Google Android Auto

Google Android Auto is not just an operating gadget on its own, rather, it is an extension of a merged Android smartphone that displays Google`s products on the user`s car dashboard.

Google has little presence in the auto industry before the Google Android Auto was developed by the Silicon Valley giants.

Carmakers have struggled to compete with the progress made by smartphones and apps. The app recently receives a major upgrade -it now supports Wi-Fi.

Android Auto is now supported by different automobile industry giants like Hyundai, Ford, Toyota, Subaru, Chevrolet, Nissan, SEAT, Cadillac, Bentley, BMW,
and many others.

Manufacturers that supports Google Android Auto









Alfa Romeo





Aston Martin

























Land Rover






Google Android Auto

Google Android Auto is not an entire replacement for the car`s “infotainment” systems, but as an app on the vehicle`s dashboard system.

The Google app turns the infotainment system into a channel to control podcasts, Google Maps navigation, playing music, listening to music, and receiving messages.

The app further let user uses Google`s voice search when the driver is behind the wheel, by using the inbuilt microphone already installed in the car.

So, Is the Android Auto app with buying or you stick with your infotainment?

Installation and setup

The app can be connected to multiple devices as long as it is compatible. Android Auto Wireless has an issue with compatibility. So, if you want to use the wireless upgraded version, kindly check the compatibility with your

Also, I will guide you through how you can use Android Auto Wi-Fi without your device is compatible.

First, let us see how you connect the app to different gadgets including cars.

How to connect Google Android Auto on Phone Screen

Android user phone must be running on Android 5.0, then follow the step by step guide:

Step 1

Download play store on your Android mobile phone

Step 2

Go to Google Play Store to download the Google Android Auto app.

Step 3

Use a fast and strong internet connection

Step 4

Open the app, download any other apps it requires you to download.

Step 5

Accept all terms and conditions.

Step 6

Give the app permission to access all the features, contacts, images and more for the best experience.

Bonus step

If you on Bluetooth, select the device from the app and enable auto-launch for the Android app.

Connect to Android Auto on Car with USB

Remember to make sure your Android phone is running on Android 5 (Lollipop) before installation.

Step 1

Download the app on the Google play store

Step 2

Connection must be fast and strong

Step 3

Download the app from the play store or plug in the car USB cable and start download

Step 4

User should leave the car on and set the gear to park

Step 5

Unlock phone screen and establish a connection using a USB cable.

Step 6

Give the app permission to access features on your phone.

Connecting Android Auto or Auto wireless to Car

Before connecting the device, kindly make sure your phone meets the standard requirement.

The same instructions used in connecting USB should be used. When the car is connected, automatically, the wireless does too.

Google Android Auto

How to Install Android Auto on Compatible Cars

Installing the Google Android Auto app on a compatible car is very easy. The app comes as a standard feature of incompatible cars and connects easily as a standard device.

In fact, Android Auto is integrated into hundreds of cars from major manufacturers, such as Audi, Toyota, Hyundai, Cadillac, Citroen, Volkswagen, Volvo, Renault, Nissan, Open, Peugeot, Dacia, Fiat, Land Rover, Iveco Jeep, Mazda, Mercedes, Honda and many more.

Nevertheless, your car might be compatible with the app in question but does not have the Android app offered as an option to you. So, if you are looking to buy a car anytime soon, be sure to ask your car detailer information about the
compatibility with your car.

After confirmation of computability, you are ready to set up the device.

Step 1

Open play store from your Android phone

Step 2

Download the app.

Step 3

Connect to car and start by connecting with USB.

Step 4

Log into the adjustments Android and select Device connection y Bluetooth.

Step 5

If the app is not starting automatically, select the option Android auto and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the set up.

Installing Android Auto on Incompatible Cars

Thousands of people have struggled to install Android Auto on incompatible cars but were unsuccessful.

The following steps will show you exactly how to install and connect the app with your car radio and directly to your smartphone too.

Installing app on car stereo

Step 1

Open your Google Play store

Step 2

Install compatible stereo system of the brand that supports Google Android Auto. This allows all functions of the application to be unified into the machine.

Also, Android auto is compatible with many models of stereo system in cars, such as those of Furoin, JBL, Kenwood, Pioneer, Panasonic, Sony, Alpine, Deck, JVC, Clarion, and many more. Visit the official Android auto official website
for more details.

Step 3

In most cases, the app is already installed in the stereo system of your car. Connect your smartphone to the car as indicated above.

How to install Android Auto on a Smartphone

Installing Android auto on your smartphone has its requirements. As mentioned above, the app can be used in cars without integration if the stereo system comes with a compatible system.

Step 1

Make sure your smartphone is running on Android 5.0 (Lollipop)

Step 2

Recommended to have a fast and a strong internet connection

Step 3

Go to play store and search for the app “Android Auto”. Click on install now and wait for the installation to complete 100%. Upon completion, click open to start up the application.

Step 4

Touch the starts y continued and tap the option “allow” seven successive times, to give the app authorization and management of access to location, calls, record audio, messages, contacts, and calendar.

Step 5

After authorization, press the button again to continue and activate notifications. This will complete the setup and you got yourself one of Google`s best products.

Step 6

Lastly, to enjoy all the advantages of the app, connect your phone to the car, and launch the app on your smartphone.

User Interface

Google little presence in the auto industry is little, but it’s the development of Android auto impact has been great.

The Google Android Auto is a user-friendly interface for users. The interface is divided into five screens, but users end up using two or three of the screens.

Google Now-type is the main screen display that shows things like quick access to your navigation system pointing you in the right direction or location, recently played music, podcast, and so on.

As a user, if you tap on any of the quick access money displayed on the main screen, the system will
navigate immediately.

A good example will be the maps. In the Google Now-type main display, if you tap the navigation card, the app will take you to the Google Maps screen, which will appear on the bottom left of the menu bar.

The other display is a home display, then a control sound (audio) display, and a final tab to return home.

Voice Control

Perhaps the main way that you’ll interact with Android Auto is through your voice, and it’s generally easy to do so.

Generally, the major way a user will interact with the Google Android auto app is through voice.

Google Assistant is displayed in the center of the app displayed and with your voice, you can make calls and ask for directions to a destination.


Google Android Auto is a user-friendly app that makes driving easier. The app has contributed to saving lives by allowing drivers to drive, entertain themselves, and be safe while doing that.

The app is generally easy to install and it comes with a lot of support systems to help you have a great time using the product. The infotainment experience got a lot better with the integration of Android Auto.

So, if your car is on the list above, download the app, connect it, and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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