Dating Sites in Switzerland

After conducting thorough research on Dating Sites in Switzerland, we have put together a detailed list of the best dating Swiss sites for those hoping to find love in Switzerland and beyond

In recent times, it is obvious that dating sites have been in so much use mostly by people hoping to find love because it gives the opportunity to choose from a variety of people all around the world and Switzerland has been noted to have a number of them.

The reason for this writing is to analyze dating sites in Switzerland.

Online dating is a program that makes it effortless for people to find and introduce themselves to significant connections over the Internet with the goal of developing personal, romantic, or sexual relationships.

Switzerland which is a small mountainous country located in Europe with a population of over 8 million people is an amazing place and the issue of love or dating cannot be overemphasized. Switzerland is known to have beautiful places where love can be explored. The likes of Stoos, Wengen, and Lauterbrunnen Valley, etc, are truly a sight to behold. One could think of the possibility of finding the right person to explore these places with, in other to have moments which one can reminisce about.

Basically, these dating sites have been created by Swiss and these sites are easy to access in order to happily complete your mission and not to feel frustrated. They make users become “members” and get acquainted by creating a profile and uploading personal information such as age, gender, sexual orientation, location, and appearance, etc.

Most of these sites allow members to upload their photos or videos. Once a profile has been generated, members get to see the information of other users and decide whether to initiate a conversation. Some dating sites give room for digital messaging, others introduce additional services such as webcasts, online chat, telephone chat (VOIP), and message boards. Users may decide to limit their interactions to the internet space, or they may ask for a date to meet in person.

More so, a great diversity of online dating services generated by the Swiss currently exist to curb the challenge of finding love. To mention but a few dating sites in Switzerland are:

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This is a dating site available in more than 25 countries like Switzerland, France, and Germany, etc. is a top dating site for Swiss singles. Here, they have all they want within their reach.  With Match, more dates, relationships, and marriages have emerged. On, the registration is free and so is browsing.  Other free services are receiving matches, creating a Favorites list, and flirting via private messages to your Top Picks.

2. Elites Singles

Elite Singles
Elite Singles

OECD brings to our knowledge that approximately 86% of 25- to 64-year-olds in Switzerland have attained at least an upper secondary qualification. Are you a type that considers education when searching for a lover?, we’d be glad to recommend Elite Singles.   8 out of 10 of its members have obtained at least a bachelor’s degree, and they’re all looking forward to serious relationships. Basically, more than 2500 people have found love on this site in a span of one month. Elite Singles have put a lot together in making internet dating successful.  

3.  EDarling Switzerland

eDarling Switzerland
eDarling Switzerland

eDarling is convincingly the best dating website for both young and old because it is free and is for discerning singles. It is one of Europe’s most recommended dating brands and it is operated by the same people who run Elite Singles. Both of these websites have similar features and designs to make dating painless and fun.

The site has over two million users who seek good results and these people are matched based on a detailed, lengthy scientific personality test organized by a qualified psychologist where important information is required such as age, education, religion, location, gender, sexual orientation, and lots more. This way, eDarling helps match you with a potential partner.

Love Scout24
Love Scout24 is the best online dating site in Switzerland and is often used in Germany as well.  It used to be known as People United back in 1997 but has evolved over the years. The site’s security system checks IP addresses to check users that are from outside of the region. For those willing to join this site, it is worth the time spent.

This site is more precise than other sites because it gives the opportunity to be specific as to your ideal perfect match. You can go ahead to search for the least thing as height (tall or short), Body size (thin or fat), Behaviour (introvert or extrovert), athletic, sports fan, and another sort of interest. This site gives room for blocking up to 100 members if there be anyone you are uncomfortable with based on your own reason. This site indeed makes online dating simple to the point.

5. Tinder.


Tinder is an effective dating site for Swiss singles. No matter your kind of man or woman, Tinder can fetch you thousands in no time.  There are tons of single swiss signed up on tinder every single day.

These accounts are owned by single and sexy swiss patiently waiting to initiate a chat with you. Don’t spoil the fun, Use tinder today and have no regrets. Are you hoping to find a friendship or relationship? Sex partners or sugar daddies?, Tinder is sure to find you as many as you desire.

6 Mingle2


This platform is a widely used dating site with a quick response as numerous and hot Swiss are hoping to get on a journey of love. They are always ready for deep conversations. Mingle2 is highly recommendable because it is fast and really simple to log in. No complicated process so you don’t get fades up with giving out too much information as is required in other sites.

You only have to upload a picture, write a short introductory message and that’s all. Some people get worried as to the fact that most online dates are unsafe and impractical but on Mingle2, the reverse is the case because everyone is looking for a serious relationship. Therefore, Mingle2 will be your best kickoff for finding a partner in Switzerland.  

Many singles are not entirely looking forward to getting into a relationship immediately (they are probably new to online dating and might decide to take things slow) that’s where Swiss Friends Date sparks fire. If you want to make friends, find some travel buddies and find serious relationships, the site is there for you all the way. In Swiss Friends Date, there is no fake account or scammer so there is nothing to get scared about. If there be any, Swiss Friends Date will do well to block to ensure your safety.

7 Connecting Singles

Connecting Singles
Connecting Singles

Whether you’re a Swiss single or a foreigner hoping to date a Swiss, Connecting Singles can help you achieve that goal. This dating site is 100% free and only has to do with sending, receiving, and replying to messages, checking out people’s profiles, finding out who has viewed your profile, liked you, or added you among their favorites, and accessing other search features. Connecting Singles stands to help you meet people by choice not forcefully so all of the opportunity of finding a Swiss lover is in your hands.

How to find a swiss Lover as a Foreigner.

 These dating sites are sure to give the best experiences when it comes to finding love or dating. It is also pertinent to know that there are other ways to find love in Swiss for those who feel reluctant in using dating sites. The Swiss are people who are generally pretty reserved and extremely respectful of other people’s privacy and time, therefore to fall in love with them does not really take much as it may seem. Basically, these tips will be useful for foreigners who want to successfully steal the heart of a Swiss

  • Learning the Swiss language(s): According to Lawson-Botez, “This may seem like an obvious point, but if you really want to meet locals then you’ve got to speak the language,”
  • Join a club: Just so you can get to find an amazing partner, you have to join a club. This is a better strategy to get acquainted with the Swiss people to share moments that will soon lead to a crazy love experience.
  • Talk to work colleagues: Don’t be a timid Single, socialize and give contributive ideas so you get noticed. That way, you can attract personalities to yourself. Don’t you think so?,  I guess you do.
  • Break bread.
  • Date other expats
  • Explore beautiful Places.


There you are with the Best Dating Sites in Switzerland, it’s now over to you to explore.

Conclusively, Love is pretty especially when you fall in love with the right person. The Swiss have the idea of not having to rush things. They have great respect for things that concerns the heart which makes them really conservative and reserved.

Online dating services is a plus for them as it helps them spread their horizon when it comes to Dating or match-making. With these sites, dating is easy, successful, and secret. These sites are really inspiring because it is created with so much ecstasy that can literally blow the mind off.

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