Low-cost Business Ideas with High profits

50+ Low-cost Business Ideas with High Profits you can embark on

Here are a lot of Low-cost Business Ideas with High Profits. Living life can be daunting especially when you have bills but you’ve got no/little reasonable income. The best way to cope with today’s lifestyle is to have more than one source of income. An idea of a business with a low start capital is […]

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6 Common Social Media Mistakes You Don’t Have to Make

Social media is an incredible resource for small businesses looking to reach more people.  But it can quickly become a major hindrance if you post without regard for social media etiquette. That’s right – there are unspoken rules for each platform that users are quick to spot. While missteps are easy to make, they aren’t […]

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how does Google play work

How Does Google Play Work – 30 Features, 9 Places to use Google Play

Google Play is Google’s newly developed smartphone app. It allows users of all smartphone models the opportunity to access a range of Google Play apps. As well as offering access to popular apps, Google Play also offers a range of other features that make its service more attractive and simpler to use. This article aims […]

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how long to boil an egg for hard boiled eggs

How long to boil an egg for hard-boiled eggs

There are a lot of questions and concerns on ‘How long to boil an egg for hard-boiled eggs’. Eggs are very nutritious just as they’re of different varieties, and above all knowing how to boil them is an essential part of the whole journey. Whether you want a hard-boil or a soft, runny yolk, all […]

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