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Google may be best known for its search engine, but the company also makes a few interesting and amazing products.
These include high-end as well as between smartphones, streaming devices, and even Thermostats.

In this post am going to be showing the top best Google products (hardware)that you can buy.

 Here is a list of Google top products to buy below;

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Top 7 Best Google Products to Buy

1.  Google Pixel Go

google products

The PixelBook Go is one of the latest PixelBook devices brought to us by google. Unlike its older generations of Pixel Book, it is not so prestigious but, it has the latest components and a streamlined minimalist design a lot of people will love.

The price of the PixelBook Go is around the neighborhood of $650 and you can not turn the screen all the way around to take the form of a tablet.

With its body made from Magnesium and a weight of just 2.3 pounds which makes it very light, it is endowed with powerful specifications and it also has the ability to smoothly run the lightweight Chrome Operating system.

You can also get more powerful internal features if you pay more. You can get great features such as;

●    Intel Core i7 processor

●    16GB of ram

●    256Gb of SSD storage and,

●    4k resolution

The high-end version will cost about $1400. The PixelBook Go is definitely one of the best Google Products you should get and try out.

2. Google Pixel Buds

google products

Google joins the truly wireless headphones market with pixel buds. This tiny piece of earbuds can be stored in a charging case and can be used discreetly.

 They offer good sound quality IPX4 water resistance easy pairing with Androidandroid devices and great google assistant integration. The minimalist design is also clean and elegant.

 Although these earbuds are a little expensive, and not really the best wireless headphones out there, they can be enticing and convenient for Android users.

They are absolutely exciting enough to make the list of best google products.

3. Google Nest Hub Max 

google products

The Google Next Hub Max has everything you look for on a smart display. The large 10inch display stereo speaker system with above sound quality, camera sensing with face mask technology, a front face camera that doubles as an indoor security camera so there are many exciting features that you can get in Google Nest Hub Max.

 Most importantly, the Nest hub max brings together all of your smart home products and provides an easy way to control them. And another exciting feature is, it even works as a fancy digital photo frame you can put all your family photos in it and run a slide show.

It is definitely one of the best Google products out there and a must for smartphone owners.

4. Google Pixel 4a Series

google products

The cheaper sibling of the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4xl is the Google Pixel 4a which was recently launched. It accomplishes something very few mid-range phones have done.

It offers stunning camera quality at a super low price and the surprisingly smooth performance from the snapdragon 730g and also has a 3 years update guarantee.

 The is one of the best Google product, a mid-range phone the offers you an amazing specification and it only cost
about $349.

 However, it is important to note that the phone is quite cheap and there are some obvious sacrifices to be experienced with the Google Pixel 4a.

Some of these have to do with the Design performance and overall features. The body is made up of plastic and it doesn’t offer you a high-end processor like the Pixel 4 snapdragon 855.

 And it has only one color option to select from with is black which is a disappointing thing. It is not wireless charging
enabled and lacks an IP rating. Regardless, it is not still a bad product considering it launched at a price of $350 which makes it one of the best Google products that you can buy.

5. Chromecast with Google TV

google products

This is a dongle offered by Google to turn your regular TV into a smart TV. This model is accompanied by a standalone
remote unlike the previous versions of the Chromecast.

With the new Chromecast, using a secondary device to control or cast media is not necessary anymore all thanks to Google TV.

Google TV is also stacked at the top of the Andriod TV. It has an undetachable HDMI dongle that can be used to plug into the back of your TV.

The Chromecast can also be used with your smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc, In order to cast media to your TV.

6. Nest Learning Thermostat

google products

This is definitely one of the best Google products you should buy and try out. Within a week of recording your
preferences, it has the ability to understand your routine and adjusts

With its high-tech powers, it can automatically change the temperature of your room as soon as it notices what
you do every night making the room temperature more conducive for you.

It also knows when you go out of your home, from your routine or it simply gets information from your phone’s GPS.

You can also control and monitor the energy usage of the Nest Learning Thermostat via your phone.

If make use of an Air condition, this is a really impressive product to use.

7.  Google Nest Wi-Fi

google products

Just as they say, there is no place like home, your internet connection is greatly interfaced with by the walls inside. But
Google has provided us with an awesome product called Google Nest Wi-Fi which has impressive wireless connectivity of up to 3,800 feet as it can provide some areas of your home with little or no network coverage great internet.

One of the fascinating things about the latest versions of Nest Wi-Fi is that it is integrated with Google Assistant which can help in controlling your Wi-Fi network by giving it voice commands as well as other amazing features the Google Assistant has to offer.



And there goes our list of top and best Google products (Hardware) you can buy, they are cheap, very useful, and very easy to use. These Google products are of high quality and you can get them at reasonable rates.



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