gifts ideas for 12 years old Canada

Are you constantly checking the market looking for gift ideas for 12 year old boy in Canada? Are you finding it difficult to get the perfect gift your 12-year-old son will love? This post has a list of best toys and gifts ideas for 12 years old Canada which am sure he’ll love.

Shopping for a gift for a 12-year-old boy can be painfully awkward as he is in his pre-teen years, and he’s undergoing some developments and changes which makes finding the right gift for him difficult.

As a parent of a 12-year-old boy, you’ll notice that he now has a personality with a list of likes and dislikes so, you’ll need to be careful with the gifts that you give him as he may adore or detest them.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best gifts for 12-year-old boys so, whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift, a birthday gift, graduation gift, or just-for-fun present, we assure you will find something to love in this list.

These gift ideas for 12-year-old boys range from small just-for-fun items to bigger more meaningful presents.  

Top Best Toys and Gift Ideas for 12-year-old boy Canada

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1. Spikeball Game Set (3 Ball Kit)

Spikeball Game Set (3 Ball Kit)

Spikeball game involves multiple players and this game will help your son build interpersonal skills with peers. It is the perfect indoor-outdoor sports game for an active boy. This item comes with an adjustable net that you can tighten depending on the number of players.

Spikeball Game Set also features foldable legs for portability. It is easy to set up and set down and has a compact design for easy storage.

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2. Flashing LED Gloves  

Flashing LED Gloves

These flashing LED gloves are made with comfortable, stretchy, lightweight, and breathable cotton-polyester materials and are ideal for any occasion.

If your 12-year-old son is fascinated with things that light up, then, this could be the ideal gift you can consider to get for him.

These flashing LED gloves feature multicolor glowing flashing lights that your son can use for birthday parties, Christmas, Halloween, and other events.

Since it is made with breathable and comfortable material, it is, therefore, safe and cozy even in warm weather. It has a stretchable fabric around the wrist that keeps the boy safe for added comfort.   

3. ThinkFun Gravity Maze Game  

gift ideas for 12 year old boy Canada

This is a falling marble logic game with 1 game grid, 60 challenge cards, 9 towers, 1 target piece, and 3 marbles. The challenges range from beginner to expert.

A nice gift for a 12 year old boy as it helps builds special reasoning and planning skills. Highly educative game.

4. Difficult Riddles for Smart Kids  

gift ideas for 12 year old boy canada

This is the ideal gift for your son if he loves to solve riddles. This book contains 300 difficult riddles and brain teasers which you and your son will love.  It is a fun gift.

5. SNAPTAIN Wifi FPV Drone


If your 12-year-old son is obsessed with flying gadgets, then the SNAPTAIN Wifi FPV drone would make a perfect gift for his birthday. SNAPTAIN Wifi FPV drone is an excellent drone that features a 720 HD camera, voice control, headless mode, and 360° Flips & Rolls.

This drone provides video transmission within a range of up 80m. The young man can also edit and upload videos on social media through his smartphone using the drone.

SNAPTAIN wifi FPV drone also features a protective propeller guard that ensures a safe flight. It is made with high-quality ABS material so you need not worry when it drops.

With its Trajectory Flight function, your son can draw a flight course on the touch screen on his smartphone and the drone will fly accordingly.

This drone also has a built-in gravity sensor that allows the young man to control it by adjusting the vertical and horizontal position of his smartphone through the Snaptain Era App which he can download on the iOS and Android App Store.

6. Astro Mission Rescue Bot PlayStation VR 

gifts for 12 year old boy canada

The set comes as a featured-packed VR which any 12-year-old boy would love to play with. It is one of the best VRs with a killer app full of exciting ideas and surprises.

This game features 20 levels with 6 boss encounters, 8 robots, and 26 challenge areas. It would make a perfect Christmas gift.

7. Marky Sparky Faux Bow 3 Archery Set  

Marky Sparky Faux Bow 3 Archery Set

The Marky Sparky Faux Bow 3 Foam Bow & Arrow Archery Set is made of foam and can fire across 100 ft. of ground in seconds. This set comes with a bow, a quiver, and six arrows.

The arrows are tipped with a durable foam that gets rid of any danger associated with archery and fletching. The back of the arrow has a unique feel and balance which makes it easier for your son to hit his target.

 8. LED Hover Football

gift ideas for 12 year old boy canada

This is a cool ball your 12 year old son will love. The LED Hover Football can challenge and develop the intelligence of your son as well as make him learn and grow in the games.

When your 12 year old son plays the ball, he will get both his body and eyes into exercise, which can relax not only the body status but also the optic nerves, benefitting his health. It is easy to use and also save to use.

It can be kicked as a real soccer ball, can glide over a smooth surface, easily sail over hard surface can be used on home floor, flat ground, low-pile carpet, etc.

The LED Hover Football also features colourful LED lights that can blink bright colourful light in darkness. Your kid can either play with it inside the house or outside with friends and family.  

A cool Christmas gifts or birthday gifts your 12 year old son will love.

9. Analog Digital LED Waterproof Watch  

Analog Digital LED Waterproof Watch

This watch can go with any outfit and suitable for any occasion. This sport watch will make your 12 year old son look vibrant, young and energetic in crowd.

This watch comes in top quality beautiful gift boxes thus saving your time to wrap it. It is a perfect birthday gift or Christmas gift.

10. Rollup Magnetic Dart Board  

Rollup Magnetic Dart Board

A great toy gift for a 12 year old boy. The Rollup Magnetic Dart Board comes with 6 darts (i.e.3 red and 3 yellow), and a 17.5 X 15 inch reversible dart board. It is very durable and doesn’t fall off easily. It is safe to play and can be hung anywhere.

11. Franklin Sports NHL Mini Hockey Elite Goal Set  

Franklin Sports NHL Mini Hockey Elite Goal Set

If your son loves to play Hockey, then consider this as an ideal gift for his birthday. Franklin Sports NHL Mini Hockey Elite Goal set has everything the young man needs to start the mini hockey fun.

It comes with a 2 mini stick (1 left handed, and 1 right handed), 2 foam mini hockey balls, and a 28 x 20 mini goal.

The Franklin sports NHL mini hockey elite goal set is super lightweight and very portable thus he can easily take it anywhere without stress.

12. Outdoor Exploration Kit  

Outdoor Exploration Kit

If your son loves to explore or loves adventure, consider getting this for him as a birthday or Christmas gift. With this outdoor exploration kit, your 12 year old son will discover the beauty of nature and learn about nature.

This kit comes with a nice gift box, binoculars, compass, magnifying glass, a flashlight, a whistle, and a lightweight & sturdy backpack.

It is a good exploration kit for kids to explore the beautiful surroundings around them and get them out of the shackles of electronic products.  

13. Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game   

Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game

The Melissa and Dough Suspend Family Game would be an excellent gift for a 12 year old boy with multiple development benefits that sparks his imagination and creative skills.

It is an exciting balancing game that will help your 12 year old son develop hand-eye coordination and interpersonal skills.

The game include 4 rods, 4 frame rods, a wooden connector, and a wooden base. It is a family game that involves 2 -4 players thus helping him develop interpersonal skills as he interacts with members of the family.

14. QoolPart Handheld Game Machine  

QoolPart Handheld Game Machine

This brand new handheld game console is suitable for kids and adults. It has a built-in 220 new exciting educational games like sports, arcade, puzzle, action, strategy, racing, card games, and more.

It is a fun game for a 12 year old boy as well as helps promote his skills like team work, hand-eye coordination, and thinking and problem solving skills.

It is lightweight and easy to carry. So, your son can carry it in his pocket and play it anytime, anywhere.

The game has support for TV output making it easier for your son to connect the video game console to the TV, this makes the game more exciting.

15. UGears Heavy Boy Truck VM-03

UGears Heavy Boy Truck VM-03

This is a learning toy for a 12 year old that loves to construct things. Your son will have fun as well as learn while assembling these beautiful working models.  

16. Money Maze Puzzle Box  

Money Maze Puzzle Box

This money maze puzzle box is an ideal unique birthday gift for a 12 year old boy in your life that loves brain teasers.  It can also act as a funny gag gift or gravity maze to make your pre-teen son use a little ingenuity and logic to get to his cash.  

17. Robot Arm Building Kit

Robot Arm Building Kit

This is a nice toy for a 12 year old boy. It comes in all shapes and can help him learn about the power of hydraulic systems and loads more.

The young man needs to follow the building instructions to build the arm and after building the arm, he’ll have a cool robot arm to play with.

It is a versatile robot arm with 6 Axes of movement and about 270 degrees of rotation from its different parts. Its gripper and suction parts also enable the operator to ‘vacuum’ and lift up objects.  And best of all, everything is hydraulic, so you don’t have to worry about power supplies or batteries.

A cool birthday gift for a 12 year old boy that like science, engineering and robots.

18. Colored Pencil Set

Colored Pencil Set

If your 12 year old son is creative, have talent for art, and likes to draw and color you can get him this as a gift.

This set has 50 vibrant and rich colors, and are excellent for shading and blending, and the young artists will really be amazed at just how fantastic they can make his drawings look.

19. Alesis Melody 61- Key Portable Keyboard 

Alesis Melody 61- Key Portable Keyboard

This piano keyboard comes with built-In speakers, headphones, microphone, piano stand, and music Rest and Stool. You can get this for your talented young son which he can use to practice and perform to his friends and family.  

20. Bluetooth Headphones  

Bluetooth Headphones

Surprise your 12-year-old son with these Bluetooth headphones which he can use to listen to music, watch movies, thus keeping him a little bit busy so that he won’t disturb the rest of the house with loud music.

The PowerLocus Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones is a nice headphone with a wallet-friendly price with amazing sound quality.

It fits perfectly over the head, connects quickly via Bluetooth, and is made of quality design. Your son can also use it to receive calls and have hands-free communication via the special noise reduction technology microphone.

The PowerLocus Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones are compatible with all iPhone X, 8 Plus, Samsung S9, S8, iPad, iPod, Huawei, Nexus, and Amazon Alexa.

These headphones can last for over 9 hours after charging and you can still decide to switch to wired mode and still enjoy your music.

21. Razor E100 Electric Glow Scooter

Razor E100 Electric Glow Scooter

This Electric Glow Scooter from Razor features a kick start, high-torque, chain-driven motor, twist-grip acceleration control, and hand-operated front brake.

Before use, you have to charge the battery for up to 12 hours and the run time may vary depending on the climate, riding conditions, and proper maintenance. A perfect birthday gift for a 12-year-old boy.  

22. XPRIT Hoverboard w/Bluetooth Speaker    

XPRIT Hoverboard w/Bluetooth Speaker

This is a nice fun gift a 12 year old boy will definitely love.  

23. Foosball Mini Soccer Table Game  

gift ideas for 12 year old boy canada

Most 12 year old boys love Foosball Mini Soccer Table Game which makes it an awesome gift for a 12 year old boy. If you have a sporty child or one who likes tabletop games, then, consider getting this amazing Foosball table for him.

This is a nice gift for a 12 year old who likes having his friends over to hang out.



There you have it, some of the best toys and gift ideas for 12 year old boy Canada. Find and get that special gift for a 12 year old lad in your life and put a smile on his face.

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