 1889

Population: 3,186,989

County Seat: Santa Ana 

Area: 948 sq mi

Placer County

Tomb, Portal, Dolmen, Stone, Burial

Formed: 1851

Population: 404,739

County Seat: Auburn 

Area: 1,407 sq mi

Plumas County

Religion, Grave Facility, Brown Hill

Formed: 1854

Population: 19,790

County Seat: Quincy 

Area: 2,554 sq mi

Riverside County

Grand Tetons, Wyoming, Blue, Bear, Trees

Formed: 1893

Population: 2,418,185

County Seat: Riverside 

Area: 7,208 sq mi

Sacramento County

Quilt, Storm, Storm Clouds, Sun

Formed: 1850

Population: 1,585,055

County Seat: Sacramento 

Area: 966 sq mi

San Benito County

Mount Edgcumbe House, Mansion

Formed: 1874

Population: 64,209

County Seat: Hollister

Area: 1,389 sq mi

San Bernardino County

Mount Edgcumbe House, Mansion

Formed: 1853

Population: 2,181,654

County Seat: San Bernardino 

Area: 20,062 sq mi

San Francisco

Mansion, Villa, House, Architecture

Formed: 1850

Population: 873,965

County Seat: San Francisco 

Area: 47 sq mi

San Joaquin County

Scrabo Tower, Tower, Newtownards, Scrabo

Formed: 1850

Population: 779,233

County Seat: Stockton 

Area: 1,399 sq mi

San Luis Obispo County

Barn, Rustic, Barns, Ohio, Digital Art

Formed: 1850

Population: 282,424

County Seat: San Luis Obispo 

Area: 3,304 sq mi

San Mateo County

Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland

Formed: 1856

Population: 764,442

County Seat:Redwood City 

Area: 449 sq mi

Santa Barbara County

Landscape, Hill, Nature, Agriculture

Formed: 1850

Population: 448,229 

County Seat:Santa Barbara 

Area:2,738 sq mi

Santa Clara County

Night, Moon, Birds, Scenery, Trees

Formed: 1850

Population: 1,936,259 

County Seat: San Jose 

Area: 1,291 sq mi

Santa Cruz County

Barn, Rustic, Barns, Ohio, Digital Art

Formed: 1850

Population: 270,861 

County Seat: Santa Cruz 

Area: 446 sq mi

Shasta County

Outdoor, Forest, Foliage, Park, Green

Formed: 1850

Population: 182,155

County Seat: Redding 

Area: 3,786 sq mi

Sierra County

Lancashire Rose, County, England

Formed: 1852 

Population: 3,236

County Seat: Downieville 

Area: 953 sq mi

Siskiyou County

Mount St Helens, Volcano, Mountain

Formed: 1852 

Population: 44,076

County Seat: Yreka 

Area: 6,287 sq mi

Solano County

Quilt, Quilt Barn, Windmill, Barn

Formed: 1850

Population: 453,491

County Seat: Fairfield

Area: 828 sq mi

Sonoma County

Winter, City, Snow, Hungary, Building

Formed: 1850

Population: 488,863

County Seat: Santa Rosa 

Area: 1,576 sq mi

Stanislaus County

Away, Ireland, Abandoned

Formed: 1854

Population: 552,878 

County Seat: Modesto 

Area: 1,495 sq mi

Sutter County

Barn, Rustic, Barns, Swing, Broken Swing

Formed: 1850

Population: 99,633 

County Seat: Yuba City 

Area: 603 sq mi

Tehama County

Doc Ryburns House, Bannack, State, Park

Formed: 1856

Population: 65,829 

County Seat: Red Bluff 

Area: 2,951 sq mi

Trinity County

Rock, Insight, Canyon, Outlook

Formed: 1850

Population: 16,112 

County Seat: Weaverville 

Area: 3,179 sq mi

Tulare County

Scenery, Sunrise, Trees, Autumn, Bird

Formed: 1852

Population: 473,117 

County Seat: Visalia

Area: 4,824 sq mi

Tuolumne County
Barn, Rustic, Barns, Ohio, Digital Art

Formed: 1850

Population: 55,620 

County Seat: Sonora 

Area: 2,236 sq mi

Ventura County

Farmers Market Mixed Flowers, Sunflowers

Formed: 1872

Population: 843,843

County Seat: Ventura

Area: 1,846 sq mi

Yolo County

River, Rapids, Canyon, Water, Nature

Formed: 1850

Population: 216,403 

County Seat: Woodland

Area: 1,012 sq mi

Yuba County

Camping Tipi, Campground, Tent, Tipi

Formed: 1850

Population: 81,575 

County Seat: Marysville 

Area: 630 sq mi


We’ve come to the end of this article on California Counties. They are 58 of them listed in an alphabetical order.

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