Georgia Counties

Georgia Counties numbers up to 159 and that will be the content of today’s article. Georgia is a state in the United States of America and it is found in the South-eastern area of the USA with its capital being Atlanta.

Georgia takes the 24th position as the largest state in America. It is surrounded by Tennessee and North Carolina by the north, To the east is  South  Carolina, while to the south is by Florida, and to the west by Alabama.

Georgia is largely populated with a large number of counties which will be listed in this article. Don’t fail to read through to the end.

Table of Contents

 A list of Georgia Counties with the year formed, Population, Seat, and Area

This list will take an alphabetical order.

Appling County

Agriculture, Green, Rice, Asia, Bali

Seat: Baxley

Formed: 1818

Population: 18368

Area: 509 sq mi

Atkinson County

Village, Agriculture, Valley, Vietnam

Seat: Pearson

Formed: 1917

Population: 8284

Area: 338 sq mi

Bacon County

Sunset, Dawn, Nature, Dusk, Sun, Sky

Seat: Alma

Formed: 1914

Population: 11198 

Area: 285 sq mi

Baker County

Mansion, England, Estate, Country House

Seat: Newton

Formed: 1825

Population: 3366

Area: 343 sq mi

Baldwin County

Carnival Rides, Night, Ferris Wheel

Seat: Milledgeville

Formed: 1803

Population: 46367

Area: 258 sq mi

Banks County

Farm Yard, Farm, Nature, Farmhouse, Fall

Seat: Homer

Formed: 1859

Population: 18316

Area: 234 sq mi 

Barrow County

Carnival, Summer, Ferris Wheel, Holiday

Seat: Winder

Formed: 1914

Population:  70169

Area: 162 sq mi 

Bartow County

Agriculture, Asia, Bali, Cambodia, China

Seat: Cartersville

Formed: 1832

Population: 100661

Area: 460 sq mi

Ben Hill County
Barn, Rustic, Barns, Ohio, Digital Art

Seat: Fitzgerald


Population:  17538

Area: 252 sq mi 

Berrien County

Sunset, Dawn, Nature, Dusk, Sun, Heaven

Seat: Nashville


Population: 19041

Area: 452 sq mi 

Bibb County

Landscape, Ireland, Killarney

Seat: Macon

Formed: 1822

Population: 156462

Area: 250 sq mi

Bleckley County

Path, Wooden Track, Wooden Plank Path

Seat: Cochran

Formed: 1912

Population: 12913

Area: 217 sq mi

Brantley County

Mount Shuksan, Mountain, Landscape

Seat: Nahunta

Formed: 1920

Population: 18587

Area:   444 sq mi 

Brooks County

Usa, America, North America, Moose

Seat: Quitman

Formed: 1858

Population: 15403

Area:  494 sq mi

 Bryan County

Barn, Rustic, Barns, Ohio, Digital Art

Seat: Pembroke

Formed: 1793

Population: 32214

Area: 442 sq mi

Bulloch County

Path, Wooden Track, Wooden Plank Path

Seat: Statesboro

Formed: 1796

Population:  72694

Area: 683 sq mi

Burke County

Yorkshire Rose, County, England

Seat: Waynesboro

Formed: 1777

Population: 23125

Area:  831 sq mi 

Butts County

Gas Station, Workshop, Garage, Old

Seat: Jackson

Formed: 1825

Population:  23524

Area:  187 sq mi

Calhoun County

Mount St Helens, Volcanic Eruption

Seat: Morgan

Formed: 1854

Population: 6504

Area: 280 sq mi

Camden County

Montana, Barn, Landscape, Scenic, Hdr

Seat: Woodbine

Formed:  1777

Population:  51402

Area: 630 sq mi

Candler County

Park, Parklandschaft, English Garden

Seat: Metter

Formed: 1914

Population:  11117

Area: 247 sq mi

Carroll County

Texas, Usa, United States, America

Seat: Carrollton

Formed:  1826

Population: 111580

Area: 499 sq mi

Catoosa County

Donut, Doughnut, Randy'S Donuts, Shop

Seat: Ringgold

Formed: 1853

Population: 65046

Area: 162 sq mi

Charlton County

Grand Tetons, Wyoming, Blue, Bear, Trees

Seat: Folkston

Formed: 1854

Population: 13295

Area: 781 sq mi

Chatham County

Mount Edgcumbe House, Mansion

Seat: Savannah

Formed:  1777

Population:  276434

Area: 440 sq mi

Chattahoochee County

Quilt, Storm, Storm Clouds, Sun

Seat: Savannah

Formed:   1854

Population: 13037

Area: 249 sq mi

Clarke County

Religion, Grave Facility, Brown Hill

Seat: Athens

Formed: 1801

Population: 120266

Area: 121 sq mi

Clay County

Scrabo Tower, Tower, Newtownards, Scrabo

Seat: Fort Gaines

Formed: 1854   

Population: 3116

Area: 1195 sq mi

Clayton County

Mansion, Villa, House, Architecture

Seat: Jonesboro

Formed:  1858

Population: 265888

Area:  143 sq mi

Clinch County

Barn, Rustic, Barns, Ohio, Digital Art

Seat: Jonesboro

Formed:  1850

Population: 6718

Area:  809 sq mi

Cobb County

Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland

Seat: Marietta 

Formed: 1832

Population: 707442

Area: 340 sq mi


Coffee County

Landscape, Hill, Nature, Agriculture

Seat: Douglas

Formed: 1854

Population: 43170

Area: 599 sq mi

Colquitt County

Night, Moon, Birds, Scenery, Trees

Seat: Moultrie

Formed:  1856

Population: 46137

Area:  552 sq mi

Columbia County

Irish, Ireland, Europe, County, Tourism

Seat: Appling (de jure) and Evans (de facto)

Formed: 1790

Population: 131627

Area: 290 sq mi

Cook County

Barn, Rustic, Barns, Ohio, Digital Art

Seat: Adel

Formed:   1918

Population:  16923

Area: 229 sq mi

Coweta County

Outdoor, Forest, Foliage, Park, Green

Seat: Newnan

Formed:  1826

Population:  130929

Area: 443 sq mi

Crawford County

Lancashire Rose, County, England

Seat: Knoxville

Formed: 1822


Area: 325 sq mi

Crisp County

Mount St Helens, Volcano, Mountain

Seat: Cordele

Formed:  1905

Population: 23606

Area:  274 sq mi

Dade County

Mount St Helens, Volcano, Mountain

Seat: Trenton

Formed: 1905

Population:  16490

Area: 174 sq mi

Dawson County

Mount Edgcumbe House, Mansion, Towers

Seat: Dawsonville

Formed:  1857

Population:  22422

Area:  211 sq mi

Decatur County

Quilt, Quilt Barn, Windmill, Barn

Seat: Bainbridge

Formed:  1823

Population: 27509

Area: 597 sq mi

DeKalb County

Fresh Green Onion Bunches, Vegetables

Seat: Decatur

Formed:  1822

Population: 707089

Area:  268 sq mi

Dodge County

Barn, Rustic, Barns, Swing, Broken Swing

Seat: Eastman

Formed: 1870

Population: 21329

Area: 501 sq mi

Dooly County

Away, Ireland, Abandoned

Seat: Vienna

Formed:  1821

Population: 14318

Area: 393 sq mi


Dougherty County

Doc Ryburns House, Bannack, State, Park

Seat: Albany

Formed: 1853

Population: 94501

Area:  330 sq mi

Douglas County

Rock, Insight, Canyon, Outlook

Seat: Blakely

Formed: 1818

Population:  10594

Area: 511 sq mi

Early County

The Ring Of Kerry, Ireland, Nature


Seat: Statenville

Formed: 1858

Population: 3988

Area: 404 sq mi

Effingham County

Scenery, Sunrise, Trees, Autumn, Bird

Seat: Springfield

Formed: 1777

Population:  53293

Area: 480 sq mi

Elbert County

Barn, Rustic, Barns, Ohio, Digital Art

Seat: Elberton

Formed: 1790

Population:  19684

Area: 369 sq mi

Emanuel County

River, Rapids, Canyon, Water, Nature

Seat: Swainsboro

Formed:  1812

Population:  22898

Area:  686 sq mi

Evans County

Pingyuan County, Guangdong

Seat: Claxton

Formed: 1914

Population: 10689

Area: 185 sq mi

Fannin County

Camping Tipi, Campground, Tent, Tipi

Seat: Blue Ridge

Formed:   1854

Population:  23492

Area: 386 sq mi

Fayette County

Barn, Rustic, Barns, Morning, Dawn

Seat: Fayetteville

Formed: 1821

Population: 107524

Area: 386 sq mi

Floyd County

Farmers Market Mixed Flowers, Sunflowers

Seat: Rome

Formed:  1832

Population:  96177

Area:  513 sq mi

Forsyth County

Pinwheels, Energy, Wind Power

Seat: Cumming

Formed: 1832

Population:  187928

Area: 226 sq mi

Franklin County

Amish, Farming, Horse-Drawn, Haying


Seat: Carnesville

Formed: 1784

Population:  21894

Area: 263 sq mi

Fulton County

Breakthrough, Cliff, Cliffs, Sea, Water

Seat: Atlanta

Formed: 1853

Population:  977773

Area:  529 sq mi

Gilmer County

Train, Railroad, Rails, Train Ride

Seat: Ellijay

Formed:  1832

Population:  28190

Area:  427 sq mi

Glascock County

Farm Market Beans, Beans, Green, Dane

Seat: Gibson

Formed:  1857

Population:  3142

Area: 144 sq mi

Glynn County

Scenery, 3D, Trees, Artistic, Art Print

Seat: Brunswick

Formed:  1777

Population: 81022

Area: 422 sq mi

Gordon County

Summer, Virginia, Northern Virginia

Seat: Calhoun

Formed:  1850

Population:  55766

Area: 355 sq mi

Grady County

Sunset, Weeds, Warm, Glow, Green

Seat: Cairo

Formed:  1905

Population:  25440

Area:  458 sq mi

Greene County

Barn, Barns, Rustic, Art, Digital Art

Seat: Cairo

Formed:  1905

Population:  25440

Area:  458 sq mi

Gwinnett County

Ocean Front, Orange County, Mansion

Seat: Lawrenceville

Formed:   1818

Population:  842046

Area: 433 sq mi

Habersham County

Bannack Town Site, Bannack, State, Park

Seat: Clarkesville

Formed: 1818

Population: 43520

Area: 278 sq mi

Hall County

Scotland, Landscape, Snow, Winter, Road

Seat: Gainesville

Formed: 1818

Population: 185416

Area: 394 sq mi

Hancock County

America, Counties, Map, United States

Seat: Sparta

Formed:  1793

Population: 8996

Area: 473 sq mi

Haralson County

Lake Catamount, Colorado, Landscape

Seat: Buchanan

Formed:  1856

Population: 28400

Area:   282 sq mi

Harris County

Barn, Rustic, Barns, Ohio, Digital Art

Seat: Hamilton

Formed: 1827

Population:  32550

Area: 464 sq mi

Hart County

County Fair, Festival, Carnival, Fair

Seat: Hartwell

Formed: 1853

Population:  25518

Area: 232 sq mi

Heard County

Greene County, Domestic Relations, Xenia

Seat: Franklin

Formed: 1830

Population:  25518

Area:  296 sq mi

Henry County

Sunset, Ephraim, Ephraim Wisconsin

Seat: McDonough

Formed: 1821

Population:  209053

Area:  323 sq mi


Houston County

Farm Fresh Bell Peppers, Pepper, Bell

Seat: Perry

Formed: 1821

Population: 146136

Area: 377 sq mi

Irwin County

Volcano, Solidified Lava

Seat: Ocilla

Formed: 1818

Population: 9600

Area: 357 sq mi

Jackson County

Nicasio, Church, Catholic Church

Seat: Jefferson

Formed:  1796

Population: 60571

Area: 342 sq mi

Jasper County

Rail, Railroad Track, Track

Seat: Monticello

Formed:  1807

Population:  13630

Area:  370 sq mi

Jeff Davis County

Barn, Rustic, Barns, Weathered, Ohio

Seat: Hazlehurst

Formed: 1905

Population: 15156

Area: 333 sq mi

Jefferson County

Cork County, Ireland, Sunrise, Lake

Seat: Louisville

Formed: 1796

Population: 16432

Area: 528 sq mi

Jenkins County

Usa, Santa Barbara, California, Barbara

Seat: Millen

Formed: 1905

Population: 9213

Area: 350 sq mi

Johnson County

Barn, Rustic, Barns, Weathered, Ohio

Seat: Wrightsville

Formed: 1858

Population: 9897

Area: 304 sq mi


Jones County

Cork County, Ireland, Sunrise, Lake

Seat: Gray

Formed: 1807

Population: 28577

Area: 394 sq mi

Lamar County

Anhui, Hongcun, Guizhou County, Anhui

Seat: Barnesville


Population: 18057

Area: 185 sq mi

Lanier County

Barn, Rustic, Barns, Ohio, Digital Art

Seat: Lakeland

Formed: 1920

Population: 10400

Area: 187 sq mi

Laurens County

Cliff, Steep Coast, Cliffs, Rock, Sea

Seat: Dublin

Formed:  1807

Population: 48041

Area: 813 sq mi

Lee County

Ornamental Grass At Market, Grass

Seat: Leesburg

Formed:  1826

Population: 28746

Area: 356 sq mi

Liberty County

Scenery, Sunset, Tractor, Birds, Trees

Seat: Hinesville

Formed:  1777

Population: 65471

Area: 519 sq mi

Lincoln County

Ireland, Burren, County, Clare, Stone

Seat: Lincolnton

Formed: 1796

Population: 7737

Area: 211 sq mi

Long County

Lighthouse, Tower, Beacon, Building

Seat: Ludowici

Formed: 1920

Population: 16048

Area:  401 sq mi

Lowndes County

Castle, England, Bank, Park, Window

Seat: Valdosta

Formed: 1920

Population: 114552

Area: 504 sq mi

Lumpkin County

Building, Cabin, Chimney, Counties, Home

Seat: Dahlonega

Formed: 1832

Population: 30611

Area: 284 sq mi


Macon County

Old Bannack Shops And Hotel, Ghost, Town

Seat: Oglethorpe

Formed: 1837


Area: 403 sq mi

Madison County

Storm, Storm Clouds, Scenery, Trees

Seat: Danielsville

Formed: 1811


Area: 284 sq mi

Marion County

Scenery, Road, Autumn, Trees, Artistic

Seat: Buena Vista

Formed: 1827

Population: 8711

Area: 367 sq mi 

McDuffie County

Landscape, Meadow, Step, Camel, Grazing\

Seat: Thomson

Formed: 1870

Population: 21663

Area: 260 sq mi

McIntosh County

Horses, Field, Paddock, Farm, Meadow

Seat: Darien

Formed: 1793

Population: 13839

Area: 260 sq mi

Meriwether County

Muckross Abbey, Muckross, Killarney

Seat: Greenville

Formed: 1827

Population: 21273

Area: 503 sq mi

Miller County

Barn, Rustic, Barns, Weathered, Ohio

Seat: Colquitt 5969

Formed: 1856

Population: 5969

Area:  283 sq mi

Mitchell County

Usa, California, Yosemite National Park

Seat: Camilla

Formed: 1857

Population: 23144

Area: 512 sq mi

Monroe County

Usa, America, California, Lighthouse

Seat: Forsyth

Formed:  1821

Population: 26637

Area: 396 sq mi

Montgomery County

Usa, America, California, Lighthouse

Seat: Mount Vernon

Formed: 1793

Population: 8913

Area:  245 sq mi

Morgan County

Cauliflower And Peppers, Veggie, Fractal



Seat: Madison

Formed:  1807

Population:  17881

Area:  350 sq mi

Murray County

Parrot, Birds, Colorful, Captivity, Zoo

Seat: Chatsworth

Formed: 1832

Population: 39392

Area: 344 sq mi


Muscogee County

Old Bannack Structures

Seat: Columbus

Formed:  1826

Population: 198413

Area:  216 sq mi

Newton County

Rural, Oregon, Lake, Siltcoos

Seat: Covington

Formed: 1821

Population: 101505

Area:  216 sq mi

Oconee County

Bannack Townsite, Bannack State Park

Seat: Watkinsville

Formed: 1875

Population: 33619

Area:  186 sq mi

Oglethorpe County

High Force, Waterfall, Teesdale

Seat: Lexington

Formed:  1793

Population:  14618

Area:  441 sq mi


Paulding County

Seat: Dallas

Formed: 1832

Population: 144800

Area: 314 sq mi

Peach County

Grist Mill, Yates Mill, Mill Stream

Seat: Fort Valley

Formed: 1924

Population: 27622

Area: 314 sq mi

Pickens County

Seat: Jasper

Formed: 1853

Population: 29268

Area: 232 sq mi

Pierce County

Barn, Rustic, Barns, Ohio, Digital Art

Seat: Blackshear

Formed: 1857

Population: 18844

Area: 343 sq mi

Pike County

San Bernardino County, Death Valley

Seat: Zebulon

Formed: 1822

Population: 17810

Area:218 sq mi

Polk County

Fall Colors, Autumn, Mountains

Seat: Cedartown

Formed:  1851

Population:  41188

Area: 311 sq mi

Pulaski County

Bridgeport, California, Sierra Mountains

Seat: Hawkinsville

Formed: 1808

Population: 11720

Area: 247 sq mi

Putnam County

Ferris Wheel, County Fair, Carnival, Fun

Seat: Eatonton

Formed: 1807

Population: 21198

Area: 344 sq mi

Quitman County

Barn, Rustic, Barns, Road, Silo, Ohio

Seat: Georgetown

Formed: 1807

Population: 2404

Area:  152 sq mi

Rabun County

Sunrise, Scenery, Trees, Artistic

Seat: Clayton

Formed:  1819

Population:  16297

Area:  371 sq mi

Randolph County

Landmark, The Beacon, Beacon, Bay

Seat: Cuthbert

Formed: 1828

Population: 7327

Area: 429 sq mi

Richmond County

Old Bannack Townsite, Bannack State Park

Seat: Augusta

Formed: 1777

Population: 202587

Area: 324 sq mi

Rockdale County


Seat: Conyers

Formed:  1870

Population:  85820

Area:  131 sq mi

Schley County

Car, Part, Clutch, Kava, County, Hyundai

Seat: Ellaville

Formed:  1857

Population:  4990

Area:  168 sq mi

Screven County

Pueblo County, Courthouse, Building

Seat: Sylvania

Formed: 1793

Population:  14202

Area:   648 sq mi

Seminole County

Barn, Rustic, Barns, Sun Rays, Morning

Seat: Donalsonville


Population: 8947

Area: 238 sq mi

Spalding County

Rural, Oregon, Lake, Siltcoos

Seat: Griffin

Formed: 1851

Population: 63865

Area: 198 sq mi

Stephens County

Bannack Townsite, Bannack State Park

Seat: Toccoa

Formed: 1905

Population: 25891

Area: 179 sq mi

Stewart County

High Force, Waterfall, Teesdale

Seat: Lumpkin

Formed: 1905

Population: Lumpkin

Area: 179 sq mi

Sumter County

Truck, Transport, Vehicle, Trucks


Seat: Americus

Formed: 1831

Population: 31554

Area:  485 sq mi

Talbot County

Grist Mill, Yates Mill, Mill Stream

Seat: albotton

Formed: 1827

Population:  6517

Area: 393 sq mi

Taliaferro County

San Bernardino County, Death Valley

Seat: Crawfordville

Formed:  1825

Population: 1680

Area:  195 sq mi

Tattnall County

Snow, Lake, Mountain, Winter, Water

Seat: Reidsville

Formed: 1801

Population: 25384

Area: 484 sq mi


Ghost Town, Shaniko, Oregon, Historic

Seat: Butler

Formed: 1852

Population: 8420

Area:378 sq mi

Telfair County

Farm Fresh Peppers, Spicy, Peppers

Seat: McRae

Formed: 1807

Population: 16349 

Area: 441 sq mi 

Terrell County

Farm Market Flowers, Colorful, Bright

Seat: Dawson

Formed:  1856

Population: 9045

Area: 336 sq mi

Thomas County

Chimney, Ireland, Schull, Unused

Seat: Thomasville

Formed: 1825

Population: 44724

Area:548 sq mi

Tift County

Barn, Rustic, Barns, Ohio, Digital Art

Seat: Tifton

Formed: 1905

Population: 41064

Area:265 sq mi

Toombs County

Landscape, Meadow, Step, Road

Seat: Lyons

Formed: 1905

Population: 27315

Area: 367 sq mi

Towns County

Field, Pasture, Meadow, Grassland

Seat: Hiawassee

Formed: 1856

Population: 10495

Area: 166 sq mi

Treutlen County

Barn, Rustic, Barns, Weathered, Ohio

Seat: Soperton

Formed: 1918

Population: 6769

Area: 201 sq mi

Troup County

Farm Market Beans, Yellow, Wax, Beans

Seat: LaGrange

Formed: 1826

Population: 68468

Area: 414 sq mi

Turner County

Pasture, Meadow, Cows, Grass, Landscape

Seat: Ashburn

Formed:  1905

Population: 8410

Area: 286 sq mi

Twiggs County

Old Bannack Ghost Town

Seat: Jeffersonville

Formed: 1809

Population: 8447

Area: 360 sq mi

Union County

Scenery, Trees, Artistic, Art Print

Seat: Blairsville

Formed: 1832

Population:  21451

Area: 323 sq mi

Upson County

Ocean, Sunrise, Pacific, California

Seat: Thomaston

Formed: 1824

Population: 26630

Area: 326 sq mi

Walker County

Barn, Rustic, Barns, Ohio, Digital Art

Seat: Lafayette

Formed: 1833

Population: 68094

Area: 446 sq mi 

Walton County

Castle, Ireland, Vacation, Ancient


Seat: Monroe

Formed: 1818

Population: 84575

Area: 329 sq mi

Ware County

Castle, Ireland, Vacation, Ancient

Seat: Waycross


Population: 35821

Area: 903 sq mi

Warren County

Barn, Rustic, Barns, White, Ohio

Seat: Warrenton

Formed: 1793

Population: 35821

Area: 286 sq mi

Washington County

Barn, Rustic, Barns, Ohio, Digital Art

Seat: Sandersville

Formed: 1784

Population: 20879

Area: 680 sq mi

Wayne County

Scenery, Trees, Water, Artistic

Seat: Sandersville

Formed: 1803

Population: 30305

Area: 645 sq mi

Webster County

Rice, Fields, Nature, Plant, Agriculture

Seat: Preston

Formed:  1853

Population:  2793

Area: 210 sq mi

Wheeler County

Seat: Alamo

Formed: 1912

Population: 7888

Area: 298 sq mi

White County

Nevada, Brothel, Sex, Prostitution

Seat: Cleveland 

Formed: 1857

Population: 27556

Area: 242 sq mi

Whitfield County

Barn, Rustic, Barns, Ohio, Digital Art

Seat: Dalton

Formed: 1851

Population:  103359

Area: 290 sq mi

Wilcox County

Farm Market Corn, Cob, Corn, Food

Seat: Abbeville

Formed: 1857

Population:  9068

Area:  380 sq mi

Wilkes County

Stone, Romania, Mountain, Tourism

Seat: Washington

Formed: 1777

Population: 10076

Area: 471 sq mi

Wilkinson County

Carnival, County, Ferris Wheel, Fair

Seat: Irwinton

Formed: 1803

Population: 9577

Area: 447 sq mi

Worth County

Pacific, Ocean, Beach, Kids, Waves

Seat: Sylvester

Formed: 1853

Population: 21741

Area:570 sq mi



Above are the 159  Georgia Counties. We have done a good job by providing a list of counties in Georgia with the years they were formed, the seat, the population, and the area of each of them.

We need to be applauded for the good work done. What do you think?

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