Finance Apps for Couples

Today is going to be about Finance Apps for Couples. Sounds amazing, right?

In this post, We will be taking you through the best Finance Apps for Couples and we hope you find the best for you and your significant other.

Money is one of the greatest issues that couples have because there are so many financial goals they would love to achieve together. When this is not planned well, it ends up becoming a hurdle for them.

Today, we have figured it and out and we are out to give the best Finance apps that will help couples to control their finance for future use properly. 

Since a lot of apps will be listed in this article, It is best you and your spouse go through this post to ease decision-making.  

Before we get into the deal of the day, It will be best we quickly show you some important things you should note.

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What Is A Finance App

A finance app is an app that can be downloaded on your smartphone or tablet which will assist you to manage all areas of your finances.

These apps are created in a way that they can track your spending, investing, and saving.

A Finance App can also track payments of bills and keep you updated on credit score changes.

Some Finance Apps are can also help you to budget as well keep track of them. this way, you do not get to spend on unnecessary things.

What To Consider When Choosing A Finance App as Couples.

Certainly, You may want to check out some features when you’re picking a finance app

One of the crucial things you need to consider when choosing a finance app would be if you can share the app between your two phones If you can sync your phones to enable you to manage the account together. 

You should also pick the app that links to your bank accounts, that’s if you two want it to. 

Make sure that you and your partner agree on the kind of features you want to have in the finance app as well, so as not to create any fight.

Top Best Finance Apps for Couples

We will be looking at the best Finance Apps that will help couples manage their finances together. More than ten apps will be listed below, Pick the one you are most comfortable with.


Personal Capital

Personal Capital is one of the best choices when it comes to Couple Finances.

It gives a general understanding and view of your finances. As couples, you can check out your joint account, retirement account, and your different accounts in this app. That way, you have a total grasp of your money.

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Twine Savings App

Twine Savings App is just another amazing app for lovers. With Twine, you two can have the same idea of growing your finances together.

If you really want to manage your finances the right way, we recommend This app.

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Pocket Guard

Choose Pocket Guard if you two want to keep taps on your budgeting attitude. Here, you get to know when and how your funds are being used.

You can accurately budget for your future and other goals of life. With its fantastic features, it is one of the best Couple Finance Apps you should try.

Better Haves

Like other Couple Finance Apps, Better Haves doesn’t require any cash. You can have a joint view of what your account looks like.

Knowing this, you and your partner can budget for groceries and other utilities without having a challenge.

Home Budget

As the name implies, Home Budget helps to bring you and your family together.

You can link your bank account to this app, when this is done, everyone can view the budget scheme, bills, expenses, and the rest.

When finances are well managed in the home, you sure won’t have any difficulties with money.

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You and your partner can create a joint account on Betterment. You can even link other accounts to this app in other to view your investment and other finance tasks like your bills, budgets, and expenses from one page.


If you need a smart app that detects every transaction you make so you don’t keep embarrassing your partner about receipts then Honeyfi is the right Couple Finance Apps for you.

You can link up your bank account to it can track every transaction made.

You can also use this app to budget, Track bills, and keep tabs on your spending as well.

Honey due

Plan your future goals together with Honey due. Keep track of your bills, do some budgeting and check your expenses so that you won’t face any challenges with your finances.

Every Dollar

Get this app for your account management with your family. With Every Dollar, you can budget for your family and track your bills so that you do not have financial issues.

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MyFico is a beautiful app for couples. You and your significant other can use this app to manage your finances.

With MyFico you can view your budget, track your bills, and some other sort of financial services.

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The best app to actually shop for your household items especially groceries will this Couple Financial App Grocery.

Get some items you need by putting them on the list on the App and you can then order for them at any point in time. All you need to do is link up your account with this app and you’re good to go.


Do you and your partner prefer dividing expenses and keeping your accounts separately?

That’s no problem at all. Splitwise can help you achieve that. It will guide you on splitting up expenses in a way that you both agree on.

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This is another app that does the same work as Grocery.

You can share your expenses with your partner by dividing it into half or anyhow you both want it and you are good to go.


Stash doesn’t permit a joint account but you can pay your bills and plan your spending with your partner.

You can have access to this app for as low as $1. You can also save on Stash if you want to.

Tiller Money

This Couple’s Finance Apps can only be accessed through Android and iOS.

It allows for a joint account between you and your partner. You can also save, budget, and pay bills on this app.

Tiller money has some other amazing tips and features you can explore.


Simplifi works for Android and iOS only and makes use of an internet connection to work.

Allow Simplifi to help you control your finances. All you need do is to link your bank account o the app and you can access it directly.

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On Simplifi, you can track bills and make payments for different services like entertainment, groceries, and a lot more.

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Lunch Money

Lunch Money is another Couple’s Finance Apps you might want to get. For all your financial tasks with your lover, Lunch Money is recommended.

It only works for Android and iOS only. You can also link your bank account to this app do you can access it directly from this app. You can budget, pay bills, and a lot more with Lunch Money.

Are These Finance Apps for Couples Safe To Use?

It is advisable to check the authenticity of things you find online. 

To find out if these apps are safe for you and your partner to use, you should check the web pages of each of them but we believe there is no harm in trying them out because they have been used by other couples just like you with no damage.

You should read about each of them properly and check the T&C’s as well as their security section to know how they work to avoid any form of improper usage.


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There you go with the 15 Top best Finance Apps for Couples

We have been able to search the web and bring to you the best apps to use to manage your funds with your spouse. We know it is not easy to control your finance alone let alone do it as a couple Hence, We have come to your rescue.

With the above finance tracking apps, you can save, invest, budget, and pay bills without stress.

We hope this article goes a long way in giving you the help you need, Thank you for reading.

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