Major Political Parties

What are the Two Major Political Parties in the United States?

The question of the two major political parties has a very transparent answer. Political parties are known to be an organized group of persons recognized to obtain and exert political powers. A political party is simply a set or group of individuals organized to win elections, exercise political power and operate the government. Political parties competing […]

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cities in Idaho

Top 10 Largest Cities in Idaho | Most Populous Cities in Idaho

Idaho is a U.S. state located in the northwestern part of the country and well known for its mountainous landscapes and vast swaths of protected wilderness and outdoor recreation areas. As of 2020, Idaho’s population was estimated to be 1,839,106 making it one of the least populous states in the U.S. There are 201 incorporated […]

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Indiana Counties

92 Indiana Counties – List of Counties in Indiana

Indiana counties are 92 in total and each county serves as the local level of government within its borders. As of 2019, Indiana’s population was 6.732 million and the most populous county is Marion County with a population of 964,582. The least populous county is Ohio County with a population of 5,875. The largest county […]

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Tennessee Counties

Tennessee Counties | TN County List, County Seat & Population

A U.S. county is a local level of government that is smaller than a state and larger than a city or town. In this post, we’ll be looking at Tennessee counties. There are 95 counties in the state of Tennessee and the most populous county is Shelby County with an estimated population of 937,166 people […]

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California airports

California Airports | List of Airports in California

The U.S. state of California has many international and domestic airports. The two major international California airports are Los Angeles International Airport and San Francisco International Airports. There are 27 primary commercial airports in California offering commercial flights and in this post, we’ll be looking at them. The three major California airports are Los Angeles […]

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