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Are you looking for ways to spice up your browsing experience on Google Chrome? Applying an awesome theme to your Google Chrome browser is certainly one of the best ways you can enhance your overall browsing experience.

But somethings finding the best theme that suits your personality can be difficult especially when you have to do some
intensive search on the Google Chrome theme library. This is why in this post, we will be looking at some of the best themes you can use on your Google Chrome browser to give you that awesome feeling when you are surfing the internet.

We will also be showing you how you can apply any theme of your choice to your chrome browser.

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1.  Google Themes

If you are not aware, Google has also published some native themes on Google Chrome that are designed to give users a uniform color and look across the User Interface.

Currently, there are a total number of 14 themes published by Google in Chrome Webstore with different colors and hues. They all have similar designs and are good options to pick from if you are looking for a way to change your Google Chrome browser appearance. You can use the link below to try on the theme.

Try Google Themes

2. Color Fusion

Google Chrome themes

Just in case you are a lover of color Gradients, then you should check out Color fusion. It has a really great User
Interface and a color combination that gives give your browser a beautiful look. You can also observe how the active tab has stronger contrast than the background tabs.

The Color Fusion theme applies different color gradients for the bookmark bar, address bar, and tabs which makes it easier to see. You can use the link below to try on the theme.

Get Color Fusion

3. Material Dark

Google Chrome themes

The Dark Material is a crisp-looking minimalistic theme for your browser. With a nice-looking background that gives
a simplistic abstract design and colored buttons that make it easy for you to navigate. You can use the link below to try on the theme.

Get Material Dark 

4. Beauty

Google Chrome themes

Are you a lover of nature?. Try out the Beauty theme for Chrome. It has some stunning wallpapers for you with Pink sunset, green plains, and hilly forest. You can use the link below to try on the theme.

Get Beauty  

5.  Dark Space

Google Chrome themes

Just as the name implies, it is a space-based theme for the Chrome browser that gives your User Interface a uniform color scheme with.

With its great visuals, Dark Space is an awesome minimal but dark theme for you to try out. You can use the link below
to try on the theme.

Get Dark Space

6. Into the mist

Google Chrome themes

With its simple and elegant look, Into the Mist is yet another Google Chrome theme you should consider. Whereas the beauty of the theme, opening tabs can be a little difficult because it is not very visible. You can use the link below to try on the theme.

Get into the Mist

7.  Nordic Forest

Google Chrome themes

Nordic Forest theme has a nice-looking appearance with good lighting and nice wallpapers for you. It is also perfect
for you if you are a lover of nature.

Just like Into The Mist, the Nordic forest background image flows into the header of the browser. But due to the solid
colors used for tabs and bookmarks, it is very visible for the eyes. You can use the link below to try on the theme.

Get Nordic Forest

8.  Sahara

Google Chrome themes

Sahara theme is based on the huge landscape of the Sahara desert at night with the milky way. The theme is made of a lot of photos that include a caravan with camels and gives 1001 Arabian night vibes.

Sahara flows right into the browser edges and tabs and bookmark bar. You can use the link below to try on the theme.

Get Sahara 

9.  Horizon Club Sydney

Google Chrome themes

Like Abstract art-based themes? Check out the Horizon Club Sydney theme. It is based on Sydney’s iconic Harbor Bridge and offers excellent artwork on the home page that denotes the reflection of the sun and the water under the bridge.

Horizon Club Sydney modified the color of tabs and bookmark bars according to the theme color to give a uniform look to your browser. You can use the link below to try on the theme.

Get Horizon Club Sydney

10.  Blue/Green Cubes

Google Chrome themes

With its less distractive appearance and having over 4.6 ratings from 200k+ users, Blue/Green cube is one of the best
themes available in the Google Chrome library. It has a very fresh look, tabs, and bookmark bars are also very visible for the eyes to see.

You can use the link below to try on the theme

Get Blue/Green Cubes

Applying the Google Chrome theme to your browsing is pretty cool as it gives your browser a whole fresher look and
enhances your browsing experience.

After going through some of the best themes you should try out above, the question now is, How do you apply the Google Chrome theme to your browser?.


How to Apply Google Chrome theme to your browser.

You might have seen a theme appearance for your browser that you like to use but you do not know how to apply it to your browser and change your appearance.

Below we are going to be looking at how you can go about changing your chrome browser theme and removing a theme from your browser.


Go to the Google Chrome Web browser and open it.

Click on the options button at the top-right corner of your browser.

Google Chrome themes

  From the drop-down, select Settings.

Google Chrome themes

Under the Appearance section, click Themes. Or you can easily go to the theme library by visiting Chrome Web Store Themes

Google Chrome themesGoogle Chrome themes

●     Click on the themes to preview them.

●     When you have found a theme you would like to use, click on Add to Chrome.

Google Chrome themes

After Clicking Add to Chrome, the theme will automatically be applied to your browser immediately. And that’s pretty much it. 

Just in case you might want to reset your theme to the default Google Chrome appearance, you can simply go back to the appearance section in settings and click  “Reset to Default”.

If it fails to reset to the default appearance then you might be having malware on your browser. Get help in restoring your chrome settings.


We hope this article was very helpful and you can now try out any of the Google Chrome themes to spice up your whole browsing experience.





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