what is a life coach

What Is A Life Coach

A trained professional who works with people to help them identify and accomplish their personal and professional goals is known as a life coach. In order to help their clients identify their values, beliefs, and priorities and create a strategy to reach their objectives, life coaches offer advice and support. Life coaches do not give […]

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Things you must do before giving birth

24 Top Best Things You Must Do Before Giving Birth

This post will be about the Things you must do before giving birth Being pregnant is another feeling entirely and in this post, you will get to know 24 things you must do before giving birth.  During your first trimester, you have to deal with morning sickness, exhaustion, and heartburn. During your second trimester, you […]

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Raising a Confident Child

16 Surest Tips for Raising a Confident Child

Raising a Confident Child does not just happen, there have to be some deliberate actions and steps taken towards actualizing such Every parent wishes to have a confident child. However, only those parents succeed in raising such children who set up some rules and adopt good habits. Today, we will discuss those rules and practices […]

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parent support

7 Types of Parent Support and 4 Approaches to Parenting Styles

What type of parent am I? Do I treat my kids the right way? Does my attitude towards my kids affect their growth and development?  Do I need parent support? What type of parent support do I need? and What level of need am I? Do these questions sound familiar? Read through and you will definitely get answers to your issues and more.

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