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Google Lens has been gaining some momentum in the digital photo community since the launch of Google Camera. Google Lens was specifically designed as an interface for people to view and share images with others on Google’s social networks.


The Google app is a high-end image recognition technology designed by Google, developed in part by the University of California, Berkeley, which enables users to quickly locate relevant content based on visual analysis using a deep neural network based on artificial intelligence.

The lens can be used to share your pictures on Facebook. The photos are available in different formats like JPEG, GIF, BMP, and TIF and you can search for the photo you like the most and send a link to a friend. You can also search for photos of your pets and upload them on their respective websites.

The Google Lens application will increase your friends’ traffic to your website and increase the number of visitors to your page.

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Google Lens Latest Features You Need to Try Right Now

Google lens

The lens is dubbed the future of search results. It is currently available on the majority of Android software phones. Here is a look at some of the features of what users call “future of search”.

Word Translation and Text Pronunciation

Google is heavily invested in translation. Google lens text translation is not a new feature, but an updated version of the powerful tool has gained the ability to pronounce text in any language of your choice. The updated pronunciation feature has been of help in many industries.

The feature is to help people learn new languages. The following step will guide you on how the tool can be applied to text pronunciation.

Step One

Place your Android phone camera in front of the word you want to translate

Step Two

The text will be highlighted on the white onscreen or a dot will show next to the word the lens is focused on

Step Three

Click on the captured word or highlighted text

Step Four

A list of options will show up, so, find the “Listen” option and tap to hear the word pronunciation.

Track Packages

This powerful tool will track packages if applied properly. Here`s how it works.

Step One

Place the package on a surface the camera can capture

Step Two

Turn on the Google lens from your phone and position the lens in front of the package shipping details.

Step Three

Click on the dot that appeared on the screen.

Step Four

A URL from the shipping company will be displayed, click to follow the
shipping progress.

New Place Filter

A new place filter has been added to the app. The feature can be found between the shopping and dining options.

Follow the step to enjoy this feature.

Step One

Open the app and click on the places filter.

Step Two

The place filter feature will bring up the name of the building the lens is focused on. Other options such as save place, call, share, search and locate in Google maps will appear.

Homework Helper

This feature is perfect during the coronavirus epidemic as more children are studying from home. The app can help solve mathematics problems for children.

Here`s how you can be a professional mathematics solver to your kids.

Step One

Open the app and find the Maths problem

Step Two

Find the Maths problem you want to solve and point the Android phone Using the Homework Filter feature

Step Three

An answer will be suggested quickly. If you further click Solve option, details on how the problem is solved will be revealed.

Note: This won`t work on all mathematics problems

Other bonus features developed are:

  • Quick Access to Restaurants
  • Transformation of handwritten notes into text
  • Reading Book Summaries

As Google recently announced that it would be adding more than one billion people on its network, Lens could serve as a great advertising tool in an exciting way. If you have a website with high rankings on Google and other major search engines, then you will definitely get a lot of traffic from Google users.

The applications will work just as well on Facebook as they will on Google. By adding Lens to your website, people will be able to easily find photos on your website without having to spend too much time searching for them.

The image you upload on Facebook or on Google is the same image you uploaded on your website or blog and the only thing you have to do is share the URL of your site with the person you want to share it with.

If your website has photos of your pets, then Google Lens will make it possible for people to view those photos on their Facebook pages without having to download them. This will not only increase your traffic but will also allow
you to gain a new set of potential customers on Facebook.

Google plans to add more than a hundred new categories for the Lens. You can upload your photos from various sources, such as Flickr and Facebook, and get exposure for your images. You can also take photos of your friends and use the Lens to share them with friends on your page so that you can have a nice image gallery.

Google Lens is a new image recognition software developed by Google, originally intended to provide people with better ways of searching for images on the internet by providing them with a quick and easy way of searching by
keywords and location.

As Google Lens works as an advanced Google Image Search, it enables users to search an image based on keywords and then provides users with relevant details such as the user’s location, the image, and description as well as the background color, the number of pixels, the size of the image, the description and more.

The software has been designed so that it will work alongside other Google products and services.

Google Lens works by analyzing images and then using this information to present a user with relevant information. This information includes but is not limited to, images taken onboard public transportation, images taken with
digital SLR cameras, images taken with Google+ pictures, images taken with the camera phones from various phones, and more.

Google Lens will be able to find images related to the user’s keyword searched. This means that if a user searches for “fishing equipment”, the lens will be able to show images of various types of fishing gear and equipment used in the ocean.

Google will be able to make the images available to users on the web in the form of images and descriptions.

Google has been testing this new photo recognition software. It is a major departure from their current methods of indexing images, as Google previously only indexed images stored locally on your computer.

How does Google Lens work?

Google Lens work either with the Google Lens app, Google Assistant, Google Photos, or with your camera app.

Google Lens App

With the Google Lens app, you can access a range of features and better explore the world around you.

Google Assistant

Within Google Assistant, you can down and in the bottom right corner, you will see a Google Lens icon, tap on it.

After tapping on it, point your phone’s camera at it, for example, show times outside a Cinema and you will be presented with lots of suggestions in the viewfinder.

Google Photos

Within Google Photos, it can identify buildings or landmarks and presents users with directions and opening hours for them.

Google Lens will also present users with information on a famous work of art.

When browsing your images with Google Photos, you will see the Google Lens icon at the bottom of the window.

Tap on it and the scanning dots will appear on your picture, then Google Lens will serve up suggestions.

Camera App

Google lens has been added directly to most Android phone’s camera app. Users might find it in the “More” section but it also depends on the manufacturer and user interface.

How to use Google Lens

To learn how to use Google Lens, watch this video.


With the addition of Google Lens, Google hopes to create a better search experience for users by making it easier for them to find the images they are looking for and making it easier for them to navigate through the results that are presented to them.

Google is currently testing Google Lens to help users search for local images on the web. Google states that over one hundred thousand images have been indexed from this technology. Users can use the lens to search the web for
images by their local state, city name, and even their city code.

Google plans to expand this technology to allow it to work across different categories and different types of photos. Google says that the software will be available on the Google website and Google Maps mobile app. and on other Google products and services.

Users will have the ability to preview the images before they choose to search using the lens, which means they have the opportunity to zoom into images and see what the details and features may be on the image.

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