Online Typing Jobs Without Investment and Registration Fees

Do you want to know how to get free online typing jobs without investment and registration fees? Then this post is for you.

People often look for free online paid typing jobs because most times they don’t have money, yet some platforms will ask you to pay first before having access to the writing job.

This could be a hindrance to some while some might not trust the source as you can squeeze out some money from the little you have and pay and end up not even having the writing job.

So due to this, we have made a list of the Top 20 free online typing jobs that you can start right away and earn some money without investing a Dime in the source.

NOTE: This doesn’t mean that you won’t invest in yourself, some times you might need to do a little brush up on either your writing skill or your marketing skill and that will require a little investment from you

Now, sit tight, and let’s get started.


What Are Free Online Typing Jobs Without Investment And Registration?

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This term is self-explanatory but I will like to throw more light on it.

Online typing jobs are clerical jobs that require typing documents, content, e-books, etc. in a text format. Here, you only need to type in a given data (always scanned pages) in provided software such as Microsoft Word.

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Requirements For Free Online Typing Jobs Without Investment and Registration Fees

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In no particular order, these are the prerequisites for starting an online typing job.

  • You should have basic typing skills and little knowledge of computer typing software like MS Word, MS Excel, etc.
  • A typing device (desktop/laptop) with a stable internet connection
  • Contact details like a mobile phone with a functioning number and an E-mail Address
  • A savings or current bank account
  • A digital wallet for payment
  • Daily 2-3 hours of spare time
  • The eagerness to earn

If your grammar or spellings are not entirely perfect, you have nothing to worry about.

You can make use of a free typing tool like Grammarly. It is a professional tool created for typing works.

It checks blunders and gives corrections while you type.

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Companies You Can Do Free Online Typing Jobs Without Investment And Registration

Below are the companies that can hire people for online typing jobs:

1. Sigtrack


If you are within the United States of America, then this is for you. This company focuses mainly on hiring data entry Operators in the United States who have excellent typing skills and great competencies.

Once you have a good PC and an Internet subscription, you have to opt-in for a nice Dual 1080p monitor or a 4K monitor to be able to easily pull through in the data entry task.

How Sigtrack works
How Sigtrack works

These Monitors will help give you a full view of the form without the need to keep moving the Sigtrack windows around.

iPad can be used as a second monitor.


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2. Quicktate


This company is a global company and does not only offer their typing jobs to American residents.

They offer transcription tasks to freelancers globally and your means of receiving Payment is through PayPal. To apply, you need to answer a couple of assessment questions.

After you have gone through the assessment questions, you would have to finally take an audio test to get qualified for the job.

3. Dion Data Solutions

Diondata Solutions
Dion Data Solutions

Dion contracts typing jobs to contractors who can meet a typing speed of up to 60 WPM (Word Per Minute) speed.

To Apply for Dion’s typing job, you have to download the application for this on their website and fill.

NOTE: From time to time, if they have so many contractors, they put a hold on applications accepting new contractors. So you might want to check on their site from time to time or contact them directly to know if there is a need for a new Vendor contractor


20 Top Free Online Typing Jobs Without Investment And Registration Fees

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Digitalization along with the internet power has created room for more job opportunities. This section will highlight all the free online typing jobs without investment and registration fees.

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Survey Filling Jobs

Survey Filling Job is one of the free online typing jobs without investment and registration. This job has to do with analyzing and collecting given data in a questionnaire form and using the data to come up with an output.

These kinds of jobs are put to use by Research Companies to check and survey market trends. The reputable websites for this job are SurveyJury and Survey Monkey


Data Entry Jobs

There are two core data entry jobs, and they are:

  • Catalog data entry operator
  • Payroll data entry operator

Catalog data entry has to do with product data like name, product ID, price, and expiry date.

The Payroll data entry operator entails entering the employee name, allowances, contact number, payment, age, and retirement.


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Captcha Typing Jobs

Here is another free online typing job without investment and registration fees. I’m sure you already know what captchas are.

So, this won’t be difficult. This job requires you to solve these captchas. To earn a good income, all you should do is solve hundreds of captchas daily.

This job is available on MegaTypers and  2Captcha. You can visit these sites to get started.


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Form Filling Jobs

Form filling is a simple task to do. You only have to fill in data given by the employer in an empty form.

This data could entail first name, phone number, permanent address, bank details, registered email id, and other necessary information.

You will fill in the data carefully in the form without producing errors.



You can make decent money from Copyrighting. It is one of the free online typing jobs without investment and registration fees.

This job requires you to type sales copy and advertisement and content that will enhance the company’s awareness of their target clients.

Content Writing

Content Writing is one of the free online typing jobs without investment and registration.

It is unarguably the most known and wanted online typing work you can engage in from the comfort of your home without registration charges, and investment.

This involves writing credible and engaging content such as blog posts and articles for different online publishers.

You can even grow your blog when you have gained good experience and funds.

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Language Translation

Language translation does not take much but rather gives much. Can you type with a speed of over 50 words in a minute, and a great command of any particular language?

If you can do this, then this job is no big deal for you. You are expected to transcribe the text from a particular language and re-type it in English or any other regional Language.

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This is one of the free online typing jobs without investment and registration fees. This involves audio-to-text typing, where you have to take out contents from an audio file and then type the content.

This online typing job is reliable. this is the only drawback associated with it. Transcription jobs are provided by popular Brands like Flipkart, Amazon, and other MNCs.

With these brands, you can earn money in dollars.

QuickBooks Jobs (Accounting)

One of the few Free online typing jobs is QuickBooks Jobs. It is available for those who are interested in accounting.

In this job, the employer will provide you with Bank statements as well as the passage to Quickbooks, an online accounting tool.

Your job is to post bank statement data in online tools like this.


Among several available online typing jobs, Ghostwriting is one of them.

You can write for someone anonymously. This means that you can create or type content and it is published in another person’s name.

If you can do this, you can make money from it.


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E-Book Typing

With E-book typing, you can earn pretty good cash without investment or registration fees.

Over 2.2 million books are published in a year and you can join this trend.

you are provided with pictures with the text on them.

Your job is to type the text on these images in a text format. You will make money depending on the number you have completed.

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Another free online job that does not require investment or registration is working as a proofreader. You can make a few bucks from proofreading other people’s work.

You are also expected to correct all errors in the work.

Online Expert Advisers

This is another unique free online typing job on this list.

In working as an online expert adviser, you are supposed to have data or information about some information.

You will be acting as the human form of Google Search. Queries will be given to you and you are supposed to type back, giving answers to the queries with the information provided by the company.

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Community Moderator

The job of a community moderator is to act as a moderator for communities such as Facebook groups, private message boards, Subreddits, and a great audience on social media.

You are to ensure that all the rules are followed accordingly in the community.

Community moderators also give answers to any query or question tendered by the users.

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This job expects you to type into a steno machine, the final transcripts of trials, depositions, as well as other proceedings that were already typed by a court reporter.

You only have to edit the document by adding missing words, adding the appropriate punctuation, and correcting misspelled words in the document.

How Much Do You Earn From An Online Typing Work

Below is the amount you can earn from online typing jobs

Ad Writing

Ad writing job is one of the online typing jobs with no investment required. You are responsible for posting and writing marketing content.

Most employers give you already written marketing materials and others let you come up with something new. With this job, you can get daily payments.


Word Processing Job

This job expects you to type in a given data or information into MS-word formatting it to take out blunders and errors.


How To Make Money By Typing Online For Free?

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These four steps will help you make money from an online typing job

Step 1: Find Companies, platforms, and websites that hire people for typing jobs
Step 2: Search for a job by creating a free account
Step 3: Submit your request and close the deal.
Step 4: Get the work completely done and receive your payment in your account.


Is An Online Typing Job Safe To Do?

It is okay to wonder about your safety while working as an online typing worker. The answer to that question is YES! Online typing jobs are completely safe and reliable.

There is nothing to worry about payment failure, privacy, or legal issues anywhere in the world. Now you know the status of this job, you should grab the opportunity and start earning.

Merits and Demerits of Free Online Typing Jobs Without Investment and Registration Fees

Like other online jobs, this typing job has its pros and cons. This section will highlight a number of them.

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Merits Of Online Typing Jobs

  • It is simple work to do
  • There is no investment or registration.
  • You can join and start for free
  • There is no Registration Fee involved
  • Online Typing Jobs need no special skill
  • You can work from your home
  • It could be a part-time job
  • Anyone can do the job
  • You earn more when you type more.
  • Payment is done daily and weekly.

Demerits of Online Typing Jobs

  • The projects are time-limited
  • There is no satisfaction in doing this job
  • You’ll have to use your own equipment to work
  • This job has no regular salary

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This post has been able to analyze the 20 top Best Free Online Typing Jobs Without Registration And Fees and a host of other things you should know.

As we know, a huge number of people lost their jobs as a result of worldwide lockdowns and curfews.

If this happens to be your plight, worry less, you can make do with the online typing job opportunities that are mentioned in this post.

We’d love to know about your first gain from any of these typing jobs. The comment section is open so, we expect to hear from you.

If you need interesting articles like this, visit our blog page

Thanks for reading and have a lovely time.



Which is the best typing job website without investment?

Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and Guru offer a range of typing jobs that require no investment. These platforms allow you to create a profile, showcase your skills, and bid on projects posted by clients.

  1. Fiverr: Varied
  2. Working Solutions: Data entry
  3. AccuTran Global: Stenography, transcription, and voice writing
  4. 2Captcha: Captcha solving
  5. TranscribeMe: Transcription
  6. GoTranscript: Transcription
  7. Babbletype: Transcription
  8. Scribie: Transcription
  9. OneSpace: Transcription
  10. Rev: Transcription and captioning

Yes, you can!

  1. Bookkeeping.
  2. Online Proofreading & Editing.
  3. Virtual Assistant.
  4. Becoming A Freelance Writer.
  5. Starting Your Own Blog.
  6. Data Entry.
  7. Captioning.
  8. Transcription.
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