Employee Attrition Rate

Employee Attrition Rate and How to calculate

The employee Attrition rate is an important metric that can reveal a lot about the direction of your business and potential issues that need to be addressed.  Employee attrition and employee turnover is the most time used interchangeably, Employee turnover is used to describe positions that have been replaced. When running a business, some of […]

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Insubordination in the Workplace

Insubordination in the Workplace and How to manage it

Having an understanding of what constitutes insubordination in the workplace and ways to address this issue helps leaders maintain a positive, effective, and productive working environment. Instances of insubordination can cause conflicts among employees in the workplace. We will give a detailed discussion on insubordination in the workplace, including examples and different tips you can […]

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Best Business Loans

Best Business Loans in 2022

As a business owner, it is essential and crucial to have knowledge of the best business loans available in your country or region. Are you planning to start up a business? Do you have an amazing business already?  whether it is a small or large business, we will take you through the best business loans […]

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Employee Recognition Ideas

11 Professional Employee Recognition Ideas That Work

Employee recognition ideas open your mind to various ways designed to acknowledge the efforts or accomplishments of employees in your company or organization.   You may be wondering about the kinds of ideas you can come up with to properly recognize your employees, maybe your sister companies and organizations are beating you at the game and […]

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