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In detail, we will delve into Fashion Design Services and it’s related Terms, Apps, Companies, Types, School & Courses but before then, let’s talk about Fashion Design as a Subject matter

First, let’s talk about what Fashion Design is


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What is Fashion Design?

what is fashion design

Fashion Design is said to be the art of applying Designs, Aesthetics, Colors, Patterns and Nature’s print to Clothing and it’s accompanying accessories.

Now that we know that Fashion design is the art and craft of designing garments, it is also important to note that a Fashion Designer must study and master the art and craft well in order to be successful.

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With the help of some fashion courses, you can further excel in the fashion industry if you started out on a self-paced path.


Have you been thinking about starting a career in fashion and design? Do you have a flair for creating designs? Then you should consider a career in fashion and designs. As a fashion designer, you should research on trends and be able to interpret it to the audience.


Fashion Design as a Career

fashion school

Fashion design is a way of applying designs with natural beauty to clothing or garments.

Material, patterns, colors and styles, they always have their mindset on the people who wear their clothes and where the cloth is to be worn.

Some clothes are worn every day, others for special occasions such as party dresses and evening wear.

Most clothing is made specifically either for the mass market like casual, every-day wear which is called ready to wear or for an individual, like Haute couture, bespoke tailoring.

A fashion designer can work alone or work as a part of a team, they can also work full-time for one fashion house.

They are some designers who work as a freelance, sell their designs to fashion houses, to shops or clothing manufactures.

Some designer can set up their own labels and get their designs marketed.

While some designers’ work as self-employed and design for individuals.

A team of individual designers design for large brands with names under the direction of a design director.

Accessories, bringing out extraordinary work to live and the design is influenced by culture and social attitudes and changes over time and place.


4 Things to consider to be a Professional Fashion Designer

fashion designer

1. Have a good eye for details

As a fashion designer, you also need a good eye for detail.

Know how a pleat would fit on a skirt or blouse and what color will make it unique.

When you got a good eye for details, you will see everything that others don’t and it always comes out beautiful.

Bring your imagination into reality

A good designer should be able to translate imaginations on paper.

Develop strong visualization skills to help grow your creativity and bring it into reality.


2. Be competitive

When you have a competitive spirit it will encourage you to do more.

If you don’t want to be left behind and you want to be a trendsetter, then you have to be serious so the fashion industry will keep your ideas fresh.


3. Be artistic

A fashion designer should always think outside the box with a unique taste in style and also needs drawing skills which help in getting down your concept on paper or your book of designs.


4. Be familiar with the colors, texture, and fabric

A good designer should have a good taste of fabric, he or she needs to know if a garment will be best made with silk chiffon or another material.

And also a designer needs to visualize which color combination will blend with the clothing to make it stand out.



Types of Fashion

types of fashion

1. Haute couture fashion

Haute couture designs garment made for a specific client.

This garment is made from high-quality and expensive fabric design with detail and extraordinary finishing.

This garment consumes time because you often use hand-executed techniques.

Haute couture garment is expensive and makes little profit for fashion house but it has important prestige and publicity.


2. Bespoke tailoring

This is a pattern traditionally cut from scratch for the customer and very different from ready to wear.

This factory makes standard sizes and produces from adjusted block pattern.


3. Ready to wear fashion

Ready to wear designers intended the clothes to be worn without significant alteration because it was made in a standard size to fit most people.

They are presented by fashion house each season during fashion week.

Clothes are not made for individual customers, but great care is taken in the choice to cut the fabric.

Ready to wear is made small quantities and expensive.

Fashion week season for ready to wear include, spring/summer, fall/winter, resort’ swim, and bridal.

Factory equipment, standard patterns, and faster construction techniques are low cost, compared to a custom-sewn version of the same item.

Fashion designers producers and some fashion houses have mass-produced and industrially manufactured ready-to-wear lines but others offer


4. Mass Market

The fashion industry relies on mass-market sales. The mass market caters for a wide range of customers and producing ready to wear clothes by famous names in the fashion industry.

Cheaper fabrics are used to save money and time, and the simpler production. Techniques which can easily be done by machine.

The finished product can be sold much more cheaply.


Many countries today have a fashion industry, we have China, India, and Bangladesh who has the biggest manufacturers of clothing, countries like Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Spain, and Brazil are other notable clothing manufacturers.

The four biggest centers of the fashion industry are Paris, Milan, New York, and London. France, Italy, United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Germany, and Belgium are the seven countries that have established an international reputation.



Fashion Design Terms

Who is a Fashion Designer?

who is a fashion designer

A fashion designer transforms garment with a combination of proportion, line, texture, and color.

Some Fashion designers when trained formally are successful or become apprenticed.

The pattern making and sewing are beneficial skills are not really a prerequisite of successful fashion design.


Who is a Technical Designer?

A technical designer overseas factories and ensure correct garment construction, select appropriate fabrics choice and a good fit.

Technical designers also fit garment on a model so he can decide which fit and construction changes to make before the mass production of the garment.


Who is a Pattern Maker in Fashion Designing?

A pattern maker is a person that drafts the sizes and shapes of a garment piece. This can be done by using a CAD computer software program or manually.

You can also use a drape fabric directly to the dress to form. Formal training is required for working as a pattern maker.


Who is a Tailor?

who is a tailor

A tailor makes garments according to clients measurements. They can be an apprentice or undergo formal training.


Who is a textile Designer?

A Textile Designer designs prints for clothes and fabric weaves with furnishings. He / She makes up the entire Fashion Designing Masterpiece we see around


Who is a Stylist?

A stylist works with individuals and also coordinates the jewelry, clothes, and accessories use in fashion photography and catwalk presentation.

A great stylist can pull great looks many of them are trained in fashion design and have a high level of expertise in future trends.

They can also coordinate wardrobe of garments for clients.


Who is a Fashion Buyer?

A fashion buyer buys different clothing available in-store, shops and chain stores.


Who is a Seamstress?

A seamstress makes ready-to-wear by hand or with a sewing machine.


Who is a teacher of Fashion?

A Teacher of Fashion teaches craft and art of design in a fashion school.


Who is a Custom Clothier?

A custom clothier makes a garment and sent it to the client that made the order.


Who is a Dressmaker?

A dressmaker focus on designing women clothes.


Who is an Illustrator in Fashion Design?

An illustrator paints and draws designs for commercial use.


Who is a fashion Forecaster?

A fashion forecaster predicts what shapes, styles, and colors will trend before sales.


Who is a Model in Fashion Design?

who is a fashion model

A model displays design garments at fashion shows and in photographs.


Who is a Fit Model?

A Fit Model helps the fashion designer by wearing and commenting on the design while undergoing construction.


Who is a Fashion Journalist?

A Fashion Journalist writes articles on fashion trends, detailing and describing a garment presented.


Who is an Alterations Specialist?

An alterations specialist are Designers that sometimes re-styles an already designed garment.


Who is an Image Consultant?

An image consultant, wardrobe consultant or fashion advisor recommends styles and colors that are flattering to the client.



What Is a Fashion Design Course? (What is Fashion Designing Course)

A Fashion Design Course is a Course you undergo to become a Professional Fashion Designer, this course covers the art of designing either cloths or fashion accessories.

Here you will see the work of famous designers and cultures of all time and also have the opportunity and Inspiration to create your own.


What Are the Benefits of Taking a Course in Fashion Design?

A Course in Fashion Design will teach you the basics of Fashion Designing. This can show a student whether or not a Career in Fashion D0esign would be a good fit, or provide a foundation for future study in the field.


How many Fees of Fashion Designing Course? (Fashion Design Course Cost)

Fashion design courses vary on the university and the location you choose to study. If you choose a prestigious fashion school it will be very expensive.

It cost an average $36,000 Annually for a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Designing depending on the School in Question

Some Cheaper and Affordable Schools will Cost from $13,000 down to as high as $60,000 for some Expensive and Prestigious Fashion Schools

This Amount covers everything about your Academics till you are done with the Program, from Tuition, Books, Supplies, and Accommodation


What Kind of Career Improvement Can You Expect with a Course in Fashion Design?

A Course in Fashion will introduce you to a whole new and beautiful world of Fashion Design and all it entails. So pursuing a career in fashion is a great choice as long as;

  1. You have a flair or Passion for Fashion
  2. You know how to turn your Fashion Skills to Money


Why Take an Online Course in Fashion Design?

Fashion design courses online are great because you can study at home and still take care of other things without the need to travel far or out of the comfort of your Home


Where to Take a Course in Fashion Design?

College and university that has a fashion degree program also offer the course in fashion and design.

Some great prestigious fashion schools are in France and New York City.


How to Apply to a Fashion Design Course

fashion design courses

  1. Search for Fashion Design Courses and program like the ones I listed below, read through other People’s Review or better still ask in a Forum or Community if anyone has a past or present experience Schooling with them
  2. Ask on Social Media Groups like Facebook Group to get Reviews and Recommendation, check for Google Reviews of these Schools too
  3. Look through their list of Courses to see the ones that fit into their Passion or areas of Interest
  4. Send them a Mail asking for more details and any possible hidden charges plus their Mode of Operation, Payment and certifications, that way you can be rest assured that you are opting in for the right Course



Fashion Designer Course (Fashion Schools and Courses)

1. Academy of Art University

If you want to go into textiles, marketing, fashion designing and styling, Academy of Art University has programs that fit your passion.

They also offer fashion skills that will help you succeed in the fashion industry.

Online accredited courses are available.


2. The National Institute of fashion technology (NIFT)

This is a design institute provide the required equipment for professional theoretical training and practice into the fashion industry.

Share your creative mind



FIDM is one great fashion school where student desire becomes realities.

They offer accredited Bachelor’s, Master and Associate Degree programs in design and creative business.

Here you can learn to be strategic in design thinking with technology, producing great work from critical and creative thought.


4. University Art London

It was ranked the second in the world for art and design fashion in 2019.

UAL offers a wide range of courses in art, fashion, design, communication, and performing art.

UAL is made up of six renowned colleges with a global reputation.


5. FIT

An international recognize college for art, fashion design, communication, and business.

This is one of the New York public premier institution to create and develop innovative design and strategic business solution that will have a lasting global impact.


6. Rhode Island School of design

Rhode Island School of design is a nonprofit college.

They offer a bachelor’s degree and master’s degrees in fine arts.


7. Parsons

Parsons is one of the big powerhouses of fashion design, they have been able to produce great notable talents.

In the aim of getting the works of the students to be seen they partnered with a lot of retailers.


8. Bunka Fashion

This is a Japanese fashion school for fashion design, dressmaking, marketing, accessories, and textiles.

it was created in  1919 but became known in the 1960s, since then Bunka fashion has played an important role in fashion education in  Japan.


9. Westminster fashion

Westminster fashion offers fashion designing programs and you can work in the fashion industry while going to your three to four-year fashion course.

Westminster fashion has also had famous fashion graduates like Vivienne West-wood, Christopher Bailey, Micheal Herz, Stuart Vevers, and Sophie Dean.

Westminster fashion is notable in the journalism program and other creative designing.



10. Royal College Art

Royal college of art is a world-renowned graduate fashion school that offers fashion design, a textile that has only programs for post-graduate.

The number of students is less than 100 fashion students and the famous graduates are Philip Treacy, Erdem Moralioglu, Christopher Bailey, Ossie Clark, Zandra Rhodes.



11. Antwerp Fashion

Antwerp fashion is an elite fashion academy and one of the best fashion school.

They offer courses in fashion and design, which requires a Dutch language proficiency.

Since the early 1980’s Antwerp continues to produce great famous fashions designers.

Students here are dedicated and serious, famous graduate from the fashion academy are; Ann Demeulemeester, Dirk Bikkembergs, Walter van beirendonck, marina yee, Bruno Pieters, Haider Ackermann, Veronique Branquiho, dries van noten.



12. London College of fashion

London College of fashion is one of the best fashion schools.

They offer fashion design courses, fashion journalism, marketing, beauty, buying and merchandising.

The number of First-year student range from 2,547 to 3,000.

They also offer other unique programs like Beauty therapy, cosmetic science, fashion broadcast journalism, fashion curation and criticism, fashion business, footwear and accessories, makeup and image styling.

Famous graduate student includes jimmy choo.



13. Kent University

Kent university offers fashion design programs and fashion merchandising.

They also have scholarships programs that allow you to complete a fashion focus course for undergraduate and MBA fashion focus business in Paris and Milan for five years.

This school is one of the best fashion schools in America.


14. Shenkar


Shenkar is an Israel fashion school, they offer programs in fashion design, textile, and jewelry design.

Most classes are taught in English and you must have completed a year of fashion school before coming to the school because they accept international students as 2nd or 3rd year.

Shenkar produces famous graduates like Alber Elbaz, Kobi Halperin, Nili Lotan.


15. Drexel University

dextrel university

Drexel University is located in Philadelphia.

They offer fashion design and merchandising programs.

Drexel University also has a lot of students who have won international awards, with great jobs in France and have the opportunity to study at chamber Syndicale.


Summary: Fashion Design Services

There are companies offering different Fashion Design Services, from Courses, Cloth Sewing, Equipment, and Fashion Accessories Sales, we talk about them and Fashion Design as a whole

If there is a list of School you feel we have not added, kindly indicate in the Comment section and we will be glad to add it up





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