Entry level work from home jobs in 2023

Discover the best work from home jobs in 2023.
With technology making it simpler for us to work wherever we choose, people’s working habits are swiftly changing. As a result, an increasing number of individuals are utilizing options for remote employment. By working from home, people may cut down on travel time, spend more time with their families, and manage their own schedules.
Certain professions are more suited to remote work prospects than others, and not all vocations can be done from home. The top 15 remote employment opportunities for 2023 are shown below. For those just starting their careers, some of these positions are entry-level, while for others, more experience may be necessary.

15 Best Work From Home Jobs in 2023

1. Web Developer

average yearly wage of $59,343

Websites are created by web developers. Because to the huge demand for their skills, web developers can also operate as independent contractors, although many of them do so for marketing firms or significant enterprises with several websites. As you require training and experience to accomplish projects to a good level, web development is not a career that you can get right out of school. It is, however, one of the most lucrative prospects for a profession that can be done from home.

2. Graphic Artist

The average yearly wage is $45,060.

Among other things, graphic designers produce landing sites, unique pictures, and logos. Because graphic designers work primarily alone and with design software, a home office setting is a good fit for their job. Although many businesses engage full-time graphic designers for their internal projects, many graphic designers get contracts on websites like Upwork.

3. Representative for customer service.

$38,604 is the average yearly wage.

Typically, customer service representatives take calls from consumers and reply to emails. Representatives in customer service divisions may be required to handle everything from processing returns to helping consumers troubleshoot issues. Most customer care occupations simply need a phone line and CRM software, thus many businesses let their customer service representatives work from home. Many customer service positions offer paid training and are open to entry-level individuals, even if more specialized positions may have more demanding prerequisites.

4. online assistant


$40,974 is the average yearly wage.

Meeting scheduling, contact management, email response, and other tasks are all performed by virtual assistants. Virtual assistants operate remotely utilizing online scheduling systems, as the description of the position implies. Virtual assistants can be used by companies without a physical location to help executives on a one-on-one basis or to provide team-wide administrative support. This is another profession that may be performed part-time or freelance from home.

5. Supervisor of social media.

$50,661 on average per year

Managers of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are in charge of interacting with a company’s clients there. To expand a brand’s impact, social media managers aid in the development of marketing campaigns and the growth of brand followings. The most efficient ways to interact with their followers are found by social media managers using reporting tools to gauge their success.

Social media management is crucial in practically every business since so much of today’s online consumer behavior is socially motivated. Although Social Media Managers frequently work closely with the rest of their marketing team, Using online meeting tools, it is still a task that is readily accomplished from home.

6. Author of content.

$45,377 on average each year

Niche content is produced by content writers for web publications after extensive investigation. Some content writers work full-time for a single company, while many do it as freelancers in order to keep contracts with several businesses. The majority of the research and writing that content writers perform is done alone, therefore they are frequently permitted to work from home. Strong writers who have in-depth knowledge of a certain field are ideal candidates to work from home as content writers.

7. Transcriber of medical records.

$32,673 is the average yearly wage.

As a time-saving measure when working in a clinical environment, doctors and other healthcare workers frequently dictate their notes. To ensure that patient records are correct, all of these notes must be put in writing. The medical transcriptionists step in at this point.

Medical transcriptionists read reports that they have typed after listening to dictations. Transcriptionists typically need some familiarity with medical terminology and a minimum typing speed of 40 words per minute in order to accomplish this. This task obviously requires concentration and must be completed alone, making a home office the ideal location for it.

8. Bookkeeper

$42,940 on average per year

So that businesses have accurate and thorough financial records at the end of each year, bookkeepers keep track of the income, expenses, and other financial activity of their clients’ businesses. Accounts payable and receivable management are additional responsibilities for bookkeepers. A bookkeeper may work full-time for a single company or concurrently for several small businesses. Although bookkeepers are not required to have a full accounting certification, an Associate’s degree in either business administration or accounting is usually a requirement.

9. Worker in data entry.

$33,562 is the average yearly wage.

A database is filled out by data entry clerks who collect information from various sources. Although it is typically an entry-level position, the job calls for meticulousness and a basic understanding of databases and possibly other online tools. Many Data Entry Clerks work from home because they can use their computer and an internet connection to access all of the information that they need.

10. Booking agent.

Average yearly pay: $39,820

Travel agents are still used by people who have multiple destinations and businesses that frequently need to book business travel, despite the fact that many travelers now book their own trips using online travel agencies. Travel agents can be of assistance to travelers seeking for airline and hotel package discounts. Travel agents can easily work from a home office because they can reach their clients by phone and email. Work from home travel agents are employed by even well-known travel companies like American Express Global Business Travel. Typically, a background in the travel sector is necessary.

11. online teacher

average yearly wage of $36,842

Using video conferencing capabilities, online tutors provide lesson plans, quizzes, and educational materials to assist students. An online teacher typically specializes in a particular subject or group of courses, making it profitable for students to pay for their time. The majority of tutors are paid per hour. Some online tutors are independent contractors, while others get jobs through websites like Skooli or TutorMe.

12. Online recruiter.

$50,152 is the average yearly wage.

A virtual recruiter connects with talented people and finds candidates for open positions within an organization using social networking tools like LinkedIn. To inform eligible individuals about new possibilities, virtual recruiters utilize video conversations, email, and other online communication channels rather of in-person meetings.

A full-time Virtual Recruiter who may contact prospects with an offer or handle applications as they come in may be employed by large firms that recruit regularly. Job interviews are frequently conducted over the phone by virtual recruiters.

13. Grant author.

$48,667 on a yearly basis on average

The world of paid writing professions includes a unique niche for grant writers. Finding and applying for grants that are pertinent to the organization they are working for is the primary duty of a grant writer. Nonprofits typically engage Grant Writers to bolster their financing efforts. It makes sense to hire a professional writer to complete the proposal, which frequently involves an essay-length response, as it is one of the most difficult parts of becoming eligible for a grant. Also, due to the nature of the position, working from home is a very good fit.

14. Animator

average yearly wage of $55,170

For online videos, advertising, instructional materials, video games, and other uses, animators produce animated clips. Being an animator is a difficult profession that calls for extensive production process knowledge and years of expertise. Animators may, however, work from the comfort of their own homes for studios or for their own customers as all animation tools are computer-based, and they might possibly make a sizable annual wage.

Animators often specialize in either 2D or 3D work, while some perform both. The remuneration for animation work can vary significantly due to the great variety of animation styles and skill levels.

15. Translator

$48,916 on a yearly basis on average

A translator converts spoken or written words from one language into another. One must be fluent in not one but two languages in order to be a translator. A person cannot translate information without losing or altering the original meaning if they do not possess advanced linguistic abilities in both languages.

Although there are online translation tools like Google Translate available, they are not up to the task and cannot replace a human translator. In rare circumstances, translators are also required to translate speech during online meetings between individuals from different nations.

Many linguists have the flexibility to work from home while maintaining communication with their employers using email and video conferencing tools.


Where to Discover Work From Home Jobs:

There are several job boards that focus on promoting work-from-home employment possibilities, such as:



Which occupations that may be done from home pay the most?

Some of the highest paying work from home positions, according to flexjobs.com, include:

Product manager senior.
Manager of Business Development.
Senior sales manager.
Front-end programmer.
Director of marketing.

How will I be able to work remotely in 2023?

Work from home opportunities may be a good fit for you if your job can be completed using a computer and an internet connection. To identify employment that are appropriate, use remote job boards.

Exist any reputable occupations that may be done from home?

Yes. Work from home positions are getting more and more prevalent, and even major corporations like Amazon now provide them.

Which internet jobs for home workers are the best?

Develop websites.
graphic artist.
Agent for customer service.
Electronic assistant.
Handle social media.
Writer of content.
a medical transcriber.

How can I work from home and earn $100,000?

Jobs that pay $100k or more may be accessible for those in high-paying IT fields like web development or programming at completely dispersed businesses like Buffer, Toptal, Stripe, Zapier, and others.

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