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Here, you have a compiled list of some good and comfortable Coworking Space Delaware, where you will not only find inspiration but also improve with a community of like minds.

Research has shown that one-third of an average Individual’s life is spent at work, so where you work and who you work with is important. Individuals have reported that coworking has expanded their professional networks and made them more motivated, engaged, happy, and successful.

As the work landscape evolves at a fast pace, co-working spaces have grown in popularity and relevance.

For an entrepreneur, business leaders, consultants, independent contractors, and even professional Delaware residents looking for some new and kind of office space

Below are some Coworking Space Delaware

1. The Mill


The Mill is the most popular coworking space in Delaware, with a community that is unmatched by any other coworking space in the area. Featuring a state of the art design that incorporates modern architecture with timeless roots. They have built a community of determined individuals who get work done and have fun at the same time.

Amenities: WIFI, 24/7 access, reception services, dedicated local number, coffee, beer, mailbox, lounges, meeting rooms, fully functional auditorium, printer/scanner, lockers, member discounts, and more.


  • COMMUNITY $60 / month
  • DEDICATED DESK $300+ / month
  • PRIVATE OFFICE $850+ / month
  • VIRTUAL OFFICE$90 / month

Address: 1007 North Orange Street 4th Floor Wilmington, DE 19801



2. NextFab


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NextFab provides access to machinery, education, membership, community, events, and professional services for anything you want to fabricate, you can also gain access to NextFab’s equipment, and also get training lessons on the 3D printers, laser cutters, high-tech woodshop, and a robotics lab.

It is a Philadelphia based maker space located in Wilmington, Delaware. They offer shared space, offices, department workshops, customizable space, and the latest resources.

Amenities: WIFI, coffee, onsite staff, learning resources, access to all locations, meeting rooms, woodworking, laser cutter, 3D printer, electronics, design software, member discounts, and more.


  • Day Pass: $40/day
  • 3 Day Membership: $55/month
  • 8 Day Membership: $99/month
  • Standard Unlimited: $199/month
  • Unlimited: $299/month

Address: 503 N. Tatnall Street in Wilmington



3. The WIN Factory

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WIN Factory is Delaware’s first Black-owned co-working space and incubator located in Wilmington, and, it is designed for those who really want to stay at the top in business. WIN Factory co-working space not only provides the normal amenities provided at a co-working facility, but it also provides the environment and exposure to take you and your business to the next level

Amenities: WIFI, 24/7 access, member discounts, kitchen, coffee, mailbox, lounges, meeting rooms, wealth league network, printer/scanner, cleaning, networking & educational events, parking, and more.


  • Basic w/ Mailbox: $100/month
  • Hot Desk: $150/month
  • Dedicated Desk: $300/month
  • Private Office: $600/month

Address: 300 MLK Jr. Blvd Wilmington, DE 19801



4. Delawork Co-working Space


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Delawork is a beautiful indoor and outdoor workspaces designed for entrepreneurs, remote workers, freelancers, and small businesses, where they can be focused and also be part of a social community.

Amenities: WIFI, kitchen, coffee, snacks, water, mailbox, ping pong, lounges, meeting rooms, online community, networking & educational events, parking, and more.

Price: Contact Delawork directly for pricing.


Address: 28628 Lewes Georgetown Hwy, Milton, DE 19968, United States


5. Middletown Business Incubator




Middletown Business Incubator is a collaborative workspace and incubator with coworking space, private offices, and meeting rooms, it also provides its members with the resources their companies need to grow and succeed.

They serve as an enterprise business center that provides resources for businesses and entrepreneurs. By inspiring entrepreneurship through opportunity.


Amenities: WIFI, 24/7 access, chamber membership, coffee, mailbox, lounges, meeting rooms, printer/scanner, networking & educational events, and more.

Price: Contact Middletown Business Incubator directly for pricing.

Address: 1050 Industrial Drive, Suite 110, Middletown, Delaware 19709



6. The Hub @ 1201


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The HUB@1201 is the most professional and classy Coworking facility that has all the charms of a friendly, intimate, and warm environment to conduct business. They offer alternative workstations with ample lounge seating, dedicated desk space, and conference rooms. Their spacious corner office is the perfect setting for freelancers, remote workers, and business travelers.

Amenities: WIFI, 24/7 access, cafe, coffee, reception services, administrative services, lounges, meeting rooms, printer, parking, and more.


  • Day Pass: $20/day
  • 5 Day Membership: $35/month
  • 15 Day Membership: $70/month
  • Monthly (M-F): $120/month
  • Unlimited: $180/month


Address: 1201 North Orange Street Suite 700 Wilmington, Delaware 19801


7. Regus




Regus is a beautifully designed workspace that offers a variety of workspace options, including private offices, coworking, virtual offices, and meeting rooms. They also provide a thriving business community where members can connect with other like-minded professionals. With global network of workspaces whic will enable memebers work wherever they need to be, in a productive, professional environment.

Amenities: WIFI, reception, coffee bar, meeting rooms, global network, video conferencing, parking, printer/scanner, networking events, and more.

Price: Contact Regus directly for pricing.



8. Emerging Enterprise Center



The Emerging Enterprise Center is a business incubator, accelerator, and coworking space that provides affordable office, coworking space, conference rooms, business training, and networking opportunities to help start and grow your business. Our co-working space is an ideal, low-cost option for a new start-up, solopreneur, or for someone in need of a satellite location on the Wilmington Riverfront. As your business needs grow, they provide an ideal, low-cost option for your business especially start-ups.

Amenities: WIFI, 24/7 access, receptionist, kitchen, coffee, mentorship, lounges, office supplies, meeting rooms, printer/scanner, cleaning, networking & educational events, parking, and more.

Address: 920 Justison Street Wilmington, DE 19801 US



9. The General Store



The General Store is a coworking facility that provides a serene locale for enjoying work. They provide a membership that ranges from conference rooms, dedicated desks, and event space. Whether you are an entrepreneur, remote worker, or small business, The General Store will provide you with solutions to all your business needs.

Amenities: Onsite staff, printers, high-speed WIFI, common areas, meeting rooms, coffee/tea/beer, bike storage, showers, and more.


  • Basic Membership: $90/month
  • Dedicated Desk: $300/month

Address: 702 Rockland Road Rockland, DE, 19732 United States



10. 1313 Innovation



1313 Innovation is a shared office space and incubator in Wilmington, Delaware. It provides coworking space, private offices, meeting rooms, and a collaborative work environment. 1313 Innovations supports the growth of its members by connecting them with business leaders.

Amenities: WIFI, printers, common areas, meeting rooms, coffee/tea, networking events, workshops, and more.


  • Coworking Membership: $200/month
  • Private Offices: $500-$1,500/month

Address: 1313 N Market St, Wilmington, DE 19801, United States




Having properly gone through these coworking Space Delaware, we trust that you must have genuinely discovered some well-equipped, sophisticated, comfortable, and conveniently-located coworking spaces.

If there are any of the spaces in this post that suit your comfort, kindly click the website below the name of the space to be redirected to their website.

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