Style Mistakes You Should Avoid on Your First Date

When meeting an attractive man, every girl wants to look perfect. However, sometimes we go too far in pursuit of this ideal look. Which style mistakes should you avoid? Find out in our article!

The first date is essential for every person, whether it’s a one-night stand or a romantic story with a partner on the best dating sites. Guys are thinking about where to take a girl, what flowers to buy, and how the evening will end. Girls usually worry about what to wear.

Of course, any girl wants to look great to make the best impression on the man, but sometimes they go too far. Sometimes you manage to surprise a man on the first date, just not in the way you would like. Many potentially good couples split up because the girl made clothing style mistakes.

What are the main style mistakes to avoid? We will tell you all the details in this article. Stay tuned to find out more!

8 Style Mistakes You Should Avoid on Your First Date

1. Posh Evening Dress

Of course, if a man has invited you to the most luxurious event of the year, then wearing the most beautiful and extravagant dress will be appropriate. But if he invited you to a nearby restaurant, be humble and choose a simpler outfit.

Try to find something that combines beauty and simplicity. On the one hand, a man should not see that you are trying to please him too much; on the other hand, you have to be irresistible!

2. Dress with Rhinestones and Sequins

Such a dress is too bright for a first date. It’s clear that you want to shine on the first date, but you shouldn’t shine in every sense of the word. Moreover, such an outfit may be inappropriate for a walk, movie, or a coffee shop, and it is one of the style mistakes that may make you look fatter.

Choose a dress or blouse in calm shades: blue, black, beige, pale yellow, pale blue, green. Accentuate them with moderate jewelry and a good hairstyle.

3. Most Trending Thing of the Season

It is great if you follow fashion trends and add them to your wardrobe. However, sometimes men don’t like the fashion trends that girls are so fond of. For example, this season, it can be oversized shoulder pad boyfriend jackets, head scarfs, or folk-inspired coats. Outfits like these may look lovely on you, but they are best left out for the first date.

But if you are a very stylish girl and want to avoid these style mistakes, choose trends that suit any date in any location. For example, choose an outfit in sorbet-inspired colors, such as a soft lavender trench coat or a mint green suit. Try matching them with another trend of this season – the yellow bag. This way, you will follow trends and look sophisticated and attractive.

4. Fishnet Tights

If your goal is a quick *** date, then this is the option for you. However, we are talking about the first date, considering your desire for the second and third. Fishnet tights are too provocative and therefore inappropriate for a first date.

Opt for either casual black and nude tights or a small pattern. If you can’t do without fishnet tights, choose something like a dense geometric pattern or Micronet tights in a nude shade.

5. Stilettos

Very high heels are kind of summer style mistakes for a first date for many reasons. First, you should consider the real height of your date, which may not correspond to the height that he has indicated in the dating profile. You don’t want to get into an awkward situation, do you?

Secondly, you can drink a couple of glasses of wine on the first date to break the ice between you. What if your man asks you to walk you home? Can you comfortably walk a couple of blocks without cursing your shoes?

Your first date is likely to be casual, and you can upset your partner by dressing too fancy. Choose nice shoes and make sure you are comfortable no matter what you do on the first date. There is nothing worse than tight shoes that will make you think only about this instead of enjoying the date.

6. Gym Clothes

Unless your boyfriend has invited you for a bike ride in the woods or a beach volleyball competition, don’t choose sportswear. Leave this option for your next dates. Even if you agree that both will dress comfortably, that doesn’t mean it’s worth going out on a date after a run. It will show your partner that you don’t care whether he likes you or not.

If comfort is the most important thing for you, choose a romantic look suitable for you but still make you look irresistible without making one of the biggest style mistakes.

7. Unnecessary Accessories

Don’t get nervous wearing all your jewelry, scarves, and hats on your first date. This way, you can simply confuse your partner. An overly expressive image can make him treat you carelessly. Plus, you don’t want your date to distract his attention from your conversation.

Choose modest accessories that highlight your natural beauty and delicate taste. Forget about extra bright things as they are style mistakes that age you.

8. Business Look

If you dress too formally, your partner may consider you a strict, introverted person in love with your work. Besides, it is one of the style mistakes that every woman ages.  And this is not at all what you need. You are not going to interview a man but to awaken romance and tender feelings in him.

Even if you’re going on a date after work and don’t have time to change, try to add some playfulness and sensuality to your outfit. Better yet, take a blouse with you and change into a more suitable look for a romantic meeting.


We hope our tips will help you have the best first date ever. Whichever outfit you choose, be yourself. Remember that you are not the only one who is nervous and try to find harmony with your partner. We wish you a wonderful date!

Please, share your experience in the comments below. Did you choose the wrong outfit on your first date?


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