This is the List of Fashion Bloggers in Nigeria that comprises fashionable women and men that are very passionate about, creativity, fashion, and style.

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These set of people are thrilled when they inspire their fans on trending fashion give you advice on the must-have in your closets and also educate their loyal followers.

Nigerians are very fashionable and creative when it comes to fashion, although fashion revolves constantly with the help of these fashion bloggers you will get up-to-date information about trending fashion.

Here is the list of Fashion Bloggers in Nigeria that you don’t know. These bloggers have famous fashion blogs and the funniest thing is that you are always on their blogs getting fashion news and advice.

Now, let’s get started on the deal of today on the Fashion Bloggers in Nigeria.

Comprehensive List Of Fashion Bloggers In Nigeria

Here we have the top best fashion bloggers in Nigeria you can follow for ideas on fashion. Do well to check them out.


Hadiza Lawal

Hadiza Lawal is the first on our list for the best fashion bloggers in Nigeria. She has made a name for herself since she launched her blog in 2015.


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She blogs about fashion and food at Woven Blends, she also offers tips, reviews, and recipes to her followers.

For the most fabulous fashion ideas, you should connect with Hadiza Lawal.

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Moss Onyi

Here is the second on our list, Moss Onyi. She is an amazing fashion blogger in Nigeria and she shares her blogging space with her husband, Craig moss.

She basically blogs about fashion, lifestyle, and travel and went to the UK to pursue her career in Accounting.

Her blog ideas will leave you wanting more. Follow her now and get inspired!

Igee Okafor

Another Fashion Blogger in Nigeria is Igee Okafor. His blog is tailored for lifestyle and fashion blogging.

Born and bred in Lagos, Nigeria, Igee has been in the fashion blogging business for years now. He studied Business and Marketing at St. John’s University, UK.

Being a fabulous fashionista, Igee has featured in top-rated brands like Forbes, Huffington Post Canada, The New York Times, Hypebeast, GQ Spain, Pause Magazine, Fader Magazine, Topman, and Fashionista, and now, He is based in New York City.

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Grace Alex

Grace Alex goes by the name T2pitchy on Instagram, She is a Fashion blogger at GA fashion and she launched her blog in 2011 in her way to stop depression. Now, her blog is one of the most talked-about in Nigeria and beyond.

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She is one of the best Fashion bloggers in Nigeria and has worked with several high-reviewed brands like Google, Daniel Wellington, Clinique, ASOS, and New Look among others.

Maryam Salam

What comes to your mind when the name Maryam Salam is mentioned? Fashion right? I thought so!

Maryam Salam is a promising fashion blogger who started her blog in 2013 and has advanced beautifully since then. She is currently taking a Master’s program in Entrepreneurship and International Business while working with Karen Milen as a stylist.

She has featured in different brands like  ASOS, Accessorize, Grass-fields, Next, and a couple of others and I would acknowledge her as one of the best fashion bloggers in Nigeria.

Kuyet Bamai

Born and bred in Kaduna, Nigeria, Kuyet Bamai is a lifestyle, and fashion blogger, social media strategist, as well as a content creator currently serving his country under the National Youth Service program in the capital city, Abuja.

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He began blogging in 2015 and since then. He has evolved greatly. Kuyet Bamai is among the list of great fashion bloggers in Nigeria.

The Cocopolitan

For mindblowing fashion ideas, You should follow Mary A. of the Cocopolitan. She is a travel, fashion, and lifestyle blogger who stays in Canada.

She began her blog in 2013 and has been making waves as a content creator. You should connect to her for mind-blowing fashion ideas.

With her fashion skills, she has featured on Vogue UK, Coach New York, Daniel Wellington, StyleCaster, Topshop Canada as well as Glamour UK, among others.

Akin Faminu

Let’s take a quick look at AKin Faminu. He is a lot of things, a medical doctor, a menswear blogger, and a lover of fashion.

His consistency is baffling. Doing all these and standing out as one of the best fashion bloggers in Nigeria. That’s great!

His fashion style competes with the best fashion bloggers in the world.

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Kachi Eloka & Uche Ani

Kachi Eloka and Uche Ani are fashion bloggers in Nigeria. Their blog is about fashion, lifestyle, and art.

Get inspired by connecting to their blog and catching up on the fashion stories they present.

Catwalk, Models, Women, Fashion

Billy Busari

Billy Busari is a fashion blogger in Nigeria at Boldly Billy. His blog is associated with menswear. Billy uses his blog to share amazing fashion ideas to inspire his followers.

He is gradually becoming the best version of himself.

Alexandriah Sho-Silva

Catch up on amazing fashion ideas from Alexandriah Sho-Silva’s fashion blog. She is largely known as Tostos on social media.

Tostos is a graduate of Fashion and Textile Design and stays in London. Her blog basically tailors fashion and travel.

Her styles are unique, simple, and stunning. Working with top fashion brands like Dorothy Perkins, River Island, Pantene Monsoon Accessorize, and Westfield London, Alexandriah is one of the best in the industry.

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Denola Grey

Denola Grey is a top-rated menswear fashion blogger, His blog has a good number of audience and followers on Instagram.

You should look him up!

Tosin Alabi

Tosin Alabi is a fashion blogger at Africanism Cosmopolitan, she blogs about lifestyle, natural hair and self-development. If you need ideas about these, follow her!

She is one of the best Nigeria has got.


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Ifeanyi Okafor jr

Ifeanyi Okafor Jr is a fashion blogger and a fashion influencer. Catch up on trendy fashion styles from his blog. I mean unique, simple and gorgeous ones.


Cassie Davies

Have you heard of Cassie Davies? I guess yes!

Mans, she is one of the outstanding  beauty bloggers in Nigeria. She also does poetry as well as writes about model life.

Get inspired by following her on her Instagram page.


Desola Mako

I think you must have heard this name before now. Fashion lovers enjoy his blog because he showcases beautiful fashion styles.

Desola Mako doesn’t only blog about fashion, He shares information on lifestyle, food, and DIY.

Check him out and thank me later!

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Mayowa Iyama

Here is another talented  fashion blogger based in Nigeria. She offers street style fashion. She’s great at what she does and keeps inspiring her followers.

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Akpevwe Uvieghara

Akpevwe Uvieghara is a fashionista, she blogs about beauty and fashion. follow her now!


Velma Williams

Velma Williams is another Nigeria-based fashion blogger at In fashion rehab. She provides ideas on Fashion, Lifestyle, and AsoEbi.

She is loved by many and her style is unique and pretty.

Woman, Fashion, Jewelry, Makeup, Beauty

Portia Nwaokonko

Portia Nwaokonkwo is a fashion and hair blogger at Just porch and based in Abuja.  Check he blog page for more.

Adeola Adebiyi

Adeola Adebiyi is a fashion blogger at Omogemura, she blogs about Fashion news, event and lifestyle. She is incredible with simple and unique styles.

Folakemi Awobotu

Folakemi Awobotu is a fashion blogger at retro religion, based in Lagos. She blogs about fashion, and style.

Adeola Adebiyi

Adeola Adebiyi is a great fashion blogger with Omogemura. She offers Fashion news, fashion, and events on her blog.

Folakemi Awobotu

Folakemi Aewobutu is a Nigerian fashion blogger at Retro Religion. She talks about Fashion, Shop on her blog. Visit her blog page and find out more.

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Millare Fashion

Follow Millicent Arebun for fashion tips and styles. She is one of the best fashion blogger in Nigeria.


Dee Mako

Let’s talk about  Desola and Demola Mako. They both share the space of the Dee Mako blog. They are Nigerian bloggers known for your incedible tips on fashion, food, lifestyle, and others.

For good fashion series, follow up!

Ella Mo

Ella Adenugbai is a beautiful Nigerian blogger. she has been in the fashion industry for years now. Her good experience is showcased on her blog as she offers fashion ideas on work style, makeup, hair, and boutiques

Look her up, you will be surprised at what you see.

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For Style Sake

For Style Sake is a blog known by Salewa & Segilola Akin-Taylor. these two are one of the top fashion bloggers in Nigeria. They pair up to give interesting fashion quotes on their blog.

They offer Fashion, workstyle, shop, and hair.

Check their blog and follow them on Instagram.

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I am Dodos

Ever heard of the I am Dodos fashion blog? It is owned by beautiful Akpevwe Uvieghara.

She is a Nigerian who got into the industry and have been for known for her superb fashion styles.

Akpevwe Uvieghara blogs on Fashion and Beauty

Titi Bello

Titi Belo will be the last Nigerian fashion blogger I’ll be listing today. She is one of the top fashion bloggers with overwhelming fashion tips on  Fashion and Design.

you really should explore her blog, you will sure learn a lot.

Imperfect Verbalista is her blog name, check it out and be amazed.


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Summary: List of Fashion Bloggers In Nigeria

I have put together a comprehensive list of fashion bloggers in Nigeria.

These bloggers are outstanding and offer amazing ideas on fashion, style, hair, travel, food, lifestyle, and many more. Trust me it was fun writing about them.

Do well to connect to any one of them you choose or if you are already their follower, Keep up because they’ve got new tips that will blow your mind off.

I’m off to look them up, I don’t know about you….

Lastly, Do well to check our blog page for more articles like this you’ve missed.




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