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Although the appeal of outdoor work is there, perhaps as a park ranger or a tree surgeon, many people are looking to get involved in technology, given society’s reliance on it in 2023.

One area of technology that has shown huge growth in recent times is gaming, with gaming companies pulling in huge revenues at the moment.

The video games industry has always been a major player, but with gaming now being accessible to even more people in the modern world, it’s experiencing growth like never before.

Nowadays, people play games on their smartphone devices, hugely powerful PlayStation 5 machines have never been so good, and you can even keep fit while gaming, too. Given the diverse range of gaming products in today’s innovative climate, there are also plenty of jobs people can consider looking at.

In fact, there are now almost 200 different types of jobs that are associated with the video game industry.

So, whether you’re interested in game design or writing reviews on exciting new releases, let’s take a look at some of the most popular gaming jobs people are looking to forge careers in right now.


Kicking things off with a skill many people possess, nailing the visual element of a game is certainly one of the most important aspects of creating a hit release.

In order to do this, art is vitally important, perhaps around the characters featured in a game or even the environment gamers are able to explore. Game artists are therefore a hugely important cog in the wheel of any game design mission, perhaps by focussing on texturing and lighting, alongside specializing in 3D modeling and maybe even having a passion for all things animation.

Essentially, without art, games aren’t possible to make. In terms of the roles that are typically available in this particular facet of game creation, they are 2D art, 3D art, concept art, prop art, model art, lighting art, weapon art, and a whole lot more.

Given the detail, many modern-day games possess, there are a number of key roles in this area.

Game development

These days, the improved gaming products we can sample are down to an army of bright minds that have managed to nail the process of creating and implementing the code that runs video games.

Alongside companies that have been setting the standard when it comes to gaming software, including casino games developers such as Microgaming, games developers work closely with game development teams to create enticing gaming opportunities that will ultimately record success among the gaming community, usually in terms of revenues, but also in the number of downloads, for example.

In terms of career prospects, there are a number of roles that are associated with game development, from AI programming and gameplay programming to rendering and tools programming. Overall, game development is one of the most exciting areas in the industry, while also offering good money for people who are chasing better earnings.


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While the visual aspect of a game is hugely important, so too is the audio quality of games. As such, creating and implementing the perfect sound and music for a game is something companies strive to get right.

After all, if a game doesn’t have the right music, then it will fail to succeed. Likewise, if the dialogue in a game is hard to follow, then it won’t appeal to mass audiences. Roles include game audio designers and engineers, both of whom work alongside game programmers to make sure the audio fits perfectly into the game engine.

Roles in this area tend to focus on audio composition, audio engineering, and more.

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