Easter Baskets Canada

Easter is a special time of year and a time to gather together with our family and dearest friends while delighting in the holiday by painting eggs and hunting for chocolate across the yard and home with the little ones.

In the Easter season, Easter baskets Canada has been a well-known gift to make both adult and children’s Easters special. This Easter basket usually contains gifts like Easter eggs, food, toys, teddy bears, wine, and other wonderful gifts.

You might not really know which kind of Easter basket is out there or even where to get them. That’s why we’ll be taking you through some of the many Easter baskets in Canada, where to get them from, and a description of each gift basket we’ve highlighted.


My Basket Canada

Easter Baskets Canada

Commemorate this holiday of Easter with their loving and adorable Easter baskets. They have picked all the items that symbolize this occasion namely Easter Bunny, Easter Eggs, and Easter chocolates and Candies.

In the absence of a real bunny, their Bunny Plush serves the role of a cute bunny in kids’ hunting basket and they enjoy and like carrying them around, feeling being helped and assisted by the bunny while looking and hunting for the eggs.

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Surprise kids and make them wonder with their cute Easter baskets that are quite filled with a variety of colorful, delicious and fun treats in delightful color baskets and boxes and spread the joyful spirit of Easter with grown-ups with their classic Easter baskets filled with delicious treats with a limited touch of Easter egg, Little chick and Lindor popular truffle suitable for adults.

Below are some of the most demanded Easter baskets Canada in this store;

1. Wine And Cheese Gift Basket

Easter Baskets Canada

Celebrate any special occasion for family, friends, co-workers or colleagues with this classic cheese wine gift baskets alongside a good quality bottle of red wine

2. Gourmet Collection Large

Easter Baskets Canada

This sweet gourmet gift contains Lindt milk chocolate, popcorn, crackers, shortbread cookies, chips, truffles, pretzels, chocolate almonds, chocolate, and the container

3. Happy Easter Gift Basket 

Easter Baskets Canada

This Easter Gift Basket is filled with Chocolate bunny(2), shortbread cookies, chocolate eggs, brie cheese, olive oil crackers, potato chips, oatmeal cookies, pretzels, cheddar biscuits, French truffles, basket.

4. Easter Basket

Easter Baskets Canada

This Easter Egg Hunt Gift Basket is filled with enjoyable Chocolate bunny, Godiva truffles, Easter eggs, French truffles, chocolate covered almonds, Olive oil crackers, caramel popcorn, pretzels, oatmeal cookies, and an easter egg gift box

5. Ultimate Easter Gift Basket

Easter Baskets Canada

This Easter gift basket has Chocolate bunny, Godiva truffles, caramel popcorn, chocolate covered almonds, salted olive oil crackers, potato chips, cheese crackers, gourmet cookies, pretzels, French truffles, and Easter eggs.


The Sweet Basket

Easter Baskets Canada

Discover and get to know about the finest and most beautiful selection of Canadian Easter gift baskets for kids and adults of all ages! Pick from only the cutest and tastiest Godiva chocolate bunnies, Lindt chocolate eggs, and milk chocolate carrots to enjoy with family and friends this Easter.

Their stunning and alluring collection of Easter gift baskets is now available on the web and includes free delivery of packages to all Canadian cities, including Montreal, Ottawa, Mississauga, Vancouver, and Halifax.

If you can’t get the perfect Easter basket, they also give a customized basket service. With such a wide array of selection of items to choose from, they make it their work and mission to provide you with the finest and cutest gift baskets in an effort to make all of your holiday moments memorable and wonderful. Their Toronto gift baskets are supported by a complete satisfaction guarantee!

Below are some of the most demanded Easter baskets Canada in this store;

1. Easter Morning Gift Basket

Easter Baskets Canada

Enjoy Spring with a touch of sweetness! Enjoy the good taste of crème fudge, orange chocolate biscotti, chocolate covered pretzels, Lindt caramel eggs, Lindt milk chocolate bunny, and more!

2. Easter Parade Gift Basket

Easter Baskets Canada

Perfect for kids of all ages! Their specialty gift basket includes milk chocolate bunnies, soft chewy candy, marshmallow Peeps, and more!

3. Easter Egghunt

Easter Baskets Canada

Your search for the perfect Easter gift ends here! Get to know of a fun selection of treats to savor – milk chocolate bunnies, Peeps marshmallows, Easter cookies, and a lot more!

4. Easter Bunnies & Treats

Easter Baskets Canada

Tasty sweet confections for a perfect Easter celebration! Savor the sweetness of milk chocolate bunnies, Easter chocolate pralines, Lindt chocolate carrots, and lots more!


Boodles of Basket

Easter Baskets Canada

Easter gift baskets from Boodles of Baskets come in all shapes and sizes, so you’re definitely sure to find the best one for your loved ones, friends, or relatives. Undoubtedly, no one loves Easter more than kids!

When it gets to shopping for an Easter gift, ideas can be somehow hard to come by. That’s why their Easter gift baskets always have a little bit of something for everyone.

Pick from gift baskets including extravagant Ghirardelli chocolates, decadent Laura Secord fudge, or mouth-watering Lindt truffles. Or go for quintessential Easter favorites like Peeps Marshmallow Chicks, Jelly Belly jelly beans, and definitely the all-time classics: chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs.

Below are some of the most demanded Easter baskets Canada in this store;

1. Easter Classic Candy Bouquet

Easter Baskets Canada

Their Classic Candy Bouquet is indeed bright, bold, and bountiful. Filled to the brim with chocolates, chips, and candies that will taste and tantalizing, this is a true candy lover heaven on earth and a great gift for Easter.

2. For Kids Only-easter

Easter Baskets Canada

The gift basket has 2 Reese mini peanut butter cups, TicTac mixers, Razzles tropical, Pringles, candy corn, Bits & Bites, Junior caramels, Nerds, Sour Patch Kids, and 2 Sunkist fruit snacks.

3. Its In The Easter Basket

Easter Baskets Canada

Their Candy Gift Baskets are a combination of retro candies (Razzles) and modern (Skittles). The one thing they both have in common though is they’re delicious, tasty, and always a pleasure to receive!

4. Easter Smiles And Giggles

Easter Baskets Canada

For that special and wonderful kid, they fill this polka dot gift box with 2 boxes of nerds, Candy corn, 2 lollipops, 3 Fundip, Sweetarts, a box of Gobstoppers, Laffy Taffy, Sour Patch Kids, and key lime cookies.


Hazelton Canada

Easter Baskets Canada

Hazelton’s is positioned as a high quality and leading-edge Gift Basket brand and design authority, giving dominant and prominent products in the Gift Basket market which includes Hazelton’s most unique, outstanding, and innovative Gift Baskets and Gift Basket Containers.

At present, Hazelton’s is wonderfully and interestingly the most innovative and fastest-growing luxury brand in the Gift Delivery market in Toronto & Canada. They have the belief that their brand stands alone and is redefining this highly fragmented and growing Gift Basket market.

Below are some of the most demanded Easter baskets Canada in this store;

1. The Easter Treats Gift Basket

Easter Baskets Canada

This gift basket is the perfect and ultimate gift for the whole family, as your family will definitely love the giant chocolate Easter egg that contains a peanut butter center.

2. The Easter Care Package Gift Set

Easter Baskets Canada

The Easter Care Package Gift Set has everything you need to celebrate Spring and Easter like flowers, chocolate, a bottle of wine, and many more.

3. “Look What The Easter Bunny Brought Me” Gift Set

Easter Baskets Canada

The “Look What The Easter Bunny Brought Me” Gift Set contains a plush bunny, a coca-cola, chocolates, candies, and many more! This gift set is guaranteed to make their jaw drops on Easter morning and one they’ll never forget.

4. Easter Feast Basket With Champagne

Easter Baskets Canada

Spoil someone special and dear this Easter with the Easter Feast Basket with Champagne from Hazelton’s. Containing an assortment of delicious gourmet treats from chocolate to candy to chips along with a bottle of bubbly, it’s an undoubted celebration in a basket.


Yorkville Canada

Easter Baskets Canada

At Yorkville, they know surely that many people like and fancy the finer things in life and what can be more enjoyable and interesting than the finest quality gift baskets, flowers, gifts, and catering services. They are currently based in Toronto, Canada and they offer a fully online service that provides high-quality gift baskets, etc. across Canada and the United States.

Yorkville makes use of the very best in products that have been sourced from all around the world. They work hand in hand with quite a number of artisan producers ensuring that the finest ingredients make their way into their products.

They are joyful and delighted to say that they produce every order as freshly as possible, making sure that their products can be enjoyed and loved in the best possible manner.

Below are some of the most demanded Easter baskets Canada in this store;

1. Elegant Easter Gift Basket

Easter Baskets Canada

The Elegant Easter Gift Basket contains gourmet chocolate, a bottle of bubbly, a bouquet of flowers, and more.

2. Easter Cake & Wine Gift Basket

Easter Baskets Canada

With a delectable cake and a bottle of fine wine, the Easter Cake & Wine Gift Basket from Yorkville’s will make Easter even sweeter and enjoyable.

3. Bright Easter Sunshine Basket

Easter Baskets Canada

Create an impression this Easter with the Bright Easter Sunshine Basket from Yorkville’s. With a wonderful and unique assortment of sweet and savory snacks, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and more.

4. Easter Bath Gift Set

Easter Baskets Canada

This gift basket contains handmade cookies, Cadbury creme eggs, body lotion and bath salts from Pré de Provence, a rustic birch bark ivory candle, soap, 2 champagne flutes, spa gloves, a plush bunny and a bottle of fine champagne or sparkling wine.


Occasionally Gifted

Easter Baskets Canada

Occasionally Gifted is a top-class and leading provider of gift baskets and floral arrangements way back to 1997. Their goal and mission is to make your gift-giving easy, convenient, and indeed affordable. They deliver gifts they would love us to receive ourselves!

Occasionally Gifted makes the delivery of gift baskets and floral bouquets to most points in Canada. Their website is created and designed with easily identifiable categories, reminders of important and memorable events or holidays, and clearly described products.

The design team at Occasionally Gifted is constantly striving and working to add to their gift and floral collections, creating and bringing new and exclusive ideas, novelties, and fun ideas to your gift-giving needs.

Below are some of the most demanded Easter baskets Canada in this store;

1. Spring Fling

Easter Baskets Canada

This basket provides Wonka Nerds candies, crunchy Lays Chips, Bazooka bubble gum nuggets, Organic Gummy bears, Cadbury chocolate Bunnies, Jelly Belly gourmet jelly bean seeds, and many more.

2. Easter Bunny’s Reward

Easter Baskets Canada

The tempting and alluring treats contain double chocolate cocoa mix, peanut butter filled eggs, marshmallow Peeps, chocolate dipped mint cookies, and more!

3. Bunny Trail

Easter Baskets Canada

Easter Bunny has indeed left you a sweet bunny trail to follow straight to this cute gift. Goodies contain chocolate snowball cookies, chocolate cashew buttercrunch, strawberry chocolates, and milk chocolate drenched peanuts.

4. Hippity Hop

Easter Baskets Canada

This little bunny family gives you Peeps and Jelly Belly Bunny Corn and an extra special Easter message for some bunny very special!



We trust that choosing and buying a nice Easter basket Canada for your loved ones will be so much easier next Christmas all thanks to this post.

See what you like? Kindly, click on that Easter basket’s name and you’ll be redirected to the website where you can check out its detailed description. If you’ve not found what you like, don’t worry, just check out the other stores in this post


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Easter baskets Canada?

There are quite a number of stores to buy Easter baskets in Canada but some of the Canadian stores sell baskets that contains some gifts while others sell only the Easter baskets Canada without any gifts.
Those that sell baskets with gifts inside are;
1. My Basket Canada
2. Boodles of Basket
3. The Sweet Basket
4. Hazelton Canada
5. Yorkville Canada
6. Occasionally Gifted
The stores that sell baskets without gifts inside are;
1. Lindt Canada
2. Etsy
3. Walmart Canada
4. Amazon
5. WayFair

What are the items usually contained in an Easter basket?

Some items that are usually contained in a Easter basket Canada are shortbread cookies, chocolate eggs, olive oil crackers, brie cheese, cheddar biscuits, French truffles, oatmeal cookies, pretzels, potato chips, Lindt milk chocolate, chips, truffles, cookies, pretzels, popcorn, chocolate, cookie, crackers, Chocolate bunny, godiva truffles, French truffles, chocolate covered almonds, caramel popcorn, and a easter egg gift box

What is an Easter basket?

An Easter basket is a special basket used in the Easter celebrations. Easter baskets are usually filled with Easter eggs, toys, food, or other gifts depending on one’s culture. As many people give up sweets as their Lenten sacrifice, they receive them in their Easter baskets after having refrained from eating them during the preceding forty days of Lent.

Why are Easter baskets given out on Easter?

In the Christian convention, Easter is a celebration of Christ’s resurrection. It occurs in the spring, which is a time to celebrate renewal. Before Easter baskets were associated with the Christian holiday, they had their roots in paganism. Since Easter is celebrated around the same time as the Spring Equinox, Christians modified many of the old traditions.
Using baskets in the spring was linked to the Germanic fertility goddess, Eostre, who also blessed the harvest. As an offering, individuals would carry baskets of young seedlings to her. If the seedlings pleased her, she would ensure that they have a successful harvest.
The goddess would carry a basket filled with eggs to encourage fertility. Since seedlings and eggs are linked to new life, the baskets came to signify new life as well. Later on, as more individuals embraced Christianity, they would hold on to their old customs. That is the main reason we still give out baskets filled with goodies during this holiday


Can I personalize my Easter basket?

Whether you’re looking for unique Easter basket ideas for kids or shopping for adults, adding a personalized touch makes your Easter basket that much more sentimental. Some stores can help you to add custom stitching or embroidery featuring your recipients monogram or name.
You can personalize your Easter baskets Canada at an online stores that offer personalized Easter basket without gifts inside like Etsy or an online store that offer baskets with gifts inside is Boddles of Baskets


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