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Today is all about Canadian Parenting Bloggers. What a beautiful and intriguing experience is it to be a Parent. It is quite understandable that Parenting comes with so many tasks but it is lovely to see your kids blossom and grow that it takes the worries away.


We bring to you the most amazing Canadian Parenting Bloggers that will make your parenting journey less troubling with their expertise. They give a lot of ideas, advice and educate parents on the challenges they may be facing in their journey as parents.

Here is a list of 12 of them.

Dashing Dad –

Child, Dad, Portrait, Family, Baby


Location: Calgary,

Dashing Dad is a full-time, house-dad. If you stay in Calgary or close to, this blog is just right for you. Subscribe to it.

Ottawa Mommy Club – 

Ottawa Blog








Location: Ottawa, Ontario,

 The Ottawa Mommy Club also has numerous bloggers that add up to the website’s success. It has a lot of Subscribers too. It is one of the Best Canadian Parenting Bloggers. It features family life and other activities. If you stay in Ottawa, this is for you.

Jody Arsenault –

Jody Arsenault
Jody Arsenault







Location: Toronto, Canada

Jody Arsenault is an inspiration to others, She created this blog in 2010.  She initially started by spicing up her blog with fun craft content and later expanded to educating moms and dads. Jody Arsenault is a recommended Canadian Parenting Blogger.

James Smith –

James Smith blogger
James Smith blogger









location: Vancouver, B.C.

James Smith,  a British-Canadian daddy blogger gives hundreds of posts educating dads on parenting. fashion. technology, and balance. This blog is insightful for every dad out there.

Janette Shearer –

Janette Shearer
Janette Shearer








Location: Vancouver.

Janette Shearer is an amazing mom with kids who are concerned with the parenting lifestyle. You need to talk and you live in Vancouver? Hit her up. She’s got the best ideas when it comes to parenting.

Her blog features fun recipes, honest reviews, Vancouver events, décor, and a lot of others. She has an online store of custom-built leather keychains too!

 Sheri McDonald –

Sheri McDonald








Location: Canada

Sheri McDonald’s  blog is full of information on how to deal with your trouble-filled teenage children featuring topics on lack of sleep, communication, tips on finances, driving lessons, and more.

Tyler Ingram –

Tyler Ingram
Tyler Ingram








Tyler Ingram is a lover of photography and writing, He is a software engineer and a daddy blogger.

Tyler gives valuable information on parenting like technology, fun experiences, traveling, and health talks, and more.

Milk and Coco –

Milk and coco parenting blog







Location: Canada

On this blog, Mom is referred to as Mom (Milk) while Dad (Coco)  and each of them have different blogs on their website. Milk and Coco is a unique blog with highlights on parenting and also gives information on recipes, projects (DIY), as well as other tips on their blog.

Follow up for lots of entertaining sessions. 

 Yummy Mummy Club –

Yummy Mummy Club
Yummy Mummy Club







Location: Canada

Yummy Mummy Club is an amazing, caring, and helpful community of mothers. It is a combination of bloggers coming together to shed light on parenting. With assorted knowledgeable categories including childbirth, pregnancy, family ties, health, and more. The Yummy Mummy Club is a place of expertise on Parenting.

would you love to be part of the Yummy Mummy Club? Sign up and get free ideas, content, and information on their weekly newsletter!

Rebekah Higgs –

Rebekah Higgs
Rebekah Higgs







Location: Toronto, Canada

Rebekah Higgs is surely motivating. She moved to Toronto from the East Coast and at 31, she became a single mother.

In 2015, She created a mom blog for Single moms hoping to get help. What inspired her to do this was her experiences. She does home renovations and storytelling too. Her sessions are not expensive.

If you need a truly inspiring blogger, It will be Rebekah Higgs.

Cheryl Kirkness –

Cheryl Kirkness
Cheryl Kirkness








Location: Canada

Cheryl Kirkness is the speaker of the Mom and Munchkins blog that reviews sweet recipes, fun holiday activities, parties, and more.  Moms & Munchkins has varieties of information and other resources that are free.

Cheryl Kirkness combines Parenting tips and party tips and this comes out spicey and fun.

Joanna Venditti – 

Joanna Venditti
Joanna Venditti









Location: Canada, Ontario, Milton

 Joanna has loads of stories on motherhood which she shares on, She is one of the Canadian Parenting Bloggers that do not only give information on parenting but her blog also features interior decor, wellness, and entertainment(lifestyle).

In 2013, when Joanna was expecting her twins, she created a blog and shared her experiences with other parents. She now resides in Milton, Ontario, and has not stopped reaching out to parents like she use to. She is an expert in what she does, very inspiring and educative.


I guess you feel inspired by the list of Canadian Parenting bloggers must follow for the best Parenting information and a lot more.

Are you encountering challenges in your parenting journey and you feel the need to spill? We’ve got you covered. Stop hallowing in pain and bitterness when there are blogs with the best speaker in Canada.

Follow up with any of these bloggers and have an interesting and relieving session. 



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