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There are so many companies looking for advertising space on bloggers’ websites and other sites. But the thing is how can you get them to advertise on your blog?

Would you just place some ads on your site and start earning? Of course not. It is not an easy task to secure advertisers or to look for potential companies to advertise on your blog.

Before a company will consider advertising on your blog, you need to get the right target audience, great content, lots of traffic, and a good plan.

This article contains some effective tips which you can use to get advertisers to buy advertising space on your blog.

1. Get Traffic

get traffic

Before you start looking for companies to advertise on your blog, ensure you have quality and unique content that will attract visitors. Also, make sure you post regularly so that you can retain the visitors.

Install Google Analytics on your blog so that you can keep records of the visitors you receive. Google Analytics will show advertisers what they want to see. Then they will decide if your blog is good enough for them.

Once you have Google Analytics installed, embed the code it provided on your blog or you can as well use a third-party plugin such as Google Analytics Dashboard for WP which will help you embed the code without any coding.

 Google Analytics is a free tool to use and it provides you with lots of information. You can view your bounce rates, page views, audience overviews, site behavior, efforts, acquisition, and many more.

How to Drive Traffic to your Blog

  • Write quality content
  • Learn SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)
  • Know your target audience
  • Get the Yoast plugin
  • Add your website to the major search engine directories (Google, Yahoo, and Bing)
  • Use Google Analytics
  • Tweet regularly on Twitter
  • Set up a Facebook page
  • Comments on other blogs
  • Participate in same niche forums conversations
  • Do guest blogging
  • Make use of other social media platforms
  • Do Email marketing
  • Send out a press release
  • Set up social sharing buttons on your blog/site
  • Make use of free and paid advertising methods
  • Do word of mouth marketing
  • Be Authentic


2. Set up your Blog for Advertisements

set up your blog for advertisement

Once you start getting traffic, indicate on your blog that you accept advertising.

The Traditional way of doing this would be to Design a designated advertising page, that will let potential advertisers know the reason they should advertise on your site.

In a few moments, I will show you a simple and yet efficient way of doing this. A medium that you just have to take 3 steps and leave everything to automation

YAIOA Subscription –
  • Is your blog an award-winning blog?
  • Does it have good stats?
  • Are the images perfect?
  • Does it have a high engagement rate?
  • Are there testimonials from previous advertisers?

Aside from your unique sell proposition, you will need to include more information about the ad sizes, pricing, location, demographics, and many more. You can do all these on your advertising page.

You can easily set up the actual ad space on your blog when you use plugins like AdSanity, AdRotate or a third-party plugin like OIO Publisher which lets publishers manage ads on the backend and frontend.


3. Pricing for your Ad Space.

Pricing for your Ad Space

You will need to know how much to charge for your Ad space. Will you charge on a CPM model where advertising is bought based on impression?

For instance: 250 by 250 ad at $5CPM for a website with 200, 000 impressions per month= $1,000.

Or will use a period buying method where ads are bought at a fixed price point? Example: 250 by 250 ad banners in every post for $200 a month.

You can learn more about different Ads pricing models here: 9 Top Blog Advertising Sites and 4 Pricing models to choose from

After you decide on a model, you will need to set the price and know how much to charge. To do this, look for other blogs in your niche to know what they are charging for ad space.


4. Find Advertisers

find advertisers

Now that you have all the basics in place, the next thing to do is to search for potential advertisers. The easiest way you can achieve this is by performing a Google search for keywords related to your niche and then making a list.

Another way to find advertisers is by searching for companies that are advertising on sites similar to yours. You can even search on Google for your keyword and click on the sponsored links at the top and bottom of the search results page.

The companies are companies that are paying Google for PPC advertising, and there’s a possibility that they will like to advertise with you too.

You can also use Instagram to search for advertisers. All you need to do is to add the hashtag #ad to the search bar and look for photos of people who are already working with brands. If they pay others to work with them, there’s a chance they will pay you too.


5. Create a Subscription Plan

create a subscription plan

I promised to show you a simple way to achieve all this without going through all the stress listed above

Some of the Plugins above cost between $49 to $489 to use and you need to have a little techie knowledge to install and learn how to use them efficiently

Adsanity Cost

Creating a subscription plan is the best, easiest, and cheapest way you can get companies looking for advertising space to advertise on your blog/website.

The YAIOA Subscription tool will help you sell ad space on your website easily. All you need to do is to

  • Sign up as a vendor on
  • Create a Subscription for your Sites
  • Copy the JS Code and place it on the Ad space you are selling

To insert this code on your WordPress site, you can use Free Ad management plugins like Ad Inserter or WP Insert

If you have too many requests by advertisers for a certain Ad space, you can rotate their Ads on the same spot with this Free Plugin Ad Rotate

After successfully registering as a vendor, you can then add a subscription plan. To do this, navigate to your vendor dashboard and click on Add Subscription.

adding subscription as a vendor

After adding your subscription and getting approved, Your Ad space will be advertised to targeted Companies, and in no time, you start selling ad space on your blog and earn recurring revenue.

10 Tips to get more Advertisers to buy Ad Space on your Blog

5. Pitch to Sponsors & Companies

  • When you find companies to work with, build a strong relationship with them.
  • Follow them on all their social media pages, share their posts, comment on their updates, and you can as well post photos of you using their product or services on Instagram.
  • Make sure you tag them on all social media platforms if you wrote a blog post about them and added a link to their site. This way they will get to know about it.
  • Send them an introductory email with sponsorship suggestions once you’ve laid the initial framework.
  • Before taking this step, make sure that you’ve thoroughly researched the companies. Look for contact names, and understand their products, services, mission, and ensure it aligns with yours.
  • First impression matters and you will only get just one chance to make a good first impression. So take time to build a good relationship and personalize your pitch. If you didn’t get any feedback from them, send a follow-up email to make sure that your message has been received. Also, ensure you track all your efforts.
  • If you think it’s a difficult task to pitch sponsors or you don’t have the time and energy to do it, you can work with an ad network by listing your Ad Space on YAIOA through the YAIOA Subscription Tool.

What are Ad Networks?

An ad network (online advertising network) are companies that act as a middleman between advertisers and website owners (publishers).

The major role an ad network plays is coordinating ad supply from website owners and pairing it with an advertiser’s demand.

Types of Ad Networks

Ad networks do most of the difficult work in securing sponsors and because of this, you earn lower since you didn’t sell the ads directly. However, ad networks are well recognized and work with larger companies which an independent blogger will find difficult to get as advertisers.

There are lots of ad networks out there with varying modes of operation and pricing models and here are some of them

1. Google AdSense – The most popular ad network used by tons of people. They allow new bloggers to place both text and image ads on their blogs. Google AdSense lets blog owners or publishers get revenue so that other advertisers can run ads on their websites. You will be paid per click (PPC).

2. YAIOA Subscription Tool – The YAIOA Subscription Tool, is a multipurpose tool that can be used to achieve scales of tasks. One such task is selling Ad space on your site. The Tool allows you to list and sell your Ad space on a Fix-rate model where you are paid for a particular Advertiser’s ads to be on your site for a period of time. This could range from a month to several months.

3. Chitika – Chitika is also a good alternative to AdSense which serves only contextual ads and offers a CPC program. They have a minimum threshold of $10 if you are being paid via Paypal. But through a check, the threshold is $50.

4. Infolinks – This is one of the best methods to implement in-text advertising on your blog. Infolinks offers a 70% revenue share to publishers and follows a Pay per click model.

5. BuySellAds – This is an online ad marketplace where you can list your ads for others to buy. They don’t accept blogs with low traffic. This blog advertising site gives 75% of revenue to its publishers.

6. Blogads– Blogads retain 30% of all ad sales as their commission and give 70% to their publishers. All publishers get 15% of the earnings if they refer to new users.

7. LinkWorth– This is a popular text-link network where website owners find options to use rotating text ads, paid reviews,s and many more. The minimum threshold for payouts for Paypal is $25 while check, Wire Transfer, and EFT are $100.

8. PulsePoint – This is one of the popular CPM networks where you can set your own CPM prices. Your site needs to have lots of original content before you can be accepted in the network. You receive payment via Paypal, EFT, or check every 45 days.

9. PopAds – This ad network offers pop-under ads and works well with English –speaking traffics. Here, you set your own price and the popunder frequency for each visitor. You receive payment via Paypal, AlertPay, and Wire Transfer.

10. SponsorReviews – This ad network lets advertisers build backlinks and bloggers make money. It connects bloggers with Advertisers, Marketers, and Search Engine Optimizers who want to build traffic. You can also offer to write paid posts on your blog to their network of hundreds of advertisers. You can also set your own price.

11. – is powered by the Yahoo Bing advertising network. Here, you can place text or banner ads that are relevant to your content. This ad network is best for beginners. They pay per impression.

Measuring Results

The process does not end when you secure an advertiser. You will need to provide excellent customer service, over-deliver on your promises, and follow up with campaign stats.

Most companies/advertisers will add their own tracking link so that they can measure clicks but if they don’t have a tracking link, you can create one for them by using Bitly so that you can provide the necessary information to them.

If advertisers like the results they see, they will definitely advertise with you again.


With the tips above, companies looking for advertising space will surely come to your blog and you will be able to sell your ad space in no time. If you want the selling of your Advertising space to run on automation, you can use the YAIOA Subscription tool


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