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Today’s article will provide you with easy ways to promote your business. It can be extremely difficult to promote one’s business because of the complex world that we all live in today. 

You have to know someone with high and powerful connections before you can get anything done. In the business world, there’s not much difference either. 

Entrepreneurs do a whole lot when it comes to business promotion. Some have no idea how to go about it, some end up wasting money on fruitless efforts. 

Just so they can promote their businesses, all the while, making profit too.

In the days before the internet and social media, promoting a business meant spending a fortune on advertising, only for trying to get off the ground. Well, not anymore. 

Thanks to technology, there are now lots of ways that a small fledgling business can get word of their products or services out to prospective customers, many of them are actually free.

There is a wide range of online and offline tools to promote your business, such as social networking, advertisements, word of mouth and outdoor advertising. 

To get started on this, I’d like to introduce to you – YAIOA PLUG. This is by far, one of the latest easy ways to promote your business and elevate it to another level.

This is possible through a content matching technology which is used to match those in need of a product or service that is similar to what you offer. This can be achieved through your product or service being displayed to users reading through content around the web.

This just makes the job easier for everyone. Too easy, in fact. 

Moving forward, here are easy ways to promote your business (product or service) you have, whether it’s offline or online.


Easy Ways To Promote Your Business


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This is one of the easy ways to promote your business that you can ever think of. 

YAIOA (Your All In One Account), as the name implies, renders lots of services. From promoting your business and increase leads to Sales, Subscribers, Clients, and more.

Wanna give it a shot? Follow the steps below to enjoy this business promotional strategy.

  • Sign Up here on YAIOA
  •  Deposit a minimum of $10 in your Account, using either Paystack and PayPal, to activate your plug.
  •  Fill in your plug details correctly. Indicate its description as well (product or a service). Insert your Service or Product location coverage.
  •  Click on Submit to Save your business information

 You will be charged a fee of $0.01 per client that clicks to call or message you.  If you can not be contacted, you won’t be charged. 

Your plug starts running in minutes after submission. You won’t be charged a penny if you’re not contacted, and your funds remain intact in your Account.

There is no limitation to certain products and services. It covers a wide range of products and services.

These are some of the service plugs available for you;

  • Photographer
  • Cook
  • Chef
  • Tailor
  • Fashion Designer
  • Doctor

In the same vein, here are some of the product plugs available for you to pick from;

  • Laptop Dealer
  • Battery Store
  • Cake Store
  • Electronics Store
  • Fashion Store
  • Electrical shops
  • Phone store


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2. Create a Brand and Logo

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This may look simple but it is one of the easy ways to promote your business, and widespread brand recognition should be your ultimate goal.

Your business needs to inspire and persuade others to spread the word about your work. Do this and watch your business grow amazingly.

Make sure to create a brand you can build on from the start. Start by taking proper inventory of your business’ value proposition, and even the values that define it.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can even create a logo using an online logo maker.


3. Create a Website and Blog

Web Design, User Interface, Website

In this century, if your business doesn’t have a website, you might as well forget about entrepreneurship.

To promote your business effectively, you need to create an online presence with a website that includes contact information, details about your product or service and promotional mechanisms like testimonials, demonstration videos and positive reviews.

Once you’ve done that, it’s time to add a blog full of engaging topics and thought-provoking commentary about your business.

A blog gets people talking and educates them more about your business.

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4. Connect with Customers on Social Media 

Laptop, WordPress, WordPress Design

Social media is one of the easy ways to promote your business.

Wonderful thing is, it is free and almost everyone takes advantage of it, which is why it’s a great channel to grow your business, as long as you use the right ways.

But first, you must choose the right platforms for your business  and nurture connections with your customers, answer questions, follow up on leads and sort out negative reviews.

Records place Facebook and Twitter to be the two biggest platforms for most businesses.

But still, any business can benefit from being on LinkedIn and YouTube as well.


5. Engage with Google

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Did you know that Google has some smart tools to help promote your business?

You could start by creating an account on Google Business and Google Places, and add your website and company information. It’s free, straightforward and one of the easy ways to promote your business.

More people search for businesses online than anywhere else.


6. Try to Think Local 

Reporter, Camera, Journalist, Media

One of the easy ways to promote your business is by targeting potential customers in your area.

Familiarize with the reporters and publications that cover your community to get your brand into the local media. You will realize that when you build these local connections, you’re not only promoting your business, but also gaining valuable contacts.

Lookout for businesses that are in a similar field or offer a product supplemental to your own. Also, consider engaging in a free trade partnership, exchanging services for publicity or vice versa.

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7. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, Seo

What use is your website if nobody can find it on their search engine?

You should be very aware of the fact that people rarely click to the second page of results, so to generate enormous online traffic, and therefore customers, you need to rank highly on Google.

To make this possible, you will need to work on your SEO techniques more often, monitoring your statistics closely and refining your features accordingly.

Ask yourself questions like; “What phrases are my customers searching? What questions do they have?”.

Update your site regularly with keyword-rich content and build quality backlinks to your site. Make use of internal links too.

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8. Work with a Business Coach 

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Still pondering on easy ways to promote your business? Consider working with a business coach or mentor who has experience with new business promotion.

He can give you examples of easy ways to promote your business and guide you through the whole process.

A business coach can also help you sort out your target market, see to it that you’re spending money wisely, by marketing to the right groups of people.


9. Socialize Regularly

Mobile, Phone, Social Media, Media

This is too easy, really. Try as much as possible to set up your business profile on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Make sure it includes a good description, relevant keywords and a link to your website.

Join groups or conversations that talk about your type of products or service. Do not be dormant, participate in the discussions.

Do not spam them with constant promos for what you sell, or you’ll damage your reputation or some will find you inauthentic. The secret to joining these groups is to initiate conversations with potential consumers rather than pushing how fantastic your product is.

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10. Get Involved in Events

Crowd, Concert, Music Festival, Party

One of the easy ways to promote your business at events is to get a spot at a trade show, exhibiting at trade shows paves way for potential customers and proper publicity.

Trade shows are usually focused on a particular area of products or services, which means you’re exposed to lots of buyers looking for products like yours. You can target hundreds or even thousands of prospective customers in the span of a few hours and answer their questions or show them your product.

You get to meet with other business owners who would promote your business through contests or giveaways on their social media platforms or websites.

Do your research properly, to figure out how much you’re likely to profit from it because sometimes, a spot at a popular trade show can be expensive.


11. Create a Customer Loyalty Scheme

Ecommerce, Selling Online, Online Sales

Every company is ultimately in the business of providing customer satisfaction. That’s because happy customers not only come back, they’re also the best promotion your business needs.

Loyal customers provide easy ways to promote your business. They’ll also provide you effective word-of-mouth advertising in the form of referrals and positive reviews.

In return, you have to reward these long-time customers with a solid loyalty scheme that will keep them hooked.

It could be a loyalty card, or certain perks to long-standing customers or frequent buyers or a discount price to customers on their birthday, even a free product with their tenth purchase.

Encouraging loyal customers is an easy way to make sales and grow a loyal customer base.


12. Host a Webinar

Online, Course, Training, Teacher

Holding a seminar online is one of the easy ways promote your business.

It can reach potential customers and business connections all over the world, which can seriously expand your business.

Conduct a free training or webinar for your email leads, referrals or social media followers, by going live on Instagram or Facebook and taking questions from comments.

If your webinar is particularly helpful or instructive, it will most likely spread.

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13. Sponsor an Event

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This could be any event. Take the angle of a sponsorship of a sports team.

It is your place to negotiate the terms of the sponsorship. You could decide that the players should wear your branding on their kit, or even ask for exclusive advertising rights at their tournaments.

Your branding will go on all the tickets and advertisement for the event, which for popular events can mean big exposure.

Another trick is to sponsor an event in your local area.

14. Try Email Marketing

Email Marketing, Email, Marketing

Many entrepreneurs aren’t aware of the benefits of email marketing.

Include a simple email signup form on your website. It is a way of learning more about your customers when they enter their contact details.

Include an optional box asking them how they got to your site, or why they’re here. This can yield great results.

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15. Request for Reviews

Rating, User, Survey, Quality, Review

Reviews are one of the easy ways to promote your business at a low cost, because most people read online reviews and also finds them trustworthy.

Encourage your customers to write reviews about your products or services in the comment section.

It doesn’t matter whether it is good or bad, reviews make your business more credible to future customers and can be lessons learned for you.

Make sure to write out customer feedback somewhere noticeable on your site, so that others can find and read the results.

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I hope these easy ways to promote your business have been helpful to you in your business journey.

Pick any that resonates with your instincts and go with it. I assure you, they are all very effective, reliable and easy.

If this was really helpful, please share and leave a comment too.

Thanks for tuning in. Be safe!

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