restaurant in alabama

Restaurant In Alabama – 15 Best Restaurants In Alabama

Looking for the best restaurant in Alabama? Looking for the perfect spot to have dinner with your spouse? You are in the right place. Alabama is also home to many dining destinations and has much to offer the culinary-minded diner. The state of Alabama does not disappoint when it comes to dining establishments. From hometown […]

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public transportation in alabama

3 Types of Public Transportation in Alabama with Examples

In this post, I will be sharing a list of the various forms of public transportation in Alabama and their various examples. Public transportation is very essential to the well-being of families throughout Alabama. The history and development of Alabama are mostly as a result of the evolution of transportation in the state. The Birmingham […]

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churches in alabama

35 Largest Churches In Alabama and Their Contact Details

Here, you’ll get to know some of the largest churches in Alabama and their contact details. It’s no surprise that Alabama is also home to a large number of churches. These churches are increasingly shaping the religious landscape of Alabama and have about 2,000 or more attendees weekly. Here is a rundown of 35 of […]

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mosques in alabama

10+ Mosques in Alabama (Facts & Contact details)

In this post, I will give you a summation of some of the mosques in Alabama. A mosque is a place where Muslims worship and for many Muslims, a mosque is more than a place of worship. The word “mosque” comes from the Arabic word “masjid”. Mosques that are very large and collective are called […]

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