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Google is not just known for being the best search engine in the world it also provides us with awesome products that tend to makes life easier for its users. And in this post, we are going to be talking about the popular Google Assistant and how to use Google Assistant on iPhone

Google Assitant is an AI (Artificial Intelligent) powered live assistant made by Google that has the ability to engage in two-way conversations and primarily available on mobile and smart home devices.

If you make use of Google Assistant on devices like Nest Mini, Nest Hub, or Nest Audio and you want to start using the Google Assistant on iPhone, then you are at the right place. Because in this post, I’m going to be showing the best ways you can use Google Assistant on your iPhone running 10s14 device.

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How to Use Google Assistant on iPhone

Now the first step in using the Google Assistant on an iPhone is to download the Google Assistant app from The Apple
App Store. Just go to your Apple App Store and search for Google Assistant and the top result should be the Google Assistant app.

google assistant

Go ahead and download that and then follow the Screen Instructions to set up the App and link it to your Google Account.

Once the Google Assistant app is downloaded on your device, you can do things you’d ask a Google Assistant to speak for and a few additional things you can’t do on a speaker like, call or send a text to somebody.

With the Google Assistant app, there are three main ways to trigger the assistant which are;

●    Tapping the mic button at the bottom of the screen.

●    Saving the trigger word to it on your phone with the app open or,

●    You can make use of your Keyboard to request the Google Assistant.


Now you may want to trigger the Google Assitant when your phone screen is off. But unfortunately, by default with
iPhone the only assistant, Apple will let you summon is Siri.

Luckily the are two walkthroughs for iPhones running iOS 14 and walkthroughs involve Siri shortcuts.

Technically you can’t just ask Siri to open Google Assistant and it will work, however, the Siri shortcut saves you from
saying an additional phrase plus they unlock an additional way to use the Google Assistant on an iPhone.

Here are three methods that can be used to summon the Google Assistant using an iPhone device

Method 1.

First, make sure you download the Shortcut App on your iPhone by going to the Apple Store, and search “Shortcuts by Apple” and the app should like the screenshot below.

 google assistant

With the shortcut app downloaded, no go back to the Google Assistant App.

With the Google Assistant app opened select the Today View icon in the bottom left-hand corner.

You would see a popup there that will ask you to add the Google Assistant to Siri.

Go ahead and select “Add to Siri”.

Next, you can change the trigger phrase you want to use with Siri from the default.

After that, to test it, hold down the power button to summon Siri or you can use your voice and then say “Get Google”.

You will now be asked by Siri what you will like to ask Google and then you can say whatever you would normally say to the Google Assistant and Siri shortcuts will immediately open the Google App with that question and then the Google Assistant will also respond which is for a situation like when you are driving or probably if you have your hands full with something.

However, it is also important to keep in mind that you will have to have your phone unlocked for it to be able to open the Google Assistant, and unfortunately, finding a way around this just like on Andriod devices is yet to be discovered yet.


Method. 2

Unlike the first method that there was a pop-up, you wear unable to see the pop-up screen don’t panic yet because there is another way to do this through the shortcut app.

Go to the Shortcut App and click on the plus sign at the top right corner in the my shortcuts view.

  • Click “Add Action”
  • Go to “Apps”,
  • Then select “Assistant” and.
  • Select the trigger word for the assistant you would like to use.
  • Deselect “Show when run”
  • Click Next, then name your shortcut.

whatever you name your shortcut will be the phrase that you will tell Siri to get it to open the Google Assistant app and then after that, you are done and you can go ahead to try out the new shortcut.


Method. 3

Last but not the least, this is another way to summon Google Assitant without having to use Siri or opening the Google Assistant App manually and that is by making use of the new back tap feature.

This is a new technology that allows you to open the Google Assistant by double-tapping the back of your iPhone.

Even if your phone has a case on it, phones like the iPhone 12, it would still work.

So how do you enable the back tap feature?.

How to Enable iPhone Back Tap feature

I will be showing you how you can enable the back tap feature with a simple and easy step below;

  • Head over to your iPhone “Settings”.
  • Go to “Accessibility”.
  • Go to “Touch”.
  • Scroll down to “Back Tap” and click on it.
  • Then choose either double-tap or triple-tap depending on which one you want to use.
  • Then head over to shortcuts.
  • Select whichever shortcut you have created for the Google Assistant, exit settings, and then try for yourself.

Just double-tap the back of your iPhone and watch the Google Assistant app open from wherever you are on your iPhone and that pretty much it.

What Can you ask Google Assistant on iPhone?

In Google Assistant, you can either tap the microphone to talk to the app or tap the keyboard icon and type your question.

When you start Google Assistant with a spoken “Ok Google, Hey Siri” command, the Assistant listens to your request by default.

In the bottom-left, click on the compass icon to see and search through possible Google Assistant actions. Or you can just ask Google Assistant, “What can Assistant do?”. 

Google Assistant also works with Google Home devices especially the ones you configured. 

From the Google Assistant app, you can control certain devices or configure routines to trigger various actions at once with just a single command. 

You can also open other Google apps like Google Calendar, Gmail, and Google Maps with Google Assistant if the aforementioned apps reside on your device. 

You can use Google Assistant to know the latest news or weather, perform basic calculations, or play music. 

You can also use Google Assistant to perform Google searches by voice. 


That is it with our overview of the best ways to make use of Google Assistant on an iPhone device. You can now go ahead and play around with google assistant on your iPhone device easily.

I hope you found this content helpful and useful and you liked it.



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