companies that need advertising help

There are so many companies that need advertising help. They want people to help them promote their products or services in one way or another.

Promoting their goods and services will make them get more clients for their businesses that’s why advertising is important.

10 Main Reasons Why You Should Advertise Your Business

Advertising is one of the most vital aspects of a business. It is the most direct and essential connection to the consumer. When consumers feel personally connected to an ad, they are more likely to frequent your brand.

Most companies question whether or not investing in an advertising budget will be worth it and that is a big mistake. Here are some reasons why advertising is important.

1. Advertising generates brand loyalty

Advertising lets businesses to target their clients and form a lasting connection with them. Advertising instills a sense of familiarity and trust within the client, it makes sure that they stay loyal to your brand.

Advertisement normally uses words, images, and ideals that target your desired demographic and encourages them to remain devoted to your brand.

2. Advertising increases company traffic

Most consumers are more likely to go to a business after seeing an advertisement. More customers mean more sales and more business for the company.

Research shows that over 3,000 companies found that advertisers who maintained or expanded advertising for more than five years saw their sales increase an average of 100%, and companies that didn’t advertise grew at less than half the rate of those who advertised regularly.

3. Advertising gives your company a positive image

Advertising tells your target audience and competitors that you are open and ready for business. Positive and dynamic adverts can entice your target audience to your business regardless of the competition and the economy.

4.  Advertising promotes repeat business

With many choices, consumers are able to make, so many once-loyal consumers have deviated from previous companies to look for other options.

Advertising reminds your consumers why they choose your brand in the first place and why they should continue choosing you in the future.

5. Advertising lure in new customers

The market is continuously changing and new consumers are coming and going in your field. New clients mean a new target audience that your ads will reach.

Advertising shows new consumers to the market that your brand is the top of the line and the one that they want to visit.

6. Advertising helps your brand compete

There are so many consumers in the market willing to buy your product at any time. So advertising helps companies stay ahead of the game while competing with others.

Advertising is how you assure consumers that you are the one they should choose.

7. Advertising produces continuous business

Not all consumers will be needing your products or services today, but there’s always a new consumer ready to purchase your products or services daily.

Advertising ensures that the consumer knows that when they are in need, your brand will be there to assist them.

A steady amount of consumers visiting your brand is the first step to boost your sales. The more consumers you have, the more sales you will have. Advertising builds business now and in the future.

8. Advertising keeps your business at the top of your consumer’s mind

With the many options available to consumers, they at times will want to shop around and compare various products. Advertising makes sure that your company is always at the front of the consumer’s mind telling them why they should choose you.

9. Advertising keeps your consumers up to date

When you are ready to launch a new product, advertising inform and let your consumers be aware of the details. Advertising always does the work for your company.

10. Advertising makes money for your company

Advertising attracts new customers to your business and helps boost your sales. When a consumer sees a strong and positive ad, he/she will be willing to buy and ready to choose your brand. When you invest in an advertisement, you’ll watch your business grow and succeed.

If you are a company and needs help in getting your product or services out in the market, here are a few things you need to do.

1. Go to Yaioa and Create a Subscription Plan

Creating a subscription plan using the Yaioa subscription tool will help bring out your business to thousands of clients online. Create a subscription plan where clients will subscribe to get your products or services.

The Yaioa subscription tool is a multipurpose tool that will help you achieve more than you ever anticipated.

All you need to do in creating a subscription plan using this tool is to first of all sign up as a vendor and after successfully signing up proceed to your dashboard and create a subscription plan.

For example, if your company is into digital products, you can create a subscription such as eBook subscription, software download subscription, etc.

Once your subscription is created, it will be reviewed and within 1 – 24 hours it will be placed in the Yaioa platform where thousands of clients seeking your product or services can subscribe and you, in turn, will start earning.

As more people subscribe to get your product or service, the more traffic, leads, and sales you will get.

Creating a subscription is one of the best ways to advertise and promote your business online and the Yaioa platform is ever ready to assist you in achieving the best results.

2. Buy ad Space

Many bloggers and website owners are selling ad spaces to companies looking for advertising space to advertise their products and services.

You can reach out to some blogs or websites with lots of traffic, quality content, great design, etc, and buy the ad space where you can advertise for their visitors to see.

This is also a good way to get traffic to your company site, as well as get new consumers and increase sales.

3. Use Advertising Agencies

Using advertisement agencies is also another option you can take to advertise your products and services. Consumers at times prefer advertisements from brands they know and trust. Search for advertising agencies and choose the best for your company to ensure your business is represented accurately and positively.

Compare some of the best advertising agencies in the world, know what their clients are saying about them, and learn the industries they serve, before choosing one.


If you are one of those companies that need advertising help, I am certain you must have found out in this post why advertising is important and how you can create a subscription plan with YAIOA and have access to thousands of subscribers thereby making more income.

You can also buy ad space from blogs and websites with good traffic, unique and related content and do your advertisements there.

Use the method that is suitable for your business but I’ll recommend the subscription plan because it’s the easiest and fastest means of letting clients know that you exist and open for business.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How vital it is for companies to advertise their products/services?

Advertising plays an important role in both companies and consumers. It is important for companies because it allows the business to gain more clients thus increasing business turnaround.

2. How much does an advertisement help your company?

Advertisement helps your company to grow. It helps attract new customers, and help sell your products and services to existing customers.

3. Is advertising really necessary?

Of course, advertising is necessary. Advertising helps customers make good decisions, helps companies to prosper and increase sales.

4. What role does advertisement play?

Advertisements play an important role in business. The business world is very competitive and as such, advertisement is used to introduce a business, build a brand, and place a company’s product or service against other competitors. Advertisement helps to deliver messages and elevates awareness within the given market.

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