coworking space in Arizona

Even though you can complete your job assignment in your various homes, the atmosphere may not be a perfect place when compared to that of coworking space in Arizona.

If you are a freelancer, full-time worker, part-time worker, or an entrepreneur who loves to meditate, then you must have been looking for a place to work, meditate and even discuss with your coworkers.

If you live in Arizona, you should think of getting to the best coworking space in Arizona, this location has the cool atmosphere for working and learning.

Unlike your home, you will surely get distracted, this does not happen here because every coworking space is designed in a way that will primarily stop distractions.

Also you have to know that one-third of your entire life is spent at work, this is very important to choose the right place to work.

The 9 am-5 pm culture is losing its popularity, everyone is now moving into working at the coworking space (a place where works are been done, just the way you do your work in companies office).

But the most interesting thing about this thing is that you can choose to take your leave anytime you wish, unlike the office where you have to stick to the opening and closing time.

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Although coworking spaces are best built for freelancers and businessmen/ entrepreneurs, this does not stop a full time or part time worker from exploring what a coworking space has to offer.

One way or the other, coworking space allows someone get flexible and affordable places people can come around to finish their task.

The features you expect from most coworking space in Arizona are; internet access, library, refreshments, printing services and lot more.

It has been predicted that by 2027, close to 60% of the U.S working population will now be freelancing, so why don’t you go through the coworking space here, this will help you choose where will be very convenient for you.

List of Best Coworking Spaces in Arizona

1. The Department

coworking space in Arizona

This place is located in the core of the downtown phoenix; it is a walking distance from more than 100 eateries and some entertainment joints.

According to a member review, “The department is a fantastic place to be! This community has been very supportive when it comes to finding a place where I can handle my business.

In general, this working place is beautiful, they provide their customers a better working atmosphere where they can concentrate to handle uncompleted task”.


  • Starting from $100 per month
  • For a dedicated desk, it is $300 per month
  • Private office is $625 per month

Contact details

  • Address: 1 North First St 6th Floor, Phoenix, Arizona, 85004
  • Phone: 602- 385- 0764
  • Email:


coworking space in arizona

This is one of the amazing community you should try working with, a place where enthusiastic entrepreneurs can find comfort.

If you are excited to grow your business with actionable plans, CO+HOSTS is the best place for your meditation, it is also known as the ‘’supercharger of innovation”. This is because it supports innovative thought.

They have upmost customer relationship every member will enjoy, taking their members as their first priority is what I enjoy most about this coworking space in Arizona.

At CO+HOSTS, you get 24/7 access to their place as a member.


  • Starting from $35 per day
  • $99 per month
  • They also have plan of $325 per month
  • Team membership is $1,199 per month

Contact details

  • Address: 221 E Indianola Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85012
  • Phone: 602.264.6687
  • Email:

3. MAC6

coworking space in Arizona

MAC6 is located at tempe, its distance is at the range of 10-15 minutes from the phoenix sky harbor international airport.

This coworking space in Arizona has a measurement of 150,000 square foot, it is a very flexible places offering entrepreneurs the professional amenities, and also helping small scale business owners grow their business by giving them a place where you can meditate actionable plans.


  • Virtual offices for $59 dollars per month
  • Flex desk for $129 per month
  • Dedicated desk for $325 per month
  • Private office been charged starting with $599 per month
  • Office suites at $1,999 per month.

Contact details

  • Address: 1430 W. Broadway Road Tempe, AZ 85282
  • Phone: (480) 582-2200

4. Industrious 

Coworking space in Arizona

This is a friendly coworking space, located in Arizona, it enables a very easy and cheaper way travelers can work on their unfinished tasks.

They are located in Scottsdale old town of Arizona, and being influence by the natural look of the southwest.

You should note that this is a place majorly built to increase productivity; it has every amenities you will need to engage your work easier and faster.


  • Start from $450 per month
  • Dedicated desk is $590 per month
  • Private office is $743 per month

Contact details

  • Address: 4250 N. Drinkwater Boulevard, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
  • Phone: 480.305.1000

5. GangPlank

coworking space in arizona

If you are a freelancer and you are interested in getting a coworking space within Chandler, and Queen Creek Arizona, this place will help increase your productivity; this is a better place to choose.

Not for freelancers alone, this place also fall in line to suit entrepreneurs who are looking for a place to draw working plans on how to execute a new or growing business. It is maybe very difficult to meditate in your various homes, you definitely going to get distracted. Why don’t you try this place?

At GangPlank, the major amenities that will help your businesses grow are available.

This is a unique coworking space in Arizona, that is open whenever the key holder is around.

The keyholder is a group of more than 25 consistent gangplankers, they are people  that stay behind even after the coworking company official closing hour.

They help to enable a 24/7 accessibility, although not always perfect because not every key holder will be available to open the working space.


  • This people do not charge members a monetary fee whenever they visit this place to work. In this case, they ask people to donate whatever they have in a manner that is expressive to them.

Contact details

  • Address 1: 250 South Arizona Avenue #2 Chandler, AZ 85225
  • Address 2: 22240 South Ellsworth Road Queen Creek, AZ 85142

6. WorkUnity

coworking space in arizona

This 18,500 square feet. coworking space offers private offices, dedicated desks, team suites, coworking spaces, high-end conference rooms, and presentation/event space that can hold more than 350 people.

Workuity also offers amazing amenities, educational workshops, fun activities, and first-class services.


  • Day Pass: $35 per day
  • Virtual Membership: $79 per month
  • Unlimited Membership: $225 per month
  • Dedicated Desk: $275 per month
  • Private Office: $675 per month

Contact details

  • Address 1: 3133 W Frye Rd Suite 101, Chandler, AZ 85225
  • Address 2: 2390 East Camelback Rd Suite 130 Phoenix, AZ, 85016
  • Phone: (602)-900-1753
  • Email:


There you have it, the top best coworking space in Arizona.

This list of coworking spaces in Arizona was not screened under the influence of preferential treatment but was judged based on what their ratings and review from past and present members.


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