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Welcome to 360, Nigerians first and foremost Business Portal where Ready-made Businesses are Sold. You might have stumbled upon this site for either one of these purposes


1. To Start an Online Business

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2. To Buy a Ready-Made Business and hit the Market

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3. To Buy Pre-written Original Articles for your Blog

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4. To Join the 360 Membership and have exclusive access to Business Resources & Practical Mentor-ship in your Business

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5. To take a Crash Course on your areas of Studies in the University and Career path and become Job-Market ready

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6. To Buy a School Project that you can use and Defend your Final Year Project in School. We offer School project topics for different Subjects.

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What is 360?

360 is the #1 Marketplace for Ready-Made Business and anything Business related. We are a Full Business Solution Company based in Lagos, Nigeria. Having started quite a number of Businesses and did the same for a couple of Individuals and Companies alike, we saw a need for a one-stop website for Business Solutions


What Services does 360 Offer?

On 360 Business, we offer a Membership Plan for Startups, Bloggers, Businesses, and Established firms alike where we create and deliver to them current Business Turnkey Solutions at a Fraction of the Cost they would have gotten it for. These Solutions ranges from Graphics and Prints Designs down to websites and Scripts that will help a Startup Launch their Business without much hassle


List of the Solutions we offer to our Members

1. Business Card Designs

2. Letter-headed Paper Designs

3. Branded Polo Designs

4. App Walk-through Screen Designs

5. Free & Premium Blogger Templates

6. Free and Premium WordPress templates

7. Exclusive access to Contents and Strategies for Revenue Hack

8. Professional Google Blogger Blog Setup and Optimization

9. Keyword Research

10. Content Strategy

11. Blog Niche Research


360 for Bloggers

Blogging has and will always be a Lucrative source of Income and Revenue generation for Bloggers, Journalists and Writers alike Blogging is not the way it uses to be 3, 6 and 10 Years ago, the game changes from time to time and keeping a tab on these changes have allowed us to stay relevant doing the right thing

A few years back Keyword Stuffing and other Blackheart Gimmicks worked out and pull in decent traffic back to scrappy content websites

But today that has changed so immensely and there are a couple of updates and changes now and then,

being that the Google Algorithm and other independent Platforms that Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers do rely on have changed significantly to be able to separate Great websites and Blogs from Scrappy sites, It becomes necessary to keep an eye on these changes and keep our Members aligned to the latest practices in the Industry

As a 360 Member, you will have access to the right tools and resources to Blog your way to Success

Both as a Budding Blogger or an already Established Blogger trying to find your way around, you will find Resources and Solutions here that will be of immense help to your Blogging Career


360 for Startups

As a startup, be it in in the Online or Offline space, you will need a whole lot of things to put your Business together

Ranging from naming your Business the right way (Naming Convention) down to writing the right Business Plan and even securing Investments (Seed Funding & Venture Capital Investments)

These are a few things that you will not have to worry about as a Startup when you join 360

1. Getting a Business Idea to start

2. Understanding your Business Niche

3. Picking the right name for your New Company

4. Writing the Best Business Plan that converts

5. Writing your Pitch Deck

6. Designing your Company Logo

7. Registering your Company Legally

8. Setting up Payments Gateways and Accepting Payments Online

9. Learning the Marketing Curves and Marketing your Company

10. Building up a Passionate and Dedicated Team around your Firm

11. Raising Funds from Friends, Family, and Contacts the right way

12. Making your first $100 Online

And lots more


360 for Established Firms

There is No Middle Ground in Business, there is only Up’s and Down as stated by Nic Haralambous of Nic Harry.com which therefore entails that at every point in any Business’s time-frame, be it an established Firm or a Startup, there will always be a need for another Level, a new Goal and all

And these bring about a need for a new Strategy, New Addition, New Tactics and knowing what works and Trends in that current era, time or dispensation

With that being said, Medium-sized companies that were established when there was no Social Media or Web 2.0 Fuse at some point in time will need to step-up their game by joining the Internet revolution of Social Media and Search Engine Marketing

There will also need Re-branding, Redesigning, Restructuring and maybe Training of their Staffs to in turn add more value to the Company

Knowing this, we identified solutions and challenges that SME’s could face during the course of running their Businesses and created Solutions and resources for these Problems that will add value to their establishment in one way or the other

From Marketing, Advertising, Skill Acquisition and Empowerment of their Workforce down to Tools, Utilities and Software Solutions to manage the smooth operation of their Entities the Modern way

Tools and Solution that we offer to Companies includes a set of Business Management Utilities, a list of a few of these tools can be found below

1. Project Management + Employees Chat

2. Expense and Finance Manager

3. Client and Customer Management

4. Invoice Management

5. Task Management within Employees

6. Attendance Management

7. Support Ticket

8. Work Leave, Events

9. Report Management

And more…


360 for Graduates & Working Class

According to a statistical report on Vanguard by the DG (Director-General) of NYSC, Brigadier General Suleiman Kazaure, NYSC releases about 300,000 Graduates each year – Annual NYSC Graduates But most of these Graduates are not Job-Market ready being that most of the Universities engage it’s Students with Theoretical and outdated training resources that will not stand the test of time in this fast Changing Technological era

Practically, I have interviewed more than 100 Employees for a couple of Firms and mine too and the rate of poor correlation of career path and lack of the basic Skills for Survival in the Job Market was overwhelmingly high which automatically translate to the fact that these sets of people will hardly find a good job with a long-lasting Job Security at least for what they Studied in School

Then if you aren’t going to work for what you learned in school which most will agree is the current Norm in the Country, then you should have a fallback which will boil down to no other thing than a Skill

That’s exactly where 360 comes in, to impact you with the right and relevant Skills in your Niche or Career path that will get you soaring at every Job or Interview

We know what Employers are looking for both at the Soft Level of your Skills and the Hard Skills that is connected to your Niche. As a Member, you will have access to these resources at your own Pace and can also ask questions and get recommendations too

For Example, if you studied Accounting in school, there are chances that you were only given the basics of Accounting and how to do Balance sheets and all the Theoretical Jargon, they didn’t give you any Accounting Software to work with

In the real world (Job Market), Employers will only Employ you if you know how to use Quick Books, Peachtree or any of the hundreds of Accounting Software out there to keep track of their Accounting and Finance needs

They won’t employ you to come and be teaching them those theories you learned in school, except you want to end up working in a Secondary School as a teacher, teaching the Pupils Accounting the theoretical way

You see the Information and Communication Technology sector has eaten into every industry, from the Banking sector down to Accounting and even the Oil and Gas sector now depends strongly on IT for its smooth operation and existence

So what we will do for you as a Career or working-class person is to impact you with the necessary skills and information that you will need to thrive and excel  in your areas of specialization

Let’s take Business Admin as a Case Study here, if you are a Graduate in Business Administration, we will put your through

1. What Business Management is

2. The Skills you need as a Biz Admin

3. Companies you can work for as a Biz Admin

4. Salary Ranges you should be Expecting

5. How to gain Experience after coming out of School newly

6. How to Start a Consulting Business Firm onsite if you prefer working at your own time and Pace

7. Understanding Operations in Business

8. Understanding Marketing in running a Company

9. Knowing how to Spot an Asset when Hiring

10. How to Design Business Cards, ID Cards, Email Templates, etc

11. How to Design your Company Websites


Now if you look at the list of things that we expected you to learn as a Businessperson, you will see that they are much and versatile even out of the scope of Business you learned in school, at least that is what you will think

But in reality, they are not, running a Company is tedious and requires a lot of skills and proficiency, especially in a harsh Economy or when you have little resources and Funding

Starting a Business from scratch could be daunting most of the times, you will get to see yourself doing most of everything while starting and even in a situation where one of your staff disappoints you for a day or two, how do you fill up that gap when you aren’t versatile? You won’t and that will be a very big set back and lapses that might frustrate your efforts, So in a nutshell, to successfully run a Startup Business with less Resource and Funding, you need some important skills.


360 for Students & Project Defenders

We offer great and Innovative Project Topics for Students to use and Defend their Projects in School while training and educating them on the Project

The list of project topics we offer are;

1. Project topics for Business Administration

2. Project topics in Accounting

3. Projects topics in Education

4. Project topics for Computer Science

5. Other Project topics Ideas not mentioned here



In Summary, you now know what 360 is, who it is meant for and how to get started. If you will want to get more Clarity or would like to discuss further on your specific needs, you can call our Customer Support on 08169820265 or Email us via our Contact Page or our Support mail: info@360.com.ng