Quality Analyst

Job Description of a Quality Analyst in an Organization

Although a Quality Analyst daily tasks differ depending on the specific corporate goals of an organisation, there are general tasks and duties applicable to that position as a whole. Ever wondered who a quality analyst is in an organisation, their responsibilities, what qualifies their position, and their salary structure? A breakdown has been given in […]

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mail handler assistant

Best Competitive Qualities of a Mail Handler Assistant

Ever wondered why you need a mail handler assistant in your organization?  Or their duties and responsibilities? Generally, a mail handler is saddled with the responsibility of organising, separating, and quantifying packages from e-commerce businesses like USPS, FedEx, and others. With this article, you will discover the essential qualifications, responsibilities, and abilities that have to […]

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Help Desk Technician

Competitive Qualities and Roles of a Help Desk Technician

Customers can receive technical help and assistance from a help desk technician over the phone or in person. Their main goal is to make sure a client is happy and can use any equipment or technology they may be having problems with effectively. This article will clearly explain the essential job description including their duties […]

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Two Weeks Notice Letter

Easy Tips and Benefits of a Two Weeks Notice Letter

Although many states have an employment-at-will policy, which allows for either the employer or the employee to end the relationship at any time and for any reason. Giving a two weeks notice letter of resignation gives you the chance to quit a job in a respectful and professional manner. However, some employers prefer a two-week […]

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how to calculate labor costs

How to Calculate Labor Costs and Its Benefits

Understanding how to calculate labor costs is important, no matter the type of business you are running whether it’s a small business or construction firm with staff employed, calculating labor expenditures is among your highest outlays. It is a general fact that business owners whether large or small will normally hire staff to execute or […]

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