Co-Parenting Apps

Co-Parenting Apps have been evolving in recent years due to the high Number of Single Parents especially in certain regions in the United States

The best app for co-parenting depends on your family’s needs and wants. Perhaps you want a shared tool to improve communication and keep all important information in one place.

Or maybe your relationship with the other parent is still on shaky ground and you need something that allows you to stay in touch while keeping disagreements and negativity to a minimum.

Here are a few of our favorite co-parenting app options so you could find the best one for your situation. Bonus: Many of them offer free basic versions or free trial periods so you can try a few of them to figure out what works for you both.


Top Best Co-Parenting Apps for Single Parents & Child Support (iOS & Android)

Here are the co-parenting apps you could use as parents to make parenting easier.  


WeParent was featured by Parents, Romper, App Advice, NBC, ABC, and Forbes.

Designed by a Stanford Ph.D. in Psychology to make co-parenting simpler and less stressful.

Manage your custody schedules, organize calendars and lists, share information, and exchange messages – all in one place.

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Cozi Family Organizer

• Keep track of everyone’s schedules in one place with a simple color-coded calendar

• Set reminders for yourself or others in the family so no one misses practice or an important event

• Send automated daily or weekly agenda emails to any family member

• Subscribe to other calendars you use like your work calendar, school calendars, personal calendars, and team schedules.


• Everyone in the family will always know what you need at the grocery store

• See items added by other family members in real-time, and never forget the one thing you really need to make dinner

• Create to-do lists for anything – a shared to-do list for the whole family, chore checklists for the kids, a vacation packing checklist.

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FamCal Family Shared Calendar

FamCal – a shared family calendar app, is designed for family connections. Combine calendars, events, tasks, notes, contacts, and birthday reminders in one place so that you can easily keep everyone in sync and organized.


– Adult members with email addresses

– Child members without email addresses

– Color code events with members’ colours


– Share events between couples, moms, dads, and children or even whole family

– Add or edit events that everyone in the group can see

– Set reminder to notice someone

– Both calendar and agenda view


– Share grocery or shopping list & more

– Create task lists and to-dos

Download FamCal Android App

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Our Family Wizard

Streamline your co-parenting with the OurFamilyWizard mobile app for Android.

OurFamilyWizard makes divorce and custody issues manageable with tools like shared parenting time calendars, expense and payment tracking, family data storage, secure messaging, and more.

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Coparently App

Everything you need to raise healthy, happy kids after separation or divorce

Keep your kids out of the middle, have fewer conversations with your ex, and reduce conflict.

Coparently means you and your co-parent can manage your children’s busy schedule from separate homes without feeling overwhelmed.

Spend less time managing your child custody schedule and more time with your kids.


Custody Connection

Custody Connection
SYNCABLE CUSTODY CALENDAR – syncs with co-parent or family members, allows you to automatically trade, manage and track custody days and share events!

Simple and easily viewable calendar – create, manage, and view custody schedules anytime, anywhere with your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad.

Shared Calendar -Eliminates misunderstandings about who has custody days.

Trade Days – Tap calendar days to request or offer custody – once accepted the calendar automatically makes the changes and logs it!

Download Custody Connection iOS App


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ParentshipParenting is hard. Co-parenting is even harder. We all have children. We’ve faced challenges.

Now that you’re separated, you’re going through this process. The emotions are difficult, and dealing with the kids is just so hard.

That’s where our Parentship App comes in so handy to help you deal effortlessly.

Parentship is an intelligent solution for stress-free co-parenting. It helps parents make successfully raising their children their top priority.

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2 Houses

2houses is a set of tools that helps separated parents to communicate and become better organized for the well-being of their children.

2houses removes the emotional stress


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Being a Single Parent can be tasking in this modern age of so much to do at once. Bubble comes in handy to help you get a secured and Safe Babysitter when you have somewhere else to be without having to go with your baby

The Babysitters on the app has all undergone Background checks and are highly insured, other ways to vet a Babysitter before hiring is the reviews by other real users who have previously hired them

The Bubble App is available for download freely

Download Bubble Android App

Download Bubble iOS App


Check the Top Best Co-Parenting Apps for Single Parents 

Express Plus Child Support Australia

With the Australian Government’s Express Plus Child Support mobile app you can pay Child Support, view your Child Support payments, update your details, and more.

To use the app you need to have a myGov account linked to your Child Support online account.

To set up a myGov account go to

If you need help to set up a myGov account, or link to Child Support go to

To sign into the app for the first time, use your myGov sign-in details and create a PIN.

You’ll then use your myGov PIN to sign in to the app in the future.

With our app, you can:
• check when your payments are due
• check how much to pay and make your payments
• check how much you’ll receive
• view your payment history
• view and update your personal and bank details
• update change of care arrangements
• upload documents to Child Support
• update your income estimate
• update your income for a previous financial year
• advise of an extraordinary payment


Download Express Plus Child Support Android App

Download Express Plus Child Support iOS App


Here is Top Best Parenting Products UK

Child Support, Expenses & Alimony for Co-Parents

Cover art

You can manage your child support, alimony, and shared child expenses conveniently and securely, using SupportPay.

SupportPay is the most downloaded and highest-rated application by parents who are divorced, single, remarried, and stepparents for a reason!

As the original, most robust, and highly secure support platform, we are trusted by tens of thousands of parents and manage hundreds of millions of dollars in child support, alimony, and child expense payments.

Parents can use SupportPay to track and manage their finances on their own or connect directly with the other parent, eliminating the need to have the government involved.

Join today in just five minutes without a credit card. Get your children the support they deserve from both parents, and start becoming a happier, more organized, and lower-conflict parent today.

After you have an order or agreement, SupportPay provides the best application to assist in managing the order.

Using SupportPay you can manage all types of child expenses such as medical, healthcare, childcare, education, clothing, extra-curricular and more. In addition, you can set up recurring and automatic expenses and payments for child support or alimony payments.

Download Child Support Android App

Download Child Support iOS App


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NJ Child Support

Cover art

The New Jersey Child Support Case Information application is the official child support mobile application for the State of New Jersey

It allows custodial parties and non-custodial parents to retrieve secure case information related to their child support cases.

Users are only authorized to view a case to which they are a party and utilize a member ID and PIN to access the information.

In this updated version of the app, non-custodial parents are able to make payments directly through the app using a Visa or Mastercard, as well as set up and manage monthly recurring payments.

The app also includes case details, including dependent information; obligations and arrears; payment history; schedule and enforcement details; genetic test results; and any intergovernmental case materials.

Users are also able to find the closest child support office locations using Google Maps and geotargeting. This application gives the same information and access as the web-based Case Information portal

Download NJ Child Support Android App

Download NJ Child Support iOS App


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TLE® Parent

Cover art

Show N Tell allows The Learning Experience® parents to view activities and photos of their child’s day.

Parents can view their balance, update contact information, report a child’s absence, view classroom schedules, and more!

Parents can also receive important notifications and alerts from their center’s administrative staff.

Prospective parents can use the app to find a childcare center near them, view recent news, and see testimonials from other parents.

Download TLE Parent Android App

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Considering the plight that some Single Parent goes through after Divorce, we considered putting together these Co-Parenting Apps for Singles and Divorcees

Some of these App have at one point or the other proven effective for Single Parents in getting Services Providers like Babysitters and also in managing and scheduling their work routines


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