coworking space in birmingham

Coworking space in Birmingham was quite new to people ages ago, but today has become a casual place where workers can visit.

The occurrence of the coworking space gives both the full-time and part-time workers who have no permanent office the working space to work, without any distractions.

In most cases some people do use the coffee shop to work, they go there to take a shot and work alongside sipping the coffee.

When you are at the coffee shop, there is a high tendency you will be distracted, especially in ones that engage in entertainment.

If you’re looking for affordable and cool coworking space in Birmingham to grow your startup, here is our list of the top 10 best coworking spaces in Birmingham.

Coworking Space in Birmingham

1. Social Venture

This is one of the cool places a worker should check out; it is located in the Woodlawn neighborhood, working here makes you more professional in tasks.

As regarding your productivity, the social venture can increase your productivity, don’t mind the word “social”, the social venture is not a social place; it has a cool atmosphere that can help your assignment.

coworking space Birmingham

Social ventures was once an abandoned warehouse which was converted into a structure that will inspire and please the need of Birmingham start-up workers, including the nonprofits inventive and also the business class workers.

This coworking space offers a single desk, office costume, a place where workers can have a business discussion, and even a more facilitating space to work when the weather looks beautiful.

Working at the Social Venture is good for your health; you don’t have to complain of stress or headache most time after completing the day work.

Note: social venture has desks that can suit your laptop and other simple industrial materials.

  • Address: 5529 1st Ave South, Birmingham, Alabama 35212
  • Phone: 205-595-0562

2. Forge

Forge is situated at the core of downtown and also at the top of the Pizitz food hall, this company in Birmingham offers monthly membership, targeting entrepreneur who hunt to access a cool and portable office they can feel comfortable with.

 Forge is also a cool place for people aiming at getting a permanent and dedicated desk (I mean desk that has been permanently fix there, not the movable ones).

coworking space birmingham

Also, if I will need a place to disburse my working ability, it will be reasonable of me if I look for a place that has the office structure, conference room in case of meeting and so much feature that seems palatable for coworkers.

  • Address: 120 19th St North, Ste 200 Birmingham, Alabama 35223 (Mezzanine of The Pizitz Food Hall)
  • Phone: 205.870.7558
  • Email:

3. Practice works

This place has been catching so much attention lately. Not really fancy, but this is one of the conducive places for coworkers.

Teams can come along to put heads together in other to make things go well, there is always a conference room for the team works, this is to make sure you are not distracting the other workers in the room. The conference room is best for teams.

coworking space birmingham

The building of this coworking space offers 4 private office philosophies, if you are seeking a place that is for absolute silence and you can get peace of mind, then getting to Practice Works is a better option for you.

It has four treatment rooms for workers and three wide classrooms that can suit well for team discussion.

If you are a freelancer, it is kind of obvious you don’t have a place to call office, getting your freelance works here will be better.

  • Address: 2208 University Blvd, Birmingham, AL 35233
  • Phone: (205) 506-6100

4. Innovation Depot

This is a magical place to be, it has the technological features that enable things go smooth.

I must confess, if you are not careful you may get carried away by the beauty of this coworking space, it is one of the technologically equipped spots for workers to get themselves ready for any task.

coworking space birmingham

Innovation Depot measures about 140,000 square feet and offers places like a laboratory, and an already designed office for small start-up business owners, and freelancers.

It also offers a place where coworkers can engage in company discussion, places like the conference room, seminar hall, and lots more.

In this place, if you need to access the internet, you are also welcome. There are some works that will consider the use of internet access, the board of director of Innovation Depot has put the internet into consideration.

  • Address: 1500 1st Ave N Birmingham, Alabama 35203
  • Phone: (205) 250-8000
  • Email:

5. Trove Design Shop

This is also one of those places start-up business people can drop by to finish their projects, just like a library where everyone in the room minds his or her business.

The owner of the trove design shop, Karen Gathany described her coworking space as a best alternative of a busy coffee shop for a hustling and bustling.

coworking space birmingham

It is true! This is a coworking space with a long table that can accommodate 7 people at a goal, at Trove you can get home and fashion things like the jewelry and other art in the front of their store.

It is a paradise for freelancers who are having a distracted time at home, here, everyone minds their business in other to get their work done.

  • Address: 5532 First Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35212
  • Phone: 205-390-6929
  • Email:

6. Make BHM

This is a home for coworkers, conducive enough to get your job done in no time; it is a specialized working space that suits any work that needs silence and no distractions.

coworking space in birmingham

The second floor of this space offers private space for writers, graphics designers, architects, and more specialized occupations, even gives room for lawyers.

The same thing applies to the floor, giving privacy to a series of workers.

Make BHM have different size offices and hot desks as well as provides access to equipment to its members.

Address: 4000 3rd Ave S. Birmingham, AL, 35222

7. The Hub

coworking space in birmingham

This is a close-knit coworking space located in West Homewood Neighborhood Birmingham, Alabama.

As a small business owner that wants to take your business to the next level, this is the right place for you to sit and strategize without any distractions.

  • Address: 174 Oxmoor Road Birmingham, AL 35209
  • Phone: 205-968-1231
  • Email:

8. Regus

coworking space in birmingham

Regus got Birmingham covered when it comes to beautiful, clean, and ideal coworking space, or office space.

Regus offers members internet access, access to printers, a fully stocked kitchen, and many more.


A coworking space in Birmingham, AL is ideal if you are seriously looking for a space to work or are tired of working from home.

The list above shows the different coworking spaces in Birmingham where you can relax and work without stress.

Coworking spaces not only give you a better work environment but also let you join a community of like-minded professionals and tap into the amazing working opportunities the city has to offer.

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