Coworking space in New York

If you are interested in getting to the best Coworking space in New York, then this article is for you, you are going to know those suitable coworking space available anywhere around New York.

Whether you are a freelancer, part time worker, entrepreneur, or even a full time worker, you still need to get a cool place where you can get your task done if you don’t have an office yet.

Even if you have office, there are times you will be on leave, as a wise entrepreneur, you need a private place where you can think or carry out some technical task.

Getting a calm and conducive coworking space in New York City should be the next thing you should hunt for if you truly have to get that technical task done without doing mistakes.

Our list below will give you the best place to finish your works around New York.

Best Coworking Spaces in New York

1. Bronx Coworking Space

new york coworking space

This is a place that has been catching so many people’s attention recently. It is really fancy, above all it has conducive features that make worker work easy to complete.

Company team can come around to organize themselves for useful discussion in other to enable things go well, there is always a discussion room for team works, this will help make sure that you are not distracting other workers in the chamber.

You get all kind of refreshment you will need to keep you in good working position, you also get personal locker in case you will be using a private office.

Print service and also mail delivery also available at Bronx.


  • Floating desk: $125 per week or $325 per month
  • Private office: this is $525 per month
  • Meeting room: this is $45 per hour

Contact details

  • Address: 2825 Third Avenue Suite #301 Bronx, New York 10455
  • Phone: 718 758 4114
  • Email:

2. Ledian Space

coworking space in new york

This has very unique and simple features; you will always get easy access to this coworking place.

The benefit this working place has is that you pay per hour, unlike other coworking space in New York whereby you will be paying every month, in this case those companies are not interested if you skip a day or not.

Even if you work for just 3 hours per day, you still have to pay for that month fee.

I have felt this before, this was when I went to a cyber café to work, I feel the way you will feel when you work for 2 hours and you are still expected to pay the same amount someone that worked for 8 hours will pay.

But here you just have to pay for the exact time you worked for.


  • $60 per hour spent

Contact details

  • Address: 373 Park Avenue S Fl 6 Manhattan, NY 10016
  • Phone: (212) 601-9350

3. Corner Office

coworking space in new york

Should I say this is the perfect place to be especially if you are a freelancer.

This is one of the coworking places in New York that looks cool, very neat and also has every feature your work needs.

It has the virtual office, the conference room, network connection and funny enough this place has a kitchen. 

This means you can’t go hungry here…


  • Membership plan: $399 per month
  • Conference room: 20 hours per hour
  • Virtual office: this is less than $3 per day.

Contact details

  • Address 1: 3003 Ave J, Brooklyn, New York 11210
  • Address 2: 843 Lexington Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11211
  • Address 3: 2361 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11210
  • Phone: 718-253-3003
  • Email:

4. WeWork

coworking space in New york

This is one of those first set of coworking place that was launched…

This place offers custom space, depending on your choice and some other purpose you are here to work, if you are here with team, then the conference room is the best for you.

If you are here for personal task, then no need to get a conference room, you can have the casual spot for working.

It has 24/7 space access, also printing services.


  • $310 per month

Contact details

  • Address: 115 W 18th Street New York, NY 10011
  • Phone: (646) 389-3922

5. Green Desk

coworking place in New york

This is a coworking place with first class in sustainability; this is one of the modern coworking places in New York.

This company uses renewable and non-renewable energy to power the company, it renovate it space with glasses and also aluminum.

You can also get refreshment here, such as coffee and other things you feel it is best for you at the moment.

This working place has over 5,000 members who are subscribed to their monthly or daily plan.


  • Private office: $350 Monthly
  • Hot desk: $29 /day, $75/wk, and $150/month
  • Dedicated desk: $199 per month
  • Conference room: $40/hr, $200/day
  • Virtual office: $49 per month

Contact details

  • Address: 240 Water Street Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • Phone: (718) 210.3650
  • Email:

6. The Farm

coworking space in new york

According to “the farm”, they are the best place for getting comfort.

This coworking space is located in New York trendy SoHo region.

When it was founded, the founder transported some of the barns from the farmland of the southern Missouri to the New York City.


  • Dedicated desk cost $349 per month
  • Hot desk cost $179 per month
  • You can also pay $29 per day.

Contact details

  • Address: 447 Broadway 2nd floor, New York, 10013
  • Phone: (917) 722-5027
  • Email:

7. Galvanize

coworking space in New york

If you are a tech entrepreneur, then do yourself good by visiting this coworking space in New York.

It is one of those coworking space focusing more on technology, although any niche you fall under is still suitable.

The amenities available in this coworking space include free printing services, the conference room, private phone booths, workshop program, onsite staff, locally made coffee, and many more.

8. Regus

coworking space in new york

This is one of the best for new business owner, not that it automatically help the growth of your business, but the atmosphere of this coworking spot create avenue that will make entrepreneur meditate and find solution.

This is a better place for travellers who need to get some work done conveniently, at least he or she can get a place to rest his head and work after the day stress.

Regus has over 3000 location worldwide, and tons of users.

9. NeueHouse

coworking space in new york

Neuehouse is a coworking space for artists. Here, you will find a collective of people from different artistic professions, such as filmmaking, fashion and design, fine arts, and architecture.

It is located in Madison Square Park and has creative types in awe of its amenities geared towards artists.

NeueHouse offers standard services such as Wi-Fi, printing, and meeting room access. But that depends on how much you pay.

As a member, you have access to enjoy various luxurious perks like cultural programming, artisan roasted coffee, happy hour, food and beverage counters, art exhibitions, and many more.


Their fees range from $150/month for communal workspaces to $4,500/month for private studios.

10. The Commons

coworking space in new york

This coworking space is just steps from the 4,5,6 and Q trains in the heart of the Upper East Side.

The Commons boasts two floors of flexible spaces with different members. It has both private and open-floor desks, so you are certain to find one that suits your needs.


  • Day pass: $35 per day
  • Part time: $195 per month
  • Nights & weekends: $195 per month
  • Unlimited Coworking: $395 per month
  • Dedicated desks: $550 per month
  • 1 Person office: $ 895 per month
  • 2 Person Office: $1600 per month
  • 3 person office: $2550/month
  • 4 person office: $3200 per month
  • Virtual office: $50 per month
  • Team room: $6500 per month
  • Therapy office: $25 per hour

Contact details

  • Address:157 East 86th St. New York, NY 10028
  • Phone: 646-981-0840
  • Email:


This list of coworking space in New York was thoroughly screened, by checking what best they have to offer people who are dropping by.

This place is best for freelancers, part-time and full time workers who want to add to their daily working hours.

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